[Starsector Mods]Pokemon Masters Portraits Pack 1.2 Update

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This is my first mod, why did I even make this?

A set of Portraits containing various trainer portraits ripped from a gacha mobile game called Pokemon Masters.

Alright, heres the download:

Installation: Make sure you Unzip the files! Open the StarsectorMods folder, then Drag the pokemas folder to the mods directory, you are done!

I have updated the mod to include more portraits. Enjoy

Omg…. I need this in my life!!! I’m totally using these haha

Make sure you unzip the files!

Update 1.2

Hello again! I have updated this mod to add two new Portraits! Hope you Enjoy!

Spoiler: click to expand

A new Download link has been put up:

Update 1.3

Pokemon Masters got updated to 1.10 recently, so more Portraits so you can play as your pokewaifu.
Well, I am starting to make a ship pack, but will keep updating this mod. There are 51 portraits now, wow!

Spoiler: click to expand

Hey I was wondering if I could use your portraits in a hearts of iron mod, i plan on replacing all base game portraits with more, shall we say degenerate portraits.
If not that’s understandable. thanks any way

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