[Starsector Mods]Metelson Rework in Progress

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Elevator Pitch:
This mod is a simple mod that intents to add some humor and be a foil to Tri-Tachyon interests. Think, Chaotic-Good mega-corp run by Virginia Coal-war Rednecks who said a hearty F-U to Tritachyon interests and do their best to avoid the same pit-falls Tri-Tachyon fall into as a Corporation.

Work team for the mod and thanks to:

Thank you MesoTroniK, Helmut, Techpriest, Dark Revenant, those who play this Mod and those who have commented on this thread!
Without your help, comments, knowing/Unknowing encouragement, I would have made little in the way of progress and may’ve stopped my idea altogether!!!

Thank you one an all, enjoy my mod and please. Tear into them, tell me what sucks, what’s awesome. Without help or comments, criteque or elsewise, this mod would be nothing!

Azmond         :: Development and Mod Lead, Head Sprite Artist, code-monkey, Ink-drinker (lore) and idea-monkey
MesoTroniK    ::Balanacing, Code assistance, script and Description help; Helpfulness and grand advice in general
Deathfly        ::Code Advice, Inital Coding assistance, occasional help.
Viymese        :: Concepts for Weapons,ships, and other objects. First Code monkey. (generally on Military leave with Erratic contributions.)
Foxer360       ::Balancing and General help

:**:Others of note and credit to be given:**:
Avanitia– For general helpfulness and helping me get Metelson’s out of it’s slump.
Bastion.Systems– For inspiration given on the new flag and Critique.
Blaze– For general quality assurance and play-testing, as well as critique.
Dark Revenant– initial help setting up for when I first begun modding
Deathfly– Code assistance, first ship-systems, first help given to mod production, and general helpfulness
Helmut– Graphics assistance, sprite creation/critique and advice
Tartiflette– Graphics assistance and advice
Techpriest– For the wonderful recommendation and general helpfulness.

Tools used :: netbeans IDE, Kitra (GIMP can eat it’s heart out) and of course  Tryolbots Ship Editor! :)

Off topic somewhat:

Not required but quiet awesome if you do. Donate~!


Donating helps give me coffee and is a bit of excitement for me. ^ ^[/l][/size]

If you want to make such a faction you might have to wait, another modder by the name of Okim came to the same realization that if you explore the industry branch at some point the game will override your work as development progresses.

It’s not going to add much to the game except for more Mining pods really and a more Industry centered faction. Most factions are military based or have little to no utilitlitaryian ship-roles. So, I was wanting to make a Mod that would offer ships of such nature, cheap annoying flying mining pods that’re basically flying coffins. xD

And big hulking carriers to support said annoying-coffins.
It isn’t going to add anything to the branch (it may use from the industy branch when development comes but for now it’s just a faction in mind.)

Just because it’s industrial, doesn’t necessarily mean it can’t deal damage. I’m fairly sure there are all manner of size of asteroid mining blasters, orbital drilling platforms and planet cracker class ships designed to reduce Corvus into usable construction materials.

I loved Keptin’s Orbital Planet-crackers from his Interstellar Federation mod. I totally agree with massive mining station fleets composed of a large station+mining laser and a bunch of smaller mining vessels. So…


Have a look at ICE’s Kelpie for a laser cutter, maybe you guys could have a rig with an animated drill/grinding stone/saw technology thing to do some nice melee damage with.

i just got home~! AND fugdenutters! Thanks a lot for the support guys!
If anyone can help us out PLEASE, by all means do, I’ll post my sketch ideas and start an actual mod fourm when i’m able.

And you may be onto something debido, and thank you three for posting so far! a post is MUCH MUCH more appreciated and excitement educing for me~!

I’ve done some work on the spade an so has my brother, but we’re not spriters or coders. I can do some good work and will likely get better. But some things still need help. either way.
off to bed at this moment in 7/1/14  02:00

OKay. so i’ve made progress and have put together the Nota Mining Pod. it was orignal the Nut pod, but, yreah. That was cheesy. =3= and not he good cheesy from the 1980’s either…
So, it’s the Nota mining pod. I’ve also used some of my good drawing papter to make the line works for a heavy destoryer class carrier called the Lead. as in lead pipe. :P The name is simply Lead.
for now here’re 2 of the ships as well as the first drawing of the Nota Mining Pod, and finally the end prodcut that came from the picture.

The images are here in order for the most part.

Though it seems i’ve no idea how to use the image tag…  So i’ve had to just upload them as an attachments but even has been giving me issues. So, here’s the Anthrom and the Aenet. = =’

[attachment deleted by admin]

Those images are not working because they link to a webpage, not directly to the pictures themselves…

Spoiler: click to expand
The Nota Mining Pod

The Aenet heavy Drone-frigate

The Anthrom Support Destoryer

again, never used the tag till now.
thank you mesotron~!  ^ ^

Non of those images work for me, they show the corrupt image icon, and upon trying to open them manually give me a 403 error, saying its forbidden

Okay if that doesn’t fix it I’m going to be just uploading down-sized pictures of the art.
and even that sucked~!!! @[email protected]

That fixed it, but we seem to be missing the Nota Mining Pod now, not sure if that’s on purpose

I couldn’t get it to work, or otherwise, so… I just uploaded the Anthrom and the Aenet as down-sized attatchments… = =;
here’s the nota drawing and the nota pod end-prodcut (so far)

[attachment deleted by admin]

butter-nuts… Who looked at it Fifty times?! xD

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