[Starsector Mods]Locked and Loaded – a Magic Bounty pack 0.12rc1 (2022/01/16)

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This mod adds 20+ unique bounties to the Magic Bounty boards. Some offer interesting rewards, other simply a challenge, or a bit of story to get involved with.

Always DELETE the old version before extracting the new one

This is a community-driven project that anyone can contribute to. If you are interested to participate and write your own bounties, you can join my Magic Lab discord, the Unofficial Starsector Discord or simply send me a message here on the forum. Documentation can be found on the Wiki.

I also wrote a detailed breakdown on how to write bounties on the wiki.

Why make this a separate mod instead of adding it to MagicLib directly? First because I want to separate content from function when it comes to MagicLib, and secondly to avoid the issues of constant updates making it more likely that an important one gets ignored by those not interested in the bounties.

Thanks to all the current contributors:

Bug Tracker and Feedback form
You have some feedback to share but no forum account? You can use this form to leave me a comment.

avan_devilish_astronauts bounty has some “,”s in the strings making them invalid.

Thanks! Will fix it momentarily.

New version is available! Includes a few typo and fixes, plus one new bounty from AlexAtheos!

Locked and Loaded had been updated for MagicLib 0.41. This update also includes two new bounties as well as refined fleets for the other ones.

heads up, version checker can tell there’s a new version but doesnt have a link available for this new mod-posting. Although i have a feeling this will be moot as soon as i update wont it?

Seem to have a problem with the IBB mission “Payback for Back-Stabbing”… in that I can’t take it.

I see the list of missions available, I click it, and nothing happens. It doesn’t crash or anything, it’s just clicking on the mission does nothing.

I’m running the latest 0.11rc1.


Fixed a typo in a ship variant and updated captain skill priorities for several bounties due to changes in 0.95.1a.
Also added a new bounty to make amend.

Do the HVB flagships pull weapons from

If you have the latest version of both Locked and Loaded and MagicLib, the HVB loadouts should not change from the bounty screen to the fleet anymore. In general however, the rest of the fleet can sometimes use the “Mercenary” weapons set depending on the faction. I don’t know if Superweapons Arsenal adds its weapons to that list though.

Does this add bounties to the IBB listing, or are they in the local bounty boards? I’ve gotten one IBB bounty so far, but there are none in any of the bounty boards now, and not sure if i’m waiting for them to show up like in Vayra’s Sector, or if they should be listed.

IBBs are an entirely different and closed system part of Ship and Weapon Pack. The two are independent one from another. These bounties will show up in an “unsanctioned bounty board” present in most bars.

I’m running a slightly old version of locked and loaded (I think), but in case you haven’t caught it, “nuke_help_priest_flock” has fleet_min_DP instead of fleet_min_FP.

It doesn’t matter, both attribute names are read even though “fleet_min_FP” is the accurate one.

Yet another small update with a few fixes to the last bounties causing troubles.

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