[Starsector Mods][0.9a] Active Gates 0.2.0

Gates must be activated; once activated, you can travel between activated gates.

Thanks to: Wispborne (for latest update), LazyWizard (for console commands and example source)

Latest version: 1.0.0



Changelog for 1.0.0:
Thanks for Wispborne for updating the following:
Works with Starsector 0.9a (previous version did also).
May now jump to any activated gate.
Activation cost changed; can be modified via settings.json.
Smoothed numerous rough edges, such as wording and navigation within the dialog.
Now displays the fuel cost per jump.
General code refactoring. Added IntelliJ project, converted to Kotlin.

Changelog for 0.2.0:
Fuel cost now dependent on distance.
Reduce fuel cost multiplier to 1.
Can select from up to 5 of the closest systems with activated gates.

This is actually pretty cool. Thanks toast.

Ya’ know, if you could I’d say make this part of “New Game Plus” Option of sorts, or at least try.

You find a gate, go into it, and then, NEW SECTOR (after Level 40 cap)! But, you’ve lost some skills after some sort’a cataclysmic break-up of the fleet due to being unprepared for the jump. Or you trade places with a time-line or some Multiverse mambo-jumbo.

It could also be a Random sort of Encounter, after all, things might be watching the gates, and maybe things just go wrong and you end up in a far-flung system!

otherwise, good luck with your future releases. :)

I implemented the version checker incorrectly, so for those using 0.1.0, there won’t be any notification that a later version is available.

Anyone using 0.1.0 might want to consider upgrading to 0.1.5, where I’ve fixed this problem.

Note also that activation and usage costs are now nonzero, but can be set to other values by changing data/config/settings.json.

is there any way to choose a specific gate to go to instead of it randomly picking one of the ones you’ve already activated?

This is interesting, but shouldn’t it offer a choice between the three closest Gates?  That should be easy to get; just query the Gate’s location in Hyperspace, sort the other Gates by distance, and offer the first three as choices in the Dialog.

After fiddling around with rules.csv, I finally figured out display the closest gates.  In version 0.2.0, you get to choose from up to five of the closest gates.

One thing to keep in mind: consider not activating gates in a cluster.  For example, if there are six activated gates close together and one far away, you’ll never be offered the choice of the far-away gate in the vicinity of the clustered gates.

Hey, that’s really cool :)

Now, if you could make Gates cost that would be awesome; something like between 50-200 Supplies, Scrap, etc. and an AI Core to run the Gate’s complex Hyperspace mathematics… that would feel really immersive and be a fun mechanic :)

if you could make Gates cost that would be awesome

Sorry, are you talking about gate creation cost or gate activation cost?

If the latter, gate activation already has fixed costs of 500 metal, 250 heavy machinery, 250 organics, 250 volatiles, and 250 transplutonics.  These are configurable via data/config/settings.json.

I could add AI cores (alpha or beta) to the activation cost if you like…

I would say that if you’re going to add Cores, it should be a Gamma core based on the lore.  Gamma cores are there to do complex computational algorithms, organization and management on a massive scale, and keep track of long lists of inventory and sort them all out to where they need to go.  Gamma cores will have trouble doing anything else.  Beta and Alpha cores are there to simulate human behaviors and characteristics, with Alpha cores being considered actually sentient.  Managing a gate network doesn’t really necessitate the need for human behavior characteristics or having sentience IMO.  If you feel Gamma cores are too easy to get, you can always just up the number of Gamma cores needed per gate.  Something along the lines of one core per gate within range.

Unfortunately you cant activate more than 5 Gates.

I mean, you can, but yo can only travel to the first 5 ones you activated, there is no “page 2,3,4…” in the travel dialog. =(

Can i change this somehow?

Sorry, I haven’t been keeping up with the feedback for this mod.

Squish Cat: OK, gamma cores it is.  But as you pointed out, they are relatively easy to obtain, so I’ll arbitrarily set the cost to 3 for now (configurable in the settings).

Blackraz0r: A few comments:
(1) I was lazy and couldn’t figure out how to nicely handle a variable length list with an arbitrary number of elements in rules.csv.
(2) I haven’t bothered to characterize how many gates are in a randomly generated sector.
(3) The systems with the five closest gates get listed.  I suppose this could be increased to eight or so.  But paging through a large number of systems doesn’t sound fun.
(4) Maybe the gates can be deactivated or put in stand-by mode or something.  So if you happen to activate gates in adjacent systems, you can deactivate some, so that they don’t show up.
(5) Or maybe the farthest gates should be listed instead… ?

I’d say the 5 furthest gates would be a fairly good choice.  That way you can always use them to travel really long distances.

i believe this mod might be the only one that makes fast travel posible (excluding console commands), tried it out in .9a and it still works as intended. It’s very rough around the edges since it was never updated (showing only the 5 closest active gates / not being able to deactivate gates), however for those that don’t plan on activating a large amount of gates this mod might come useful.

Would be awesome if this mod could be continued tho.

an update to this mod now that we’re on 0.9 that makes activating a gate cost (# of gates active + 1) alpha cores would actually sit really well with the vanilla game’s lore

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