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Automatic Orders

Github repository
Required mods:

This is a spiritual successor to the (now outdated) Autonomous Ships mod, providing AI personality overrides and configurable automatic retreats. All settings affect AI-controlled ships (including the player ship, if on autopilot) in the player fleet; ally and enemy ships are unaffected. Each order will only be given once to each ship for each reason: for example, if a ship starts to retreat due to low PPT and you cancel the order AO will respect that, but may still issue a retreat order because of low hull or expended missiles, if those are enabled.

There are two primary sources of configuration:

  • automatic_orders_settings.json (in the mod folder) allows setting default retreat thresholds for CR/PPT and hull damage, and whether personality hullmods override officer personalities.
  • A range of hullmods (all under the “Automatic Orders” category, for easy filtering), including:
    • Personality overrides: override faction doctrine, but not officer personality unless the relevant setting is changed in the settings file.
    • Retreat threshold overrides: these override the defaults (I advise setting a high default and overriding it to a lower threshold for disposable or SO ships).
    • Retreat when all missiles are expended: compatible with other CR/PPT/damage retreat options.
    • Search and Destroy: gives the ship a S&D order when it enters the battle (or, if the flagship, when first turned over to the autopilot).
    • Escort (small/medium/heavy): give the ship an escort target order on battle start (applies to the flagship even under player control). The AI will automatically fulfill these orders; you can use S&D orders to prevent ships from being assigned to escort.

Mod integration
Most mods should work without configuration, Automatic Orders does have two extendible CSVs for additional configuration:

  • data/config/automatic_orders/ship_blacklist.csv: Add hull ids for independent ships that should not be given orders. Fighters, ships without AI, and modules are already excluded; this should be used for independent frigate+ sized ships, such as deployable platforms.
  • data/config/automatic_orders/missile_regen_systems.csv: Add systems that regenerate missiles, such as Vanilla’s Autoforge. This is used to avoid ordering missile ships to retreat when they are out of ammo but have system charges left.

i am going to run this right now and try it out…if i find anything out of the ordinary i will let you know….

I have a homebrew updated version of Autonomous ships running in my game. It is nice to know someone officially updates the mod.


Can you also adds the Auto retreat when HP is at a certain percent back? It seems to be missing from this version. It is really helpful to not have to pause the game and look for a tiny frigate that is about to die to issue a retreat. However, I found this to be unreliable in my own homebrew version. It sometimes doesn’t register properly or too late. Auto retreat at HP % function also doesn’t work with Combat Chatters. Still, it is much better than micro managing dumb AI that doesn’t understands and fear death like a normal human crewed ship would. Thanks for the work.

Note that this is a blank-slate implementation, not an update of Autonomous Ships–I drew inspiration from its features, but wanted to take a different direction in the implementation.

There already is auto retreat on hull damage, configured by the settings file–this defaults to 50%, but can be set to any percentage. I know it works with combat chatter–if you can reproduce any oddities please let me know.

so far i am not having any problems, its pretty slick, the mod cycles out the damaged ships and i can reinforce the fleet from the ships waiting in the wings…not having to micromanage so much is a hoot…

I think you should put up a disclaimer that this mod is potentially save breaking. I know you’ve tried to mark it as utility but once added to the save file – you can’t play without it.

I had experienced save breaking the other day while trying to access Prism Freeport from SCY – the problem had faded away after reactivating the automatic orders mod. But now with the AO, I can’t for example do a ForceMarketUpdate command anymore. At all.

As for the mod itself… It’s radical, I love elements of it. I would be testing more out of it – if we could add and remove it at will from the save. Though one can definitely appreciate the automatic disengage orders upon taking a certain amount of damage.

If I can give any pointer, if you’d tried to restructure the setting file to not be a one continuous line in notepad – it’d would make it easier to get around the various options. A small thing, call me nitpick’y but user experience matters too.

Use notepad++ and you’ll never want to use notepad again.

Use notepad++ and you’ll never want to use notepad again.

Fair enough. I’ll give it a try~

Right–this was originally a utility mod, but ceased to be one when I added hullmods. I’ll drop that tag in the patch for ships-with-modules. If you do want a utility version, deleting hull_mods.csv should suffice, and still allow you to use the settings-file thresholds for CR/PPT and damage. (Of course, that change would still be save-breaking.)

I use n newlines; the latest Notepad, and essentially all other editors, should handle it fine.

0.3.1 released!
Some minor fixes:
 – Remove the utility tag (incorrect since adding hullmods)
 – Exclude ship modules
 – Allow other mods to extend the missile regen system list
 – Add retreat threshold override hullmods
. – Disregard missile regeneration when deciding whether to retreat due to expending missiles.

Small Issue: When in the hull mod screen, using the filtering buttons on the bottom has no effect on items this mod adds. For example if I filter for “Common” your mod items still show up. Hope you understand what I mean, still new to the game and not sure the names of things.

And being new, this mod is a life saver – I have no idea how I’d stay on top of everything with 5 ships let alone 30!!

Huh–I’ll look into that. I had originally had them under the “Common” manufacturer/”Automatic Orders” type; I switched the manufacturer in a recent update and I thought it was filtering correctly.

If it helps: I can filter out this mod’s hullmods if I exclude both “Automatic Orders” manufacturer and type – either one alone and the mods still show up in the list.  Weird, and almost certainly not intended behavior, but it is at least still something I can work with.

Thanks for catching that! I’ll look into that and possibly remove one of the tags.

Thanks for catching that! I’ll look into that and possibly remove one of the tags.

Having been irritated by said issue myself, I got rid of all of the first column instances of the ‘Automatic Orders’ tags in hull_mods.csv.

This leaves behind just one ‘Automatic Orders’ category behind, and can be properly excluded from being lumped in with the other categories.

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