[Starsector Mods][0.9a] Foundation Of Borken v0.2.4-RC3 (2019-1-19)

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Foundation Of Borken
-*Welcome to Cthulasus Borken*-

For 0.9a



No one understood the rise of ApproLight which was so abrupt and unexpected. But Borken does— They are ApproLight’s shareholder, supporter and “enemy” that rivals and instigates them via proxy behind the scenes.

Great Old Gods dominated all that was, then Cthulasus Borken was born. Their birth into reality brought with them into the world beauty, peace and then chaos. After the death of the Old Gods’, they carried on and into the infinite void of space. Eventually finding themselves in an unfamiliar place, the Persean Sector at the expanse of their precious treasure, Time.

If you meet them in your travels, fear not. Though their tentacles and alien appearance are unsettling Borken, as alien as they are you can trust are peace loving and shrewd traders.

The ships of the foundation are unlike those built by humans, employing short-lived phase cloaks and regenerative armor plating for defense.


Gameplay examples

Private Crystal Rift

A unique storage service offered by the Foundation, assuming you stay on their good side, allowing you to establish a network of connected transport facilities, giving you access to your Rift storage from across the sector at a fee.
(WARNING,Lots of pictures)

Spoiler: click to expand

Peaceful Evolution-Deleted Temporary-

A special mission. Assist the Foundation of Borken in analyzing the carbon-based life of this universe. Bring a battleship of the Foundation carrying Evolver container into battle with you. After combat, a certain percentage of its crew will merge with the Evolver container to become Evolver. Evolver container could be produced by Borken’s freighters.

Mental Healer
Borken personality adjustment therapy can change the personality of an officer. Healers can be met at comm directory in Borken’s market.

Fleet catalogue

Spoiler: click to expand

Enjoy yourself, now.

Faction concept and design by BZOne.

Meso – Translation proofreading and some sound effects
Nia – Translation and minor design contributions
BZone – Faction Design, artwork, sprites, some writing etc
Originem – Everything else
and thanks to all of you for enjoying this mod


2019/1/18/0.2.4 RC3
-Changed the icon of Ceremonial Workshop, and each additional hullmod will decrease the capacity of cargo and fuel.
-Increased Halo Microwave Cannon MK.III,MK.VI damage per shot from 550 to 600.
-Added new ship: Ammutseba-class, salvaging ship.

=2019/1/12/0.2.4 RC2
-Increased Plasmoid ASC MK.III dph from 180 to 200.
-Decreased Halo Microwave Cannon MK.III,MK.VI flux per shot from 800 to 750.
-Decreased Nyogtha's supplies per deploy and month from 32 to 30.
-Decreased Polyps's supplies per deploy and month from 28 to 25.
-Fixed the exceeded damage of Touch of Niggurath.
-Twice the ammo of FixG-M & FixG-L.
-Fixed some bugs.

=2019/1/9/0.2.4 RC1
-Temporary support 0.9aRC10. Temporary deleted Peaceful Evolution mission.
-Improved armor effect and required MagicLib now.
-Decreased Halo Microwave Cannon MK.VI OP by 4.
-Added new large energy weapon, Touch of Niggurath.

=2018/10/27/0.2.3 RC4
-Support Gladiator Society, and add 2 bounties(for test).
-Fixed a bug of Peaceful Evolution.
-Increased Skorka AAC damage per hit and flux.

=2018/8/17/0.2.3 RC3
-Nerfed Shuddemell-class's weapons arcs of two large and two medium weapon mounts.

=2018/7/20/0.2.3 RC2
->Void Shambler Shell couldn't launch missile slot weapons' projectiles anymore.(and reduce the quantity)
->Chaugnar-class OP decreased from 235 to 160.
->Shoggoth-class OP decreased from 90 to 80.
->Tweaked some sound files.

=2018/6/20/0.2.3 RC1
->Move data/config/pch to data/config/fob/pch.
->Modder could override the start relationship with FOB by data/config/fob/start_relation.csv
->Buffed Hound Core Array's extra speed for 10% and tweaked extra damage.
->Removed the armor buff after fob ships' phase. Added new buff to A.O.O.I: Take 25% more kinetic damage, 25% less high-explosive damage.
->The rate of AOOI's adaptive recovering armor reduced from 50%~80% to 40%~70%.
->Added Mental Healers in Borken's market who could change Officers' personality.
->Added new light cruiser: Old God Scholar. Ship system: Shadow Dash, built in weapon: The Breath of Cthugha.
->Smoothed the tentacles' animation.

=2018/5/22/0.2.2 RC3
->Increased the time of Peaceful Evolution's generation.
->Chthonian-class removed 4 small turrets. OP decreased from 110 to 95.

=2018/5/18/0.2.2 RC2
->Decreased Peaceful Evolution 's profit, fixed some visual bug.

=2018/5/17/0.2.2 RC1
->Add Weapon series 'Sine Repeater'.
->All ships' sprites improved.
->Debuffed Void Shambler Shell's cooldown by 5 seconds.
->AOOI: All armor buffs which are not come from FOB will be reduced by 50%.
->New campaign mission: Peaceful Evolution.
->All Borken freighter gained 'Ceremony Workshop' hullmod.

=2018/2/17/0.2.1 RC4
->Tweaked 'Void Shambler Shell'.

=2018/2/16/0.2.1 RC3
->Now A.O.O.I armor's recovered amount will be based on armor rating, and the recovering time rises to 2.5 seconds.
->Changed Basatan-Class's system from 'Cthulasus Fever' to 'Void Shambler Shell'.

=2018/2/13/0.2.1 RC2
->Optimized tentacles' scripts.
->Buffed some weapons:
Skorka AAC OP 30 -> 28
Halo Microwave Cannon (All types) Add 50 range

=2018/2/6/0.2.1 RC1
->Added Nex Support.
->More tentacles.
->Now armors turn red while it's restoring.
->Added normal/surface/material maps for most of ships.
->Tweaked Deepspace Navigation.

0.2.0a Translated

Great spritework, but I’m not sure I understand what’s going on in the screenshots. Are they are regular faction or something you find while exploring?
I’ll try this mod soon.

Very sleek ship design, nice work.

Very nice work to the team! I was very much looking forward to add them to my mod list.

they have found each other…

Very nice work to the team! I was very much looking forward to add them to my mod list.

Very sleek ship design, nice work.


they have found each other…

heh, it’s really like a face

neat, looking forward to trying these. :]

I keep reading “Borken” as “broken”…

Also, quoth Alex on twitter: “I keep being amazed at what people are able to do with the game!” – so definite bonus points for getting that response.

YES HELL YES. Been waiting for this badboy ever since I saw it on one of the tournament streams. Great spritework.

Ok you have my attention

Hmm, maybe the Borken are remnants of the alien enemies of Domain of Man that people in sector know only from legends?

Hmm, maybe the Borken are remnants of the alien enemies of Domain of Man that people in sector know only from legends?

Nope, they are a peaceful race and only interested in trade.

Hmm, maybe the Borken are remnants of the alien enemies of Domain of Man that people in sector know only from legends?

Nope, they are a peaceful race and only interested in trade.

Old Gods


(This question was to be asked eventually, but…)

Spoiler: click to expand
Nexerelin support coming sometime later?

This reply also marks the 13th reply on this post, so I guess i’m unlucky.

After so long I come back to the game to find this =D I had to admit, seeing this new mod, makes me wish ApproLight was a Total Conversion! I am so happy =D

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