[Starsector Mods][0.95a] Trailer Moments 1.4 – projectile trails for vanilla

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Trailer Moments
an eyecandy mod for Starsector


Version: 1.4



Trailer Moments is a small eyecandy mod that adds Nicke’s MagicTrails to a handful of vanilla weapon projectiles. It fulfills no practical purpose besides making some weapons look subjectively prettier and as such isn’t recommended to use if you have trouble running Starsector on your computer.

Currently supported weapons:
– Gauss Cannon
– Hellbore
– Hypervelocity Driver
– Heavy Mauler
– Railgun
– Mjolnir

With Tiandong:
– Mauler Battery


All trails are added via script without affecting any vanilla files and as such are fully compatible with any mods that would change these in any way. It should also be noted that the mod will affect mod weapons that use the affected vanilla projectiles.

Nicke535 – For the trails tech and plugin framework this mod was based
MesoTroniK – For constructive criticism and keeping me from overdoing things


Spoiler: click to expand

– Overhauled some trails


– Improved the way HVD projectile changes are applied to improve compatibility
– Added plasma cannon support that nobody asked for because I could


– Polished existing trails to blend better and just look a little nicer overall
– Removed AM Blaster trail
– Added a short trail to railguns to fit more with the HVD and Gauss aesthetics for fast kinetics


– Added Tiandong support


– Transitioned to new MagicLib functionality for trails configuration
– Compatibility additions


– Added a proper startup-check for required libraries
– Adjusted coloration of HVD trail a bit


– Properly marked as utility mod. No functionality changes


– Changed HVD projectile to be more in line with damage-type color patterns (yellow/orange should be HE)
– Fixed a slight memory leak
– mod ID changed to make it load first for compatibility if some other mod actually changes the HVD projectile


– Improved Gauss trail a bit
– Redid Heavy Mauler and HVD trails to be more distinctive

– Added a fix for some issues with trail fading behaviour

– Set all trails to use a more vanilla-like drift

– added support for projectile and trail angle and drift adjustments
 — this makes trails line up with projectiles properly

– public release

Its very cool!  ;D

Its very cool!  ;D


Huh, seems the preview gif went down. Will record and upload a new one in a bit. Sorry for that.

Are you going to add more weapons to the list?

Does this affect save games?

Are you going to add more weapons to the list?

maybe, maybe not. The intention is for trails to be the exception rather than the norm. Putting them only on weapons that I feel justify them. That said, I just noticed that the Mjolnir was missing from the list in the first post.

Does this affect save games?

It’s a purely cosmetic utility mod that can be added and removed at will without affecting savegames.

Antimatter looks really nice with this.

Updated the code for the trails to properly line them up with projectiles at all times. Thanks to Nicke for the code.

I like this a lot. Thanks!

As the standards for mod art have risen higher and higher, vanilla projectiles in particular have started to look pretty boring by comparison, in my opinion. This helps change that.

I like the intent but I feel that some projectiles looks way too similar with this: The HVD and Mauler can only be tell appart by speed now. I think this is a missed opportunity to make the game slightly more readable instead, like Lightshow did for beams. Beyond that it’s really nice to have.

I definitely intend to keep making adjustments to the trails to keep them distinct alongside potentially adding a few more. The current version is still fairly WIP.

so here’s an update to improve projectile distinctiveness and make some trails a bit prettier.


That blue smoke is gorgeous.

Small update making the HVD projectile light-blue cause it’s a kinetic and fixing some small issues in the trail script

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