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Shielded Holds For All
version 1.0 – initial release!
~~a very simple mod by SOLDIER First~~

Shielded Holds For All does one basic thing – it enables the modspec for Shielded Cargo Holds, the ever so rare built-in-only hullmod that makes cargo scans less likely to discover any contraband you may be carrying. No longer are you forced to retain a Hound, Cerberus, Mule (P), Buffalo (P), or one of various mod-added ships in your fleet in order to keep your drugs and AI Cores from the prying hands of the Hegemony. Now, all you have to do is acquire the Shielded Cargo Holds modspec, and you can add the smuggler’s closest friend to any ship you like!

The Shielded Cargo Holds modspec costs 7500 credits and is available for purchase or discovery anywhere other modspecs can be found; try asking around at less-than-legal markets. The hullmod is now a logistics hullmod, so you’ll have to choose wisely what you install alongside it when outfitting logistics ships (or you can use some of that good old spacer ingenuity to build it into the hull yourself…). Installing the modified equipment into a hold that doesn’t really need it is difficult work, so OP costs for the hullmod are 8/16/24/40 points, a little higher than other logistics hullmods. The process must also be performed while docked at a shipyard, since the equipment has to be installed everywhere inside the holds to function properly.

Of course, you’re not the first spacer to make use of this hullmod! There’s talk around that independents, pirates, the Luddic Path, and even miscreants of the Persean League can be seen with this equipment in their ships. Not to mention some lesser-known polities hanging around the fringes of the Sector, including…

-the Rimward Venture Trading Company
-Hazard Mining Incorporated
-the Mayasuran Navy
-the Roiders Union
-the Persean Democratic People’s Revolutionary Council
-the Stormhawk Republic
-the Reavers of Ludd
-the Legio Infernalis

…and potentially other factions, but that remains to be seen.

Shielded Holds For All should be compatible with pretty much any mod. As long as you don’t install something else that modifies the Shielded Cargo Holds entry in hullmods.csv or ShieldedCargoHolds.jar, you should be good to go. Feel free to change any part of the mod you like – give the hullmod to every faction, set the price to be dirt cheap, or make it rarer than a trio of tachyon lances. It’s up to you! Perhaps in the future I’ll be able to give this mod a proper settings file that handles everything for you automatically, but I have a lot to learn before I can really think about something like that.

Let me know in the official Starsector Discord if there are any problems and we can sit around together scratching our heads trying to figure out what’s causing them. My tag is SOLDIER First#5045.

Special thanks to Timid, Yunru, and ruddygreat in the Discord for help with figuring out how to make this very simple mod.

You might be asking yourself, “Why download your mod when I can just edit these files on my own?” And to that I say, please give me validation.

Just letting you know you have my undying love.

Can we add this on ongoing save or is it must on new game?

Just letting you know you have my undying love.

Thank you. 🙂

Can we add this on ongoing save or is it must on new game?

The mod should be safe to add to existing saves. The changes it makes to Shielded Cargo Holds are very minimal and localized entirely to hullmods.csv, so I don’t think it will cause any problems. You definitely shouldn’t remove it from a save in any case if you’ve added the hullmod to other ships (and honestly, even if you haven’t, just to be safe).

Muh hero :3

Great mod idea! Does this cause the vanilla built in editions of Shielded Cargo to count as a logistics mod too?

If I remember correctly built-in logistic mods don’t count towards the logistic limit

Just the mod I was looking for, I can’t thank you enough. Imo, this should be implemented in the base game. The Buffalo (P) was always in my fleet, but it seems so wasteful using a slot on it, when I could install it into my existing freighters and just bring one more with me.

On a side note: could it be possible to do just the same with the “Salvage Gantry” hullmod? It even has in-game values for every ship size (though in-game ships with the hullmod built-in only go up to destroyer size) but it’s not installable on new hulls.

For anyone wondering what this mod contains and if you can change it easily: the files have some modded factions included in the data/world/factions folder (so those listed inside it and the readme text file can use the changed hullmod) and it has the one bit that’s important in the data/hullmods folder (the excel sheet and the .java file, which is just a text file); and, yes, you can easily change this mod setup.

If you want to remove the logistics requirement of the mod, just delete the .java text file then change the info in the excel sheet.

I made mine not logistics, have a base purchase cost of 5000 (down from 7500 in the mod), have an OP cost of 5, 10, 15, 25 (like other common hullmods, down from 8, 16, 24, 40), then gave it tags that other hullmods used in the base game’s excel sheet that were not logistics and did not require docking (I chosen “special, merc” in the tags column, then “special” in the uiTags column). I even made it unlocked at the start by typing “TRUE” in the unlocked column (so no more fishing for the mod in the store). That last part is totally up to you, obviously. If you don’t mind fishing for the mod in the store, leave that column blank. I also removed the 0.75 from the rarity column since nothing in the game’s original excel file had that column used.

I justify these changes (if I even need to say why) because the literal description written by the devs for the hullmod says all someone has to do is tweak the protective shield to hide stuff… that does not require a dock and it certainly isn’t the same logistical nightmare of finding space for an extra bunch of berthings for crew out of nowhere (I was an LS in the Navy, so yea).

Not going to release it as my own mod or anything, just no reason. Just leaving this here for anyone who catches this and wanted the same changes.


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