[Starsector Mods][0.95a] Rebalanced Pilums 2.0

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Can be safely added and removed from existing saves.

With the nice overhaul of Pilums in 0.95.1a this mod is obsolete and will no longer be updated. Cheers!

This mini-mod only changes Pilums. They have their old high speed, but turn and accelerate slowly making them very easy to dodge.

Credit goes to Zibywan for coming up with these stats. His original post can be found here:

Spoiler: click to expand
Version 2.0
– Updated to 0.95a
– Reduced Pilum’s agility even further to better balance skill and ECCM effects

Version 1.3
– Reduced Pilum Launcher’s OP cost from 10 to 7 to match vanilla.

Version 1.2
– Updated to 0.9a

Version 1.1
– Updated to 0.8a

Version 1.0
– Initial release for 0.7a

 ;DSo,how about the date you upgrade The Roider Union ???

Don’t worry, I’m still making progress on the Roider Union. I’m just really slow at making sprites so that bogs it down.

Edit: I found one bug from this mini-mod that might crop up if you apply it to an existing game, though this may be because I had the old version of the mod with a different ID enabled and saved with the game. The bug is that pirate Fire Support Condors have no weapons. I expect this bug extends to other variants with Pilums, and I also expect it to sort itself out as the existing ships get replaced by freshly spawned ships.

Bump for a little GIF

Following that Zibywan said you added more speed while reducing turn rate? That’s awesome to me :D
I’ve always been using pilums due to having no ammo, but always felt underwelming to use them unless spammed by multiple ships because of them being so slow that a single PD laser could bring them down at ease…

Updated to 1.1, bringing 0.8a compatibility! :D

Download link in the OP.

You should speak to a moderator about posting your mod under the

I was just considering that today. :P

Could i request the download somewhere else please? Github or bitbucket or dropbox or puush or google drive are all free with less ads and cruft than megaupload, since its a mod.  Sadly mega doesnt seem to work for me

Request granted! :D

I’ve made bitbucket the main download and left mediafire as a mirror. I haven’t used bitbucket before so hopefully that will be all good.

Request granted! :D

I’ve made bitbucket the main download and left mediafire as a mirror. I haven’t used bitbucket before so hopefully that will be all good.

The download is private.

Ok, it should be fixed now.

I love minimods and I especially love this one. If you’re on the discord channel you could post this in the mod updates subchannel there to spread the good news, or if not I could post it for you with your permission :)
*aggressively recruiting for the discord as if he gets anything out of it*

Nice hit with the new stats.

Some time ago i modded small (1 tube) and large (5 tube) Pilums to complement the medium one. It is not best in terms of balance with stock pilums, but with your stats even small launchers are fairly usable, without becoming overpowered.

If you want i can publish link to your mod with small and large launchers added.

BTW: I also had versions with different color markings housing shrapnel warhead, salvo of 3 emp bomblets or single swarmer SRM. Stopped updating them somewhere around 6.3, as various mods offered more interesting alternatives.

Thanks. :)

I think a mod like that would deserve its own thread. Even with Zibywan’s stats, though, I worry that a small LRM weapon with anything like the Pilum’s damage will always be too powerful simply due to how common small missile mounts are across a fleet.

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