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“New Humanity. New Future. New Paradise”


Fully compatible with:
(also recommended for MAXIMUM FUN AND WARCRIMES)

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Volkov Industrial Conglomerate – also known as VIC or simply The Conglomerate, is a quasi-religious transhumanist Megacorporation from the Human Domain era, focused on the bleeding edge aerospace solutions and genetic technologies, and hell bent on ensuring the survival and evolution of humankind through substantial DNA manipulation. Ruthless, fearless and confident in their righteousness, they seek to impose their views on the rest of the Sector and establish the only true (in their own opinion) regime that can lead Humanity to prosperity even in the terrible reality of the Post-Collapse.

Features and Contents

– A full-fledged military-tech style faction –
– A roster of robust custom ships and weapons best suited for frontal engagements –
– Agressive and speedy, high-risk high-reward playstyle with an incentive to getting close and personal with the opponents –
– Unique shields, capable of dynamically changing their arcs depending on their position –
– Custom ship systems to bring pain and misery to your foes –
– Virus Bombardments – a custom alternative to Saturation Bombardment. Unleash the true horror upon the Enemies of Humankind –
– Revitalization Centres – change the appearance and respec skills of your commander AND your officers and administrators on VIC planets –
– And more! –
Ship and fighter preview:
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1.4.3 Changelog

- Vodyanoy Plasma Minigun:
- - Reworked overheating mechanic: Now overheated projectiles deal base energy damage plus additional direct damage to armor. All projectiles can become overheated at maximum heat level
- - Damage per shot reduced from 20 to 15 (DPS reduced from 800 to 600)
- - Flux per shot reduced from 16 to 15
- - Charge up time reduced from 0.5s to 0.4s
- - Charge down time reduced from 1s to 0.6s
- - Max spread increased from 10 to 15
- - Significantly reduced spread per shot, now it takes 5 seconds to get to the max spread
- - Visual improvements to effects and projectiles
- - Updated sound
- - Updated description

- Tugarin Stellar Catapult;
- - Minor visual improvements to explosion

- Laidlaw family:
- - Now explosions damage properly scales with weapon damage
- - Now explosions don't get triggered by hitting missiles and fighters
- - Minor visual improvements to explosions

- A-Series "Shturm" Protocol:
- - Now doesn't crash when attempting to install Shield Shunt together with Shturm Protocol (hoozah)
- - Fixed description: now it properly says that flux dissipation increases only when shields are disabled
- - Now displays status when dissipation is increased

- B-Series "Fortress" Protocol:
- - Fixed minor text issues

- Laidlaw Tech:
- - Fixed minor text issues

- Inertia Redirection Systems:
- - Fixed status being displayed even if installed not on the player's ship
- - OP cost reduced from 5/10/15/25 to 4/8/12/20

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1.4.2 Changelog

– -Changed VIC ships name prefix from “VIC” to “ASCV” (Aerospace Corps Vessel)

– – Fixed crash related to B-Series “Fortress” Protocol hullmod
– -Fixed crash related to Vila Bolt Converger

Spoiler: click to expand
1.4.1 Changelog

– Fixed the bug when Omni-lunge system sends the ships into Oblivion
– Removed debug text from Omni-lunge system

Spoiler: click to expand
1.4.0 Changelog

Now compatible with 0.95.1a

Ship systems:
– Omni-lunge:
– – Now works more like directional plasma burn with turn rate boost
– – Distance per lunge reduced by ~40-50%
– – Max charges increased from 3 to 5
– – Time to regenerate 1 charge reduced from 10s to 5s

– Assault Reconfiguration (previously known as Adaptive Assault)
– – Removed scaling with hybridization
– – Now increases damage of ballistic and energy weapons by 50% in all cases
– – Now also increases shield damage taken by 25%

– All:
– – A small visual update of sprites courtesy of Nes
– – Added smoke engine trails

– All:
– – Added engine trails to all fighters
– – Fighters in Engage mode are now forced to continuously accelerate and move at maximum speed without strafing or decelerating, resulting in a more cinematic and plane-like way of movement

– Uvall Interceptor:
– – Rarog swapped for Proxy Mine Launcher
– – Hull increased from 350 to 450
– – Armor increased from 75 to 100

– VIC-X14 Nybbas:
– – Now uses Vanilla Phase cloak
– – Phae Upkeep reduced from 500 to 240
– – Base speed increased from 90 to 110
– – Removed Aerodynamic Design and Phase Field hullmods
– – Added Adaptive Phase Coils and Phase Anchor hullmods

– VIC-A01 Xaphan
– – Dissipation increased from 210 to 240

– VIC-B49 Samael
– – Armor increased from 400 to 550
– – Hull increased from 3500 to 4500
– – Turn acceleration increased from 8.5 to 12
– – Max flux increased from 6000 to 7400

– VIC-A33 Moloch
– – Armor increased from 350 to 450


– VIC-B62 Thamuz
– – Armor increased from 700 to 850
– – Hull increased from 7500 to 8500
– – Max turn speed increased from 12.5 to 15
– – Turn acceleration increased from 4.15 to 7
– – Max flux increased from 9000 to 11000

– VIC-A58 Valafar
– – Armor increased from 600 to 800
– – Dissipation increases from 600 to 650

– VIC-A71 Apollyon
– – Armor increased from 1000 to 1200
– – Fleet points reduced from 35 to 30

– VIC-U61 Oriax
– – Armor increased from 800 to 1000

– Heavy Laidlaw Accelerator:
– – OP cost decreased from 35 to 30
– – Changed damage type from Energy to Fragmentation
– – Damage per shot increased from 500 to 2000
– – Refire delay increased from 1.25 to 4.25
– – Flux per shot increased from 650 to 1000
– – On-hit explosion’s area increased
– – On hit explosion’s damage increased from 400 to 500
– – Projectile visuals updated (again)

– Laidlaw Accelerator:
– – Changed damage type from Energy to Fragmentation
– – Damage per shot increased from 500 to 2000
– – Refire delay increased from 1.5 to 4.5
– – Flux per shot increased from 750 to 1200
– – On-hit explosion’s area increased
– – On hit explosion’s damage increased from 400 to 500
– – Projectile visuals updated (again)

– Laidlaw Mass Driver:
– – Changed damage type from Energy to Fragmentation
– – Damage per shot increased from 250 to 1000
– – Refire delay increased from 1.5 to 4.5
– – Flux per shot increased from 375 to 600
– – On-hit explosion’s area increased
– – On hit explosion’s damage increased from 200 to 250
– – Projectile visuals updated (again)

– Zlydzen Wave Destabilizer:
– – Changed debuff effect:
– – Ramp up time increased from 4 seconds to 6 seconds
– – Wear off time increased from 2 seconds to 4 seconds
– – Shield efficiency reduction increased from 10% to 25%
– – Shield upkeep increase reduced from 50% to 25%
– – Phase cloak cooldown increase removed
– – Phase cloak activation cost increase removed
– – Flux dissipation reduction removed
– – Reduction for armor efficiency increased from 10% to 25%

– Vila Bolt Converger:
– – Sustained DPS increased from 210 to 255
– – Fixed crash if ship dies while charging

– Balachko Cryoheat Generator:
– – Damage reduction on hull hits reduced from 50% to 35%

– Psotnik Interference Autocannon
– Psotnik Interference Machinegun

– – Added smoke trails to projectiles

– “Fervor” Protocol:
– – Now increases damage dealt only if you close enough to target
– – Damage increase fall off starts at 500SU at gets to 0% at 700SU (range is from edges of collision circles so it’s a bit bigger on practice)
– – Penalty from installing on non VIC ships removed
– – Range penalty removed

– PD Arc Emitter:
– – Now deals energy damage
– – Now doesn’t flameout missiles
– – Description now states that Arc Emitter scales with stats for energy weapons

– Convoy drive:
– – Range increase changed from 10% increase to increase by factor of x1.25

– Laidlaw Tech:
– – Description changed a bit

– “Hellstorm” Weapon System(Xaphan build-in):
– – Now also increase ammo recharge rate of ballistic and missile weapons by 100%
– – A new icon, yay

– A-Series “Shturm” Protocol:
– – Removed capacity reduction
– – Removed dissipation increase
– – No longer changes effect of capacitors
– – Now increases shield upkeep by 100%
– – Now increases dissipation by 100% if shield is disabled
– – Range threshold changed from 500/600/800/1000 to 500/700/900/1100
– – Now Increases speed by 20/15/10/10
– – Now reduces peak performance time by 50%

– Inertia Redirection Systems (previously “Integrated Assault Systems)
– – Increases acceleration and deceleration when changing direction of movement
– – A new icon, yay

– B-Series “Fortress” Protocol (rework):
– – Can only be installed on wing shaped ships(need better name for that)
– – Reduces damage taken by shields by 30%
– – Reduces damage and flux cost for energy and ballistic weapons by 25%
– – Changes system to reduce shield damage taken by 50% and reduce damage of ballistic and  by 25%

– Replaced Lowtech stations for VIC with Midline ones (including in Nexerelin)
– Pristine nanoforge on Phlegethon swapped for corrupted nanoforge
– Added special condition to Phlegethon to compensate for lost ship quality
– Transfiguration Solutions 15% hazard penalty replaced with 25% accessibility penalty, also removed biolab installation mention from the description
– VIC Revitalization Center base income/upkeep reduced from 28000/50000 at size 6 to 12000/24000 at size 6
– Nexerelin starts now have Buffalo(VIC) instead of Buffalo(A)
– Station in secret system now has Buffalo(VIC) instead of Xaphan
– Removed respec option for the player in Revitalization Center (still can respec officers)
– Pelenu Laukas moved a bit to not overlap with Penelope
– Fixed the descriptions of Kalada market in Ittir system, now should actually be shown properly

– Lots of other small fixes and stuff that we might have forgotten, whoops
– A couple of spoiler portraits for future stuff
– A new hot meme artwork by Luzaitis (bless them)

Spoiler: click to expand
VIC 1.3.3 – “Higher Energies” changelog:

– Fixed VIC markets not having positive growth rate     
– Fixed officer respec making officers not being affected by skills, which resulted in lesser officer levels after the respec     
– Fixed Extreme Viral Contamination not reducing size of markets over time   
– Updated Extreme Viral Contamination icon


– Removed archive with memes     
– Added link to imgur post with VIC memes (can be found in the graphics folder)

Spoiler: click to expand
VIC 1.3.2 – “Higher Energies” changelog:



– Now counts as phase ship for Phase Corps skill

– Baryonic Displacement

– – Fixed description


– New System

– – Minelayer

– – Launches several proxy fused frag mines


– Emergency Defense

– – Fixed sever FPS drop with some fighters


– Hull reduced from 12000 to 9000

– Flux capacity reduced from 17000 to 15000

– Turn rate reduced from 15 to 10

 Kobal, Samael, Thamuz

– Adaptive Assault

– – Fixed description


Capacitons Discharger

– Damage increased from 150 to 300

– fkux cost increased from 225 to 480

– EMP increased from 80 to 160

– Max ammo reduced from 30 to 16

– Chargeup and chargedown increased from 0.075 to 0.15

Tugarin Stellar Catapult

– Refire increased from 3.75 to 4 seconds

– Flux to fire increased from 1680 to 1860

Rubezahl Thermal Lance

– Tier increased from 0 to 3

– Damage Reduced from 2400 to 2250

– Burst duration increased from 0.5 to 0.75 seconds

Zlydzen Wave Destabilizer

– Fixed rare crash

Gagana Smartdart Launcher

– Flux cost increased from 220 to 250

Abyssus Array

– Fixed rare NPE

Psotnik Interference Machinegun

– Fixed hardpoint offsets

Vodyanoy Plasma Minigun

– Fixed AI hints, now should also aim at fighters

Laidlaw family (Mass Driver, Accelerator, Heavy Accelerator)

– Fixed AI hints, now should properly shoot at frigates


– Fixed a couple of planet descriptions

Spoiler: click to expand
VIC 1.3.1 – “Higher Energies” changelog:

-Defense Suppressor System
–Added description

-Flux Rapture System
–Added description
-Power Redistributor hullmod
–Now more reliably switches modes when the ship is controlled by AI

PD Arc Emitter
-Now doesn’t crash if installed on a fighter (screw you gettag)((jk, we still love you))

VIC Integrated Assault Systems
-Fixed increase of PPT by 3% if stacking penalty is not applied

Zlydzen Wave Destabilizer
-Now effect fall rate scales with the target’s time dilation
-Now effect falls off 2 times slower if the target is phased

Verlioka Field Disruptor
-Fixed field effect lagging behind

-Changed and fixed most variants
-VIC now builds anti EVC structures if they own the market with EVC market condition(if they invade the Vbombed market or if their market got Vbombed)
-Fixed VIC being at 0 rep with remnants

Spoiler: click to expand
VIC 1.3.0 “High Energies” patchnote:


A brand new ship – VIC-U61 Oriax Battlecruiser. A versatile and manouverable capital-grade vessel, capable of everything, but not excelling at anything in particular.

VIC-X14 Nybbas:
-OP reduced from 60 to 55
-Flux dissipation decreaed from 450 to 350
-Max flux increased from 2500 to 3000
-Max speed redused from 120 to 90
-Phase activation cost reduced from 175 to 150
-phase upkeep increased from 200 to 450
-Experimental Phase Drive:
– Phase CD reduction removed
– Weapons flux cost reduction reduced from 25% to 20%
– Weapon range reduction reduced from 35% to 30%
-Baryonic Displacement:
– Flux cost removed
– Now can’t be used while phased
– CD increased from 2 to 6 seconds
-New Right click system Phase Dive
– More time dilation
– More Speed
– More Flux cost
– Longer Cooldown

VIC-S85 Pruflas:
-OP reduced from 50 to 45
-Flux dissipation reduced from 300 to 240
-Flux capacity increased from 2000 to 2600

VIC-A71 Apollyon:
-Improved AI,  should be less suicidal when commencing Quantum Lunge
-Changed Abyssus Array built-in: tweaked the direction of launch, now costs flux to fire, more sustained damage

VIC-B19 Kobal, VIC-B49 Samael, VIC-B62 Thamuz:
-Adaptive Assault:
– Fixed incorrect combat status
– Fixed incorrect damage increase values
-New built-in hullmod – Convoy Drive
– Increases 0-flux speed bonus and slightly increases the range of ballistic and energy weaponry

Figher wings:
-VIC-F11 Shabriri Drone:
– Hull decreased from 120 to 75
– Flux capacity decreased from 250 to 200
– Flux dissipation decreased from 100 to 50


5 brand new weapons:
Rubezahl Thermal Lance – Large Energy
– Extreme HE damage
– Limited sustained fire capability
– Slow and highly visible chargeup

Zlydzen Wave Destabilizer – Large Energy
– Support-focused debuff weapon
– Applies various debuffs depending on whether the shield or the hull of the enemy are hit by the beam
– Pretty useless damage-wise on its own

Balachko Cryoheat Generator – Medium Energy
– Alternating HE and Kinetic damage, excels at bringing down enemy’s defences
– Subpar hull damage

Vila Impulse Converger – Medium Energy
– Unusual projectile trajectory, perfect accuracy (if used correctly and precisely)
– High burst potential
– Low-end sustained damage

Psotnik Interference Machinegun – Medium Ballistic
– Potent anti-shield suppression and
– Very low damage per projectile

Capacitons Discharger:
-Damage increased from 150 to 300
-EMP increased from 80 to 160
-Max ammo reduced from 30 to 16
-Chargeup and chargedown increased from 0.075 to 0.15

Tugarin Stellar Catapult:
-Projectile speed no longer gets affected by the ship’s speed twice as much

Strigoy Flak Cannon – reworked, now performs like a true flak cloud dispenser:
-Burst size increased from 2 to 10
-Damage reduced from 50 to 30
-DPS increased from 250 to 300
-range reduced from 400 to 350

Laidlaw Accelerators family – reworked, now perform worse against shields, but better againt hulls:
– Now deal soft flux against shields
– The fragmentation explosion damage on hits against hull increased to 200 (Laidlaw Mass Driver) and 400 (Laidlaw Accelerator and Heavy Laidlaw Accelerator)
– Heavy Laidlaw Accelerator now fires from both barrels simultaneously with perfect accuracy
– Heavy Laidlaw Accelerator OP cost increased from 30 to 35
– Improved visuals
– Improved sounds

Other weapons:
– Various visual improvements

Aerodynamic Design:
-Ground support changed from 10/20/30/40 to 10/20/30/50

Laidlaw Resonance Shields:
-Renamed to Laidlaw Tech
-Now also:
– Reduces ballistic range by 10%
– Increases energy weapons range by 100 su
– Reduces beam weapons range by 100 su
– Reduces energy weapon flux generation by 10%

VIC Integrated Assault Systems:
-Weapon flux reduction changed from 5%/10%/20%/30% to 20%
-Speed bonus reduced from 10/10/20/20 to 5/10/20/25
-Projectile speed bonus reduced from 33% o 30%
-PPT penalty reduced from 33% to 30%
-OP cost increased from 4/8/15/25 to 7/11/15/25
-Now cant be instaled on non-VIC ships

VIC “Fortress” Protocol:
-Shield damage taken reduction increased from 13% to 35%
-Now reduces the chance that shields will be pierced by EMP arcs by 75%
-Shield upkeep now icreased by 25% instead of being reduced by 25%
-Shield unfold and turn speed now reduced by 50% instead of being increased by 50%
-Shield arc increase removed
-Now reduces ship max speed by 20%
-Now increases 0-flux speed boost by 15 SU
-OP cost reduced from 7/14/21/35 to 6/12/18/30
-Now incompatible with just SO and Hardened Shields
-Now cant be instaled on-non VIC ships

PD Arc Emitter:
-OP cost increased from 4/8/12/20 to 5/10/15/25
-Flux cost per arc increased from 25 to 35
-Now is inactive while venting or overloaded

-Added custom description to the VIC Combat Simulation System mission

-Added VIC Revitalization Center industry:
– Now Revitalization Center services (portrait changing and skill respeccing) require “VIC Revitalization Center” industry on a planet, instead of the market just being owned by VIC
– VIC Revitalization Center requires genetech supply and good relations with VIC to operate
– Added VIC Revitalization Center to Cocytus, Yama, Yesod and Ailmar.

-Added new industry item for farming “Transfiguration Solutions”
– The item increases the farming output, but makes the industry demand genetech and increases the hazard rating of the planet
– Requires at least some organic deposits being present on the planet

-GMO farming industry was removed

-Some industries got moved around

-Now the secret (or not so secret) fancy system is a bit more secret

-Added the current VIC CEO to Cocytus – come say “Hello”

-Added custom ship engine sounds
-Added characters for combat chatter
-Added some funny settings which you can configurate in data/config/modSettings.json :^)    (thanks, Tilt)
-Some little description changes for the genetech commodity, markets and so on, as usual
-Certainly some small changes that we might have forgotten in the process

Spoiler: click to expand
-OP reduced from 400 to 380
-Quantum lunge
–Fixed some interactions with stations (still a bit messed up because, duh, stations)
–Now instead of arcs deals damage in line as it should (still has additional arcs)
–Damage on secondary arcs reduced by 50%

Omni-lunge (VIC-A01 Xaphan, VIC-A33 Moloch, VIC-A58 Valafar):
-Added more visual effects

VIC-X14 Nybbas:
-Added Phase Field and Delicate Machinery hullmods
-DP reduced from 14 to 13

VIC-F04 Sonneilon:
-Now they can’t interrupt their burst

All ships:
-Now engine glow changes color if Safety Overrides are installed

Vodyanoy Plasma Minigun:
-New firing sound

-Fixed the bug that caused more flux cost per shot
-Visual effects improved

“Shturm” Overhaul:
-Tier reduced from 3 to 1 (can buy it with lower rep)
-Cost reduced from 25000 credits to 5000 credits

VIC Brand Shield Emitter:
-Fixed speed penalty also been applied to 0 flux boost

PD Arc Emitter:
-Now unlocked from game start

Viral bombardment:
-Stability penalty from Extreme Viral Contamination (EVC) is now permanent
-Ground defense penalty multiplier reduced from x0.3 to x0.25
-Accessibility penalty increased from -25% to -45%
-Now has a fleet size penalty multiplier of x0.5
-Now reduces production quality by 45%
-Grow penalty increased from 10 to (2^(colony size))*25
-Now colonies with EVC can decrease in size if they hit 0% total growth while having negative growth rate
-If colony is size 2, it gets decivilizied the next time it decreases in size
-3 New industries to counteract effects of EVC

-New market themes, all thanks to psiklaw
-Heavy industries were removed from Phlegethon and Purgatory
-Some small fixes in dialogues and descriptions (nothing radical)

Spoiler: click to expand
VIC “Fervor” Protocols
-Now installable on all ships, not only VIC ones
-Now gives 15% weapon range penalty
-Now if installed with other VIC-brand hullmods or on non-VIC ships, received damage penalty is doubled from 25% to 50%

VIC Brand Shield Emitter
-Now installable on all ships, not only VIC ones
-Now if installed with other VIC-brand hullmods or on non-VIC ships, decreases maximum speed by 25%

VIC Integrated Assault Systems
-Now installable on all ships, not only VIC ones
-Now does not provide weapon range bonus. Instead provides 5/10/20/30% reduction in weapon flux costs.
-Speed bonus changed to 10/10/20/20
-Adds 33% more projectile velocity
-Now if installed with other VIC-brand hullmods or on non-VIC ships, reduces peak performance time by 33%

VIC “Shturm” Overhaul:
-renamed to “Shturm Overhaul”
-Increased OP cost from 5/10/15/25 to 8/16/24/40

Loader Overdrive
-flux cost reduction removed (actually increased weapons’ flux cost due to a bug, so that’s actually a buff!)
-range reduction reduced from 15% to 10%

PD Arc Emitter:
-Damage per arc reduced from 150 to 50
-Flux per arc reduced from 150 to 25
-CD per charge reduced from 10/7/5/4 to 3/1.5/1/0.6
-Max charges increased from 2/3/4/6 to 6/9/12/21
-Range increased from 200/250/300/350 to 250/300/350/550
-Now properly scales with ship’s stats, counts as energy weapon

New weapon – Vodyanoy Plasma Minigun! Rip’n’tear until it is done!
-Large energy fast-firing suppression weapon
-The longer you shoot, the better it is against armour

Capacitons Discharger:
-Range for secondary arcs increased from “range * 0.15 + 200” to “range * 0.25 + 300”,  approximately 50% increase in range
-EMP on secondary arcs increased form 15% to 50%
-EMP increased from 50 to 80

Heavy Laidlaw Accelerator:
-Flux cost reduced from 750 to 650

Psotnik Interference Autocannon:
-EMP on arc increased from 50 to 60

Tugarin Stellar Catapult:
-Range increased from 900 to 950
-Projectile speed increased from 300 to 350

-Now slow missiles to min of 50% max speed, multiple effects don’t stack
-Damage reduced from 150 to 100
-Flux cost increased from 150 to 250

-Refire delay reduced from 1.74 to 1.5
-On hit pellets damage reduced from 60 to 50
-Flux efficiency reduced from 0.88 to 1.1
-Now pellets more likely to hit target

-Range reduced from 900 to 800

-Now fires 2 shells at a time
-Damage reduced from 100 to 50
-Flux cost reduced from 40 to 25
-Refire delay reduced from 2.7 to 0.5
-Burst removed
-Projectile speed reduced from 650 to 600

Laidlaw Mass Driver:
-OP cost reduced form 8 to 7

Rarog Atomic Emitter:
-Range increased from 350 to 450

-Shield reduced from 500 to 250
-Top speed reduced from 450 to 400
-OP cost increased from 3 to 4

-Damage increased from 100 to 125
-Shields reduced from 750 to 400

-Shield reduced from 750 to 500
-Armor increased from 50 to 75
-Hull increased from 200 to 350

-Shield reduced from 1500 to 1000
-Armor increased from 100 to 125
-Hull increased from 500 to 650
-Description tweaked a bit

VIC-X14 Nybbas:
-PPT reduced from 300 to 200
-Now system have 2 seconds CD
-DP increased from 12 to 14

VIC-A01 Xaphan:
-Shield effectiveness reduced from 0.7 to 0.8

VIC-C96 Jezebeth:
-Flux dissipation from 500 to 400

VIC-B49 Samael:
-In-build drone wing removed
-Top speed reduced from 60 to 50
-Flux dissipation reduced from 500 to 400
-Flux capacity increased from 5500 to 6000
-DP increased from 9 to 12
-OP reduced from 105 to 100

VIC-A33 Moloch:
-Medium missiles changed to small missiles
-Medium turrets arcs has been reduced
-Shield effectiveness reduced from 0.7 to 0.8
-OP reduced from 110 to 95

VIC-B62 Thamuz:
-Top speed reduced from 30 to 25
-DP cost increased  from 25 to 27
-Slight changes to arcs of some small mounts

VIC-A58 Valafar:
-Shield effectiveness reduced from 0.7 to 0.8

VIC-A71 Apollyon:
-Shield effectiveness reduced from 0.7 to 0.8
-DP cost reduced from 65 to 60
-Now is in the rare_bp category

Ship systems:
-Now has 3 charges
-CD per charge – 10 seconds
-System total CD reduced from 5.25 to 1.6

Adaptive Assault:
-Now gives from 25% to 75% more energy and ballistic weapons damage
-Now have reverse loadout effect, ballistic weapons increase effect for energy and energy weapons increase for ballistic
-Now missiles reduce both effects

Other stuff:
-Fixed Virus Bombardment bug which prevented saving the game
-Graphical adjustments to all ships’ sprites
-More portraits!!
-Even more edgy ship names!!
-Plot around Apotheosis thickens
-Various description fixes (Bernadian and Mithos planets in Ittir system being the main offenders)
-More memes in the meme folder (yes, it is important)
-All memes got ziped to not make VIC 120 MB Vram in eyes of VRAM-Counter
-Apollyon BP removed from “VIC High Grade Hulls Blueprint Package”
-Reduced amount of asteroids in Empyrean and Ittir which should reduce lag in system
-Cleaned some gunk and reduced VRAM requirement

"What shall the future bring us?"

- Updates to the currently available content! -
- More ships and weapons! -
- More campaign things to discover!
- More portraits! -
- Possibly, more music! -
- And, also possibly, more big things like other factions and so on! -
- Stay tuned! -


Authors:Astarat and PureTilt

Advice and help with coding:Axle, Mesotronik, Sir Hartley, Tomatopaste, Tartiflette, Nicke, Nia Tahl

Advice and help with spriting:Knight Chase, Alfonzo, Nia Tahl, Tomatopaste, Tartiflette, Nes



Portraits:Various artists whose work has been found in open sources and edited for this mod for non-commercial purposes

Writing and/or editing already existing writing:JRG, Avanitia, Aurica, Silverlight, Alfonzo, Phoenix the Dreamer

Extreme corporate shilling and catgirl enthusiasm:JRG, AlexAtheos, Silverlight, TitanicGuy, Phoenix the Dreamer, Luzaitis and many other Unofficial Starsector Discord degenerates users

Krinj:TechPriest (jk, you're cool and based, wish I could know you in person)

Special thanks:Alex, David and the game community itself! All of you are absolutely awesome!

Volkov Industrial Conglomerate Mod by Astarat and PureTilt is licensed under a
Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.
Any derivative work must also comply with Starsector's EULA
I'm modding Starsector just for fun, but if you wish to support me for any reason, here's my Patreon, I guess.
And if you wish to support my colleague PureTilt - come check out his Ko-Fi page!

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Extreme corporate shilling and catgirl enthusiam

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ayy lmao its me second author download MHM now

Congrats on the release!

Look great, cannot wait to read all the lore in this mod, look interesting, Luddic Church will have a hard time fighting 5 front war in my modlist. They're also polar opposite of FPE, a xenophobic and eugenic society, I wonder if they'll get along. I'll probably disable Fang and Draco since they're also a big players in genetic engineering.

Thanks for the awesome work!

Contradictions rarely identify new growth ethically.

just tested some of the ships out and i have to say i'm in love they fit my play style like a glove this is not leaving my load order nay time soon thanks for the mod   :D

This is the most beautiful mod that I have never seen before.

I already have more than 80 mod, so trust me, i know what Im talkink about    :D

>genetically engineered catgirls with seven layers of eugenics mastery

Say no more, it's instant download for me.

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