[Starsector Mods][0.95.1a] Unofficial New Game Plus 2.1.0 (2022/8/28)

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Download v2.1.0


How To Use?
Press Left Control + P

New game cycle!

Spoiler: click to expand

1.This mod to some extent makes up for the position of the previous old mod, SaveTransfer. When a player reaches the max level, he/she can record a saving point through the UNGP menu (there is only one saving point in all saves, which could be overwritten). The saving point will save your current credits, blueprints (other than the factory), and the current game cycle number (the new save’s game cycle number will be “1”).
2.After that, you can start a new game. If you open the UNGP menu within 1 day, you can inherit the saving point, basing on the background you choose, inherit 0~100% of the credits and blueprints , and get extra bonus like skills, skill points and story points.

Specialist Mode!

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1. From the second gamecycle, players can choose to enter the Specialist Mode.
2. The specialist mode is divided into 4 levels: Gamma, Beta, Alpha, Omega.
3. The selection rules have a maximum number of rules, which increases with the specialist difficulty level.
4. Specialist mode offers two types of rules: positive rules and negative rules.
Positive rules: consume Cost points and provide you with different benefits for the rest of the game.
Negative rules: providing Cost points to add heavy obstacles to your game
Specialist mode can only be enabled if the total number of Cost points is greater than or equal to 0 and the number of rules is greater than the specified value.
5. Specialist mode can change rules once a year, once in the beginning by default. However, the specialist level could not be changed during the game.

Dulicate the “saves/common” folder to the new SS root to get the old save points!

Change Log:

Spoiler: click to expand
2.1.0 2022/8/28
Fixed some bugs.
Add new background: Capitalist.
Add new positive rules: Headhunting.
Improved the UNGP background UI.
Now you could choose to save the blueprints from the old save slot while recording the current game-cycle.

2.0.0 2022/6/9
This update requires a new saving, please use the old version of the mod to record your savepoint before updating and starting a new game.
Inheritance method reset:
-Cancel the extra skill points/story points that can be obtained from multi-game-cycles.
-Cancel the free choice of credits/blueprint inheritance.
-Add new mechanism: Background, determine your credits/blueprint inheritance percentage by choosing background, and get extra bonus (extra skill points/story points/items/ships, etc.) based on the number of global game-cycle.

Layered Armor: Tweaked the value curve, and now fighters only have 25% bonus.
Tech Revolution: OP bonus decreased by 1%

1.7.2 2022/4/18
Tweaked Danger Zone, now has the hidden limitation of the spawn rate of the mines.
Tweaked Order 66, temporarily removed the friendly emp arc damage.
Tweaked Infighting book.

1.7.1 2022/4/8
Bug fixes…
Specialist challenge: But “it” is absolute now allow one positive rule.

1.7.0 2022/4/7
Stay Calm: Reduce time flow by 50% -> 66%
Blocked Flux Conduits: The basic reduction of flux dissipation: 25% -> 15%
Cruising Hunting: Deploy Cost Reduction 10%~15% > 8%~12%
Tech Revolution: Add OP 5%~10%->8%~10%

Add new positive rules: Sneaker, Thermodynamics, Lucky Seven, Tachyon Labour, Full of Company
Add new negative rules: Besieged, Striker School, Layered Armor, Explosive Sniper, Danger Zone, Inflation

UI optimization.
Now the high-cycle savepoint slots would have special prefix and color.
Added an ability to open the main menu of UNGP.
Now could set if combat rules enabled in simulation in the specialist mode intel.
Moved settings from settings.json to the “UNGP_OPTIONS.ini” located at the root folder of the mod.
Now rules related to Market would unapply the stats after each economy update.

1.6.4 2022/3/4
Naval Treaty: The reduction of CR has been much declined. Now has a cap and the penalty shrinks down while have more design types. Cost +4 -> +3
Guide to Dogfighting: Now the range buff includes the 500 range.
Hss Phoenix: Maneuver buff 50% -> 100%, max CR 5% -> 10%

Fixed some bugs.
1.6.3 2022/2/14
Storm Rider: Cost -1 -> -2
Dangerous Sector: Multiplier 1.5~2 -> 2~3
Blocked Flux Conduits: Base value increased by 5%
Fragment Graveyard: Base value increased by 100%/150%
Order66: Friendly Damage 50%~100% -> 100%~200%

Optimised Derelict Processing: 15%~30% -> 15%~25%

1.6.2 2022/2/13
Fixed some visual bugs.
Now items, ships owned by player can be accounted in credits while recording the save point.

1.6.1 2022/2/7
Tweaked the chance mechanism of Phasing Ghost.
Hss Phoenix now could indicate the ships that take effect in intel tips. Modders could add “ungp_onslaught” tag to ship to make it counted as “onslaught” by Hss Phoenix.
Optimized the showing of rules.
Fixed some bugs and tweaked little about some codes.

Add new negative rule: Amnesia
Add new positive rule: Endurance

1.6.0 2022/1/27
0.95.1a coming!
While in specialist mode, you could click the up-left icon to go directly to the specialist mode intel.
Canceled the limitation of specialist level.
Now specialist levels are: Gamma, Beta, Alpha, Omega, which corresponds 1, 10, 20, 30.
Tweaked many base codes, please each modder who implements this mod take a look at it.

Add new negative rule: Blood Lust, Fraudulent, Phasing Ghost.
Add new positive rule: Make an Exception, Son of Core, Cruising Hunting.

1.5.4 2021/11/11

1.5.3 2021/10/16
Add milestone rule: Still Growing Up

Now Blocked Flux Conduits reduces the flux based on the active arc of the shield.
Now you could roll milestone rules that whose challenge has been completed.

1.5.2 2021/10/26
Improve the text.
Fixed some bugs.

1.5.1 2021/10/25
Fixed some text bugs.

1.5.0 2021/10/25
Add new positive rules: Collector, EW Smog, Black in Black, Seer
Add new negative rules: Century War, Order 66, Monotonous Teller, Galatia Underachiever
Add new milestone rules: Entropius Mind.(Birthday Present and Premium Seafood are changed to milestones.)

Tech Revolution: Decrease the cost by 1.
Overwhelming Vision: Enemy weapon and sensor range + 10%~20% -> 10%~15%
Low Efficiency Repair: Fleetwide repair and combat readiness recover rate -15%~30%->15%~25%
Premium Seafood: Lobster 1->2

Play custom bgm while picking the rules of Specialist mode.
Now you could pick the level of Specialist Mode from 1 to 20 by default.
Update UNGP_EconomyTag.
Add new system: Milestone Rule.
    You could pick specific rules at the beginning, if you meet the condition and difficulty level, the Specialist Challenges would be started. The challenges may be completed if you keep these rules for long time, or after you reach the max level. Then the challenge will make a new milestone rule available, in the next game cycle, you could pick the new milestone rule.

1.4.0 2021/7/31
Add new positive rules: Critical Hit, Gravity Disruptor(Golden), Birthday Present
Add new negative rules: Spy, Trade Embargo
Increase the minimum/maximum amount of rules.
Optimized the UI.

Originem for total mod.
Fax, RUA, Histidine for translation.
Light of Shadow, Helai for icons.
Haixian Group for ideas.
Special Thanks: Game-icons.net,15.ai

Owwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww, this one ROCKS! yep.

Sound good. Thanks you !

Yay! I can finally dominate multiple dimensions!

Moved to mods.

This is a great mod, but is there any way to change the percentages from 0-75 to 0-100? I’ve got a save with relatively few blueprints so I’d like to keep them.

This is a great mod, but is there any way to change the percentages from 0-75 to 0-100? I’ve got a save with relatively few blueprints so I’d like to keep them.

I will take it into consider…maybe use a config file to edit it.

0.2.0 updated.

Thanks for this, with save xfer abandoned I was hoping for a tool to transfer to a new seed.

+1 support

how can i enable back the “recorded savepoint” from my previous Save? my current save got corrupted and i want to inherit my previous save again but its greyed out :/

Is there anyway to enable recording from a previously recorded save again?

Is it possible yet to keep 100% of the blueprints? I’d like to start over with them all intact instead of *maybe* getting some of them


Wow, that’s incredible.

is this looking specifically for level fifty, or for max level? i like to play with a mod for removing the level cap but still want to use this when i make a new character

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