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The asteroid ship pack is a simple ship pack that adds ships made from asteroids that can spawn on pirate and independent fleets.

Update 1.4a

This mod should still be compatible with Industrial Evolution.

The ships:
NOTICE, all of these ships except the Mentis, Kari, Parithee, and Fenrir are not mine. They come from the HELMET collection in the sprite dump.

A very simple fighter made from fragments of asteroids. It is only slightly worse than a talon.

The boulder is a Frigate designed by pirates as a very cheap and easy way to have a simple ship used for basic missile suppression and is noted for being made out of random asteroids that float around the universe.

The Stoner is a basic Frigate artillery platform built by mashing some asteroids and floating satellite pieces together. It rarely works the way pirates expect it to.

The Havel is what happens when pirates decide that there needs to be more firepower coming from their captured asteroids. The Havel is the most powerful of the frigate sized asteroidships and should not be underestimated.

The Vesta is an artillery platform made by pirates by taking larger asteroids out of asteroid belts throughout the sector. These ships are very well suited for combat despite being out of asteroids.

Seeing the need for better firing arcs for their asteroid destroyers the pirates created the Tholen to better deal with enemy missile attacks. These ships are usually found backing up other ships but do not have the firepower to take on most ships of it’s size very well.

The Galileo is a support vessel the pirates made after deciding that the stoner wasn’t good enough and created a destroyer version of the same concept. This ship has the potential to be a formidable ship with the right load-out and captain but rarely ever is.

The Mentis
A simple and cheap carrier designed with the basic idea of allowing the pirates to field a carrier without having to use either the Condor or the Colossus MKIII, both of which are converted ships whereas the Mentis is more purpose built for the role, although there is still many a debate within pirate circles weather the Mentis’s cheaper cost is worth not having the Condors missile mount.

The Kari
So what happens to the shipping containers of a Atlas when it gets converted to a MKII? Well, you get the Kari. Nothing more than some containers strapped to some engines and a forward gun platform made of asteroids this ship is an okay addition to any fleet that wishes have a fairly cheap Combat Freighter as part of their defence force against Pirates or any other hostiles while traveling through the sector.

The Pasithee
A Combat Tanker that is literally just a section of a large asteroid connected to the the side of a Phaeton. This ship, while not very combat effective does at least allow a fleet wielding it to take their tanker into combat to defend itself instead of the usual case of having to flee with the rest of the civilian ships.

The Rock is a Light Cruiser created by the pirates for simple suppression of enemy ships. It barely counts as a cruiser as nearly every non civilian cruiser will almost always beat it in combat.

As the pirates continue to learn about construction with asteroids it was only time before they made a proper combat capable Cruiser. The Cerus is(aside from the Pebble) the most powerful of the asteroidships and should be considered an actual threat not much different than a Dominator but with much less armour as it mostly made from asteroid materials.

The Clanker is a raiding Cruiser built with speed and hit and run tactics in mind. It may not have the straight up firepower that the Cerus has but don’t let that deceive you into thinking this ship will be an easier fight.

Capital ships
The Pebble is the ultimate end all of ship construction using asteroids and as well as being made from them this ship is also known to have a shield created from a blueprint of the Paragon that was taken during a daring raid on the Port Tse Franchise Station #3 held by the Tri-Tachyon. This ship is easily one of the most powerful ships the pirates have access to.

the Fenrir
A newly created Capital Ship that exists for the Pirates to try and have a Battle Carrier for themselves. unfortunately due the space taken up by the fighter bays and the fuel tanks this ship is incapable of housing a decent complement of aircraft and weapons without sacrificing flux and/or hull modifications. Nonetheless this ship is still a very capable warship and should not be taken lightly by anyone facing it.

Change log

Spoiler: click to expand
update 1.4a
Updated the sprites for Mentis, Kari and Parithee

update 1.4
4 new ships added

update 1.3e
quick compatibility patch

update 1.3d
All ships now have Insulated Engine Assembly as a built-in hullmod

update 1.3c

Pebble now has 50 DP. It’s speed on all accounts(except top speed) have been lowered, and now has an OMNI shield. The Pebble’s OP points, shield flux upkeep, crew, fuel/ly and supplies per month have been increased. Pebble’s system id has been changed to Targeting feed. Some front small mounts have been moved to not collide with other weapons.

Update 1.3b

Pebble’s system id has been changed to reserve deployment
Rock’s turn acceleration has been slowed from 100 to 90
Clanker’s turn acceleration has been slowed from 100 to 90 and acceleration have been slowed from 300 to 250

Update 1.3a

Vesta’s and Tholen’s fleet points have been lowered to 9
Rocks fleet points have been lowered to 10 and burn speed increased to 8
Cerus’s system id has been changed to Accelerated Ammo Feeder
Both Rock and Cerus have had their shield arcs reduced.

Update 1.3

All ships(except Pebble, Stoner and Boulder) now have OMNI shields instead of FRONTs
Havel, Galileo, Rock, Cerus and Clanker have had their OP points increased.

All Destroyer sized ships and above have had their market price dropped.


Cerus’s turn rate and acceleration has been reduced and Clanker’s turn rate has been lowered again.

Clankers Deacceleration and turn rate have been lowered.

Now works on current game version.

Added support for Industrial evolution’s new features
All destroyer and smaller ships have had their supplies per month reduced
All ships shields have been made less efficient and some have had their angles reduced.

Changed some variants so the Orisis should spawn if it isn’t already.

1.1a hotfix
Fixed the tags for the Orisis
Rock should appear less in fleets and pebble should appear more

Added a new Fighter Wing called Orisis

1.0a Vestas speed has been changed from 80 to 75
Pebble should be more aggressive now
Spelling mistakes have been fixed in the descriptions of the ships.

1.0 initial release

Looks like an interesting mod.  Do you plan to make them a separate faction eventually? 

Since the ships are partly rock I was expecting them to be tough but slow.   Your three cruisers are as fast or faster than the falcon, but have way more hitpoints.  Maybe slow them down some?  The destroyers are kind of fast too.

These ships are just a ship pack. I have no plans to turn them into a faction.

These ships are just a ship pack. I have no plans to turn them into a faction.

Great! I love ship mod that give more options and not adding more faction.

a bit of feedback,the pebble class, maybe you need change their behaviour, they’re act so defensesively, even with aggressive officer, they’re keep their distance in a fight it’s almost impossible to take a harmless station with them, maybe if you make them more like legion or onslaught in their ship data to be more ‘standoff’ it’s going to be more usefull than it’s right now  :D

cheers  ;)

also the ship tag kinda wrong, they’re labeled as low_tech not low tech so it’s become it’s own type of ship.

version 1.0a
Vestas speed has been changed from 80 to 75
Tags have been changed to Low Tech
Pebble class ships should be more aggressive now

This is save game compatible

Hi Ive tried to download this mod and my machine says the rar is broken anyone else having trouble?

Do you have WinRar? The mod downloads and works fine on my end.
Try this download.

What a beaut! they look so good  :D

Do they have a Blueprint so I can make my faction use only those?

These ships are part of the pirates blueprint package.

New update
1.1a hot fix
Added a new Fighter Wing called the Orisis(tags have been fixed)
Rock should appear less and Pebble should appear more in fleets
Should be save game compatible

Update 1.1b
Changes some variants of the Cerus and Orisis so they should spawn if they aren’t already
save game compatible

Excellent ship pack, quite like the asteroid theme when playing a low-mid tech path. Going to try starting up a pirate path character and see how well a mostly asteroid fleet will work out in the campaign.

Y’all don’t understand that what y’all are actually looking at is one of the most hiddenedest gem of a mod.

these ships are actually truly masterpieces.

Removed a word -Alex

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