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Edit SWP_OPTIONS.ini to enable or disable Ship/Weapon Pack features!

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The Ship/Weapon Pack seeks to flesh out the content of Starsector by adding ships, weapons, hull mods, and campaign missions.  Included are a couple dozen ships and fighters, new skins, new modular weapons, and a bevy of unique IBB boss ships.


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Hecate-class CorvetteThe Infernal Machine

Nautilus-class Combat FreighterThe Infernal Machine

Alastor-class Frigate

Tartiflette and HELMUT
Excelsior-class Corvette

Tartiflette and HELMUT
Striker-class Destroyer

HELMUT and Tartiflette
Albatross-class Destroyer

Caliber-class Destroyer

Tartiflette and HELMUT
Arachne-class DestroyerPirates Plus

Archer-class Destroyer

Beholder-class DestroyerThe Infernal Machine

Archon-class DestroyerPirates Plus

Vortex-class Light CarrierThe Infernal Machine

Shellster and MesoTroniK
Nightwalker-class Phase Destroyer

HELMUT and Gwyvern
Spoiler: click to expand
Shimmer-class Droneship Carrier

Machine and MesoTroniK
Circe-class Combat Freighter

HELMUT and Gwyvern
Vulture-class Fast CruiserThe Infernal Machine

Shellster and Gwyvern
Punisher-class Light Cruiser

Cycerin, HELMUT, and Tartiflette
Vindicator-class Cruiser

Psiyon, HELMUT, Nia, and Gwyvern
Eos-class Carrier

Kemorory, Machine, Tartiflette, and MesoTroniK
Zenith-class Heavy Cruiser

Machine, MesoTroniK, and Tartiflette
Spoiler: click to expand
Wall-class Drone

Solar-class Droneship Battlecarrier

Liberator-class Pocket Battleship

Tartiflette and King Alfonzo
Chronos-class Battlecruiser

HELMUT and Gwyvern
Victory-class BattleshipThe Infernal Machine

Shellster, Tartiflette
Cathedral-class Hubship

Hexblade Heavy Fighter Wing

Drake Assault Interceptor Wing

Partisan Escort Interceptor Wing

Falx Super Interceptor Wing


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Luddic Path Variants

Fourteenth Battlegroup Variants

HELMUT and Tartiflette
Lion’s Guard Variants

King Alfonzo, BigBeans, and MesoTroniK
Sunder Variants

Tartiflette and Shellster

Spoiler: click to expand
Flare Gun [Small Missile]

Hornet MRM [Small Missile]

Ion Torpedo [Small Composite (Missile)]

Inferno MIRV Launcher [Medium Missile]

Tornado Hornet Launcher [Medium Missile]

Flare Burst Launcher [Medium Missile]

Trebuchet LRM Launcher [Large Missile]

Mini-Blaster [Small Energy]

Light Phase Lance [Small Energy]

Mini-Blaster Array [Medium Energy]

Heavy Ion Blaster [Medium Energy]

Lightning Gun [Medium Energy]

Reliant HMG [Small Ballistic]

Contender Cannon [Small Ballistic]

Shellster and Soren
Plasma Flamer [Medium Hybrid (Ballistic)]

Aegis Flak Cannon [Large Ballistic]

HELMUT and MesoTroniK
Hull Mods

Gunnery Control AI

Extreme Modifications

PD Assault Conversion
International Bounty Board

The International Bounty Board will post special bounties, featuring new and unique ships and extra-hard difficulty.  There are 15 boss bounty fleets (and 28 unique ships) in the Ship/Weapon Pack, plus more with the following faction mods:

Junk Pirates Compilation: 1 bounty fleet (4 unique skins)
Shadowyards: 2 bounty fleets (3 unique ships)
Interstellar Imperium: 2 bounty fleets (3 unique ships)
Knights Templar: 2 bounty fleets (2 unique ships)
Tiandong Heavy Industries: 1 bounty fleet (1 unique ship)
Diable Avionics: 1 bounty fleet (1 unique ship)
Underworld: 2 bounty fleets (10 unique ships)
ScalarTech: 1 bounty fleet (1 unique ship)
Borken: 1 bounty fleet (1 unique ship)
Idoneus Citadel Exiles: 1 bounty fleet (1 unique ship)
Legacy of Arkgneisis: 1 bounty fleet (1 unique ship)

Requires DynaSector
This mission is actually a fully-featured game mode!  Fight through waves of enemies and seven scripted boss fights.  Each boss uses an all-new custom ship with scripted systems and weapons.  Mooks are randomized from all DynaSector-supported factions.

Post your high scores!

Spoiler: click to expand

Kick ass and take names! Fight through a horde of random ships, elite mooks, and seven boss fights.

You earn points by destroying ships and bosses. Chain kills together to gain a combo multiplier for a massive score! The point multiplier increases with each difficulty level. If you beat the final boss, any unused supers are worth 5000 points each.

Yellow: Armored. 2x Points.
Green: Shielded. 2x Points.
Red: Powered. 2x Points.
Blue: Elite. 4x Points.

A hidden end awaits you if you only use one type of super until the final boss…
See if you can go until the final boss without using a single super…

Make sure floating messages are enabled.

Change Log
Version 1.13.0 (January 5, 2022)
– Updated for Starsector 0.95.1a
– Added Champion (LG)
  * Thanks to King Alfonzo for the sprite!
– Excelsior
  * Excelsior no longer spawns naturally
  * Added new MagicBounty scenario that involves fighting the Excelsior (if you have MagicLib)
    – Not recoverable
  * Can currently unlock the Excelsior by completing Duel of the Century (main menu mission)
    – Appears as a unique “Super Ship” choice for the Free Start and Own Faction options
    – Improved Duel of the Century mission
  * Various small tweaks to the Excelsior system and weapon behavior
  * Beam weapon impacts now directly raise the Excelsior’s flux
  * Huge UI improvement to the Excelsior’s system
  * Profoundly improved Excelsior AI competence
  * Numerous general improvements to the Excelsior look, feel, and UI
– International Bounty Board (IBB)
  * Made IBB bar events more common
  * Added Story Point option to the IBB bar event to roll a different bounty target and make the original less likely to show up again
  * Reworked IBB scaling, with regards to s-mods, officer levels/counts/elite skills, commander levels/elite skills, and commander fleet skills
    – Stronger IBB fleets can break the usual cap of 2 bonus fleetwide skills, level 5-6 officers, 1-2 officer elite skills, 12-20 total officers, etc.
  * Defeating an IBB fleet awards a Story Point
  * Iron Shell, Star Federation, and Roider Union have joined the IBB
  * IBB ships are generally always recoverable
  * Removed Helios
– Hullmods
  * Removed Shield Bypass
  * Removed Gunnery Core AI hullmod
  * Extreme Modifications
    – Extreme Modifications no longer grants an OP bonus; instead, it allows you to install an additional built-in hullmod
    – Extreme Modifications becomes permanent if you install that additional built-in hullmod
    – Extreme Modifications’ chance for weapon malfunctions is increased to 3%; engine malfunctions are reduced to 1.5% (from 2/2)
    – Extreme Modifications now adds a sliding 10-50% chance increase of critical malfunctions (per malfunction) when CR reaches 40% or less
    – Extreme Modifications’ fighter refit time penalty is reduced to 20% from 30%
    – Extreme Modifications (obviously) cannot be built-in
  * Added new hullmod: PD Assault Conversion
    – Costs 4/8/12/20
    – Causes all point-defense weapons to behave like standard anti-ship weapons
    – Increases the ordnance point cost of point-defense weapons by 1/2/4, depending on size
    – Boosts PD range by 25%, damage by 25%, hit strength by 50%
– Vanguard renamed to Caliber
  * Caliber now has Damper Field instead of shields, Rugged Construction built in
  * Caliber armor increased to 800 to 600, hull increased to 5000 from 4500, other stats tweaked slightly
  * Caliber supply cost reduced to 8 from 9
– Miscellaneous
  * Integrated various new campaign features into existing content
  * Fixed the calculation/obscurement of some area-of-effect damage
  * Added fighter weapon descriptions
  * Lightning Gun is now truly hitscan (no more framerate-related bugs or ghost projectile)
  * Various minor-to-moderate optimizations using the new Starsector API changes
  * Fixed a crash when Prism’s High-End Seller tried to sell Killer Bee
  * Updated Striker sprite
  * Added Rugged Construction to shieldless ships
  * Adjusted various weapon AI values
– Balance
  * Nautilus cargo increased to 75 from 70
  * Cathedral fuel per light year reduced to 20 from 30
  * Falx engagement range reduced to 6000 from 8000
  * Aegis Flak Cannon damage increased to 400 from 300
  * Shimmer DP reduced to 22 from 25
  * Solar DP reduced to 55 from 60
  * Heavy Ion Blaster OP increased to 15 from 14, flux cost reduced to 900 from 1500
  * Flare Gun type changed to Composite (Missile stats)
  * Plasma Flamer type changed to Hybrid (Ballistic stats)
  * Klutotekhnes flux per shot reduced to 80 from 120
  * Victory maximum crew reduced to 1000 from 1250, frontal shield arc increased to 120 from 90, base speed increased to 35 from 30
    – Victory Jets can now be toggled off (like with Burn Drive)
  * Liberator’s shield upkeep reduced to 150 from 250 flux/sec, crew min/max reduced to 500/1000 from 600/1200, acceleration slightly increased, deceleration greatly increased
  * Punisher hull increased to 8000 from 6000
  * Trebuchet OP reduced to 24 from 28, damage increased to 900 from 750
  * Vulture supply cost reduced to 17 from 18, flux dissipation increased to 350 from 325
  * Albatross now has two wings of flak drones instead of one, and Canister Flak x5 instead of Damper Field
    – Increased Flak Drone weapon range to 600 from 500
  * Reduced Circe peak performance time to 360 from 420
  * Increased Eos speed to 60 from 40, increased accel/decel accordingly
  * Vindicator flux dissipation increased to 400 from 350; (S) variant increased to 450
  * Zenith shields improved to 0.7 efficiency from 0.8, arc increased to 210 from 180, flux capacity reduced to 12000 from 13000
  * Improved Archon maneuverability

Version 1.12.4 (March 10, 2021)
– Support special new Underworld IBB
– Reduced Vindicator and Vindicator (S) OP by 5 each

Version 1.12.3b (January 14, 2021)
– Possible fix for yet another Cathedral bug

Version 1.12.3 (January 12, 2021)
– Added workaround for Luddic Path faction file to get the LP Enforcer to spawn
– Added support for more factions in Custom Battle
– Fixed a bizarre Starsector bug related to module-ships that would crash the game in certain situations
  * NPC Cathedrals will not respect the effect of D-mods on modules, as a result…

Version 1.12.2 (January 4, 2021)
– Cathedral loses 0-flux speed boost efficiency when its modules have a flux level
  * If every module is above 0% but below 1% flux (shield on but no damage), the speed boost is halved
  * If every module is at or above 1% flux, the speed boost is eliminated
– Minor Wall fix
– Minor fix for knockback logic
– Applied various dirty hacks to get D-mods to work on Cathedral/Wall modules
– Added custom Nexerelin start “Reconstruction of Notre Dame”
  * Start with a heavily D-modded unique Cathedral under the Luddic Church faction
  * Slowly restore the ship to her former glory
– The Hexblade’s mini-blasters now deal 10 EMP damage in addition to the 20 energy damage per shot
– Made the Cathedral less likely to be available to purchase in markets

Version 1.12.1 (December 25, 2020)
– Renamed Revenant to Nightwalker
– Chronos DP decreased to 35 from 40
– Tweaked Time Accelerator; is now a shorter charge-based system
– Beholder DP increased to 11 from 10
– Beholder Ray Drones now have a hullmod called Ray Core instead of Terminator Core and IPDAI
  * 3x damage to missiles, up from 2.5x
  * 2x damage to fighters, same as before
  * Tactical Laser can target missiles, ignores flares, and perfectly tracks the target, same as before
  * Tactical Laser turns 2x faster, same as before
  * Takes no engine damage, same as before
  * 2/3x damage to shields, down from 1x
  * Range now matches the mothership, up/down from a flat +300
– Increased delay between Hornet MRM shots in a burst to 0.5 from 0.3 (but not the total time between bursts)
– Increased Hornet MRM damage to 400 from 375
– Updated missile AI to permit Scutum’s Attraction Array
– Partisan replace time increased to 12 from 10 seconds
– Fixed version file HTTPS redirect
– Fixed a bizarre edge-case bug relating to Sabot SRMs
– The Cathedral’s modules’ hull sizes are changed to frigate-tier after the battle starts
  * This is a dirty hack to improve macro-level AI behavior around the Cathedral
  * This will not affect the behavior of most hullmods, but anything with an every-frame calculation might behave strangely if it depends on the module’s hull size
– The Cathedral’s shield and collision radius now dynamically shrinks to account for modules that are blown off

Version 1.12.0 (September 28, 2020)
– Added Vulture (P)
– Added Liberator and Liberator (LC)
– Updated Burst Jets AI (the Liberator uses it)
– IBBs can no longer spawn in systems containing markets
– Light Phase Lance no longer fires on full charge (it’s a normal burst beam, like the regular Phase Lance)
  * This improves the stats considerably; 487 damage -> 541 damage; 108 DPS -> 120 DPS; 1.31 flux ratio -> 1.18 flux ratio
– Aegis Flak Cannon damage increased to 300 from 250
– Added IBB bounty (appears after the Framebreaker bounty) requiring the ARS faction
– Added IBB bounty (appears after the Emperor bounty) requiring the ScalarTech faction
– Added IBB bounty (appears after the Euphoria bounty) requiring the Borken faction
– Minor rebalance of IBB stages
– Remove one enemy from Duel of the Century (will return with Exigency)
– Some configuration for compatibility with various other mods
– Lucifer DP increased to 60 from 45
– Beholder DP decreased to 10 from 11, now has an omni shield
– Migrated version file to custom host (sigh)

Version 1.11.0 (July 11, 2020)
– New Vindicator and Gungnir sprites
– New Chronos sprite
– New Circe sprite
– New Revenant sprite
– New Vulture sprite
– Circe weapon layout rework
– Nike now has built-in Gunnery Control AI and Expanded Missile Racks, burn speed increased to 8 from 7, DP cost reduced to 50 from 52
– Lucifer now uses station version of Mine Strike
– Increased Dawnstar speed to 85 from 70
– Reworked Lightning Gun stats; now is more efficient and fires in quick bursts
– Conquest (XIV) is now 4x rarer
– Added IBB bounty (appears after the Emperor bounty) requiring the ICE faction
– Added Custom Battle and Random Battle missions
– Some configuration for Vayra’s Sector and Starship Legends
– Migrated version file to BitBucket

Version 1.10.5 (December 23, 2019)
– Sporeship IBB now drops AI cores (guaranteed at least 2 Alphas)
– Gunnery Control AI recoil / shot speed bonus reduced to 35% from 50%, no longer double-improves decay time
– Extreme Modifications now increases fighter refit time by 30%
– IBBs that are forced to recover now have up to 10 D-mods rather than 20
– Fixed Ray Drone description

Version 1.10.4 (September 8, 2019)
– Decreased Cathedral deployment cost to 85 from 100 and auto-resolve strength to 40 from 50
– Bumped Cathedral hull values
  * 4000 -> 6000 for hangar
  * 6000 -> 8000 for gunnery
  * 12000 -> 15000 for engine
  * 12000 -> 20000 for bastion
– Cathedral no longer loses zero flux boost if the engine section isn’t at zero flux – only the core matters
– Bumped Redeemer Sub-munition HP to 200 from 75
– Tweaked CR/deploy for multiple ships to adjust the cost of full recovery
– Updated Euphoria IBB
– Reduced Zenith deployment cost to 30 from 35 and auto-resolve strength to 17 from 18

Version 1.10.3 (July 12, 2019)
– Fixed Extreme Modifications UI issue
– Fixed bizarre Arcade crash.  WTF Alex?
– Updated Yamato IBB
– Maybe fixed possible edge case that might have resulted in an IBB not being recoverable?
– Added Imperium-flavored Excelsior for a new IBB bounty, ft. HELMUT

Version 1.10.2 (June 18, 2019)
– Increased Vindicator deployment cost to 28 from 25
– Decreased Vindicator turn rate
– Increased Cathedral deployment cost to 100 from 80
– No longer shows IBB person in bar if IBBs are disabled in config
– Extreme Modifications can now go on civilian ships with Militarized Subsystems
– Fixed IBBs belonging to incorrect faction

Version 1.10.1 (May 17, 2019)
– Updated for Starsector 0.9.1a
– Various minor updates to bring in line with the new Starsector version
– Updated ship prices
– IBB commanders have more commander skills
– IBB events that end are automatically un-pinned
– Fixed IBBs dying prematurely
– Fixed module malfunction-related flameouts not affecting parent ship
– Fighter-wielding modules now match the core ship’s targeting (if applicable)
– Minor fix to Redeemer sub-missile tracking logic
– Fixed rare crash related to autogenerated factions
– Fixed small alignment issue for Conquest (XIV)
– Made Victory rarer in Persean League and Sindrian Diktat fleets/markets
– Sindrian Diktat no longer spams the Buffalo (LG) quite as much
– Fixed IBB spawns in retreat scenarios
– Increased rarity of Excelsior even further
– Vulture burn speed increased to 9 from 8
– Falx OP increased to 16 from 14
– Several heavy weapons now pierce through missiles (e.g. Gungnir, Heavy Ion Blaster)
– Revenant deployment cost reduced to 22 from 25

Version 1.10.0 (February 15, 2019)
– Entirely remade the Cathedral as a module-ship with a litany of campaign-level bonuses and a cost to match
– The Redeemer is now a completely different weapon (long range torpedo with pseudo-MIRV-like behavior)
– Removed Lightning-class Phase Bomber
– Cleaned up missions, added Stained Glass mission
– Circe shield efficiency buffed to 0.7 from 0.8
– Tweaked the Burst Jets AI
– Vesperon Combine whitelist

Spoiler: click to expand
Version 1.9.1 (January 13, 2019)
– IBBs are now *actually* always recoverable
  * This works by automatically making the IBB ship recoverable, even if it didn’t make the “legitimate” recovery pass
  * This only occurs for one IBB ship of each type (so if you fight four Hades, only one is guaranteed to be recoverable)
  * Any ship that gets recovered in this manner has tons of D-mods
– Minor update to IBB spawn locations
– Renamed IBB ship Nebula to Dawnstar

Version 1.9.0 (January 12, 2019)
– IBB system works again, is now triggered by bar events; generally reworked
– In theory, boss ships should always be recoverable when you first fight them
– Fixed Punisher spawn rate in Luddic Church fleets/markets
– Fixed Excelsior and Hecate spawn rate in Tri-Tachyon fleets/markets
– Fixed Persean League spawning rates
– Vindicator (S) now has Rapid Ammo Loader (works like Fast Missile Racks for ballistic weapons)
– Completely remade Zenith-class Heavy Cruiser
– Fixed Guardian spawn – won’t conflict with the Wall anymore – and Wall can appear in normal Explorarium fleets
– Vortex and Solar shield efficiency nerfed to 0.7 from 0.6
– Circe shield efficiency nerfed to 0.8 from 0.6
– Alastor shield efficiency nerfed to 0.9 from 0.8, but deployment cost reduced to 5 from 6
– Vanguard shield efficiency nerfed to 1.1 from 1, and deployment cost increased to 9 from 8, and OP increased to 85 from 80
– Chronos flux capacity reduced to 15,000 from 17,500
– Balance pass on Drake (half shot damage/flux, double shot rate, reduced speed)
– Various additional small balance tweaks
– Tweaked trails a bit

Version 1.8.0 (December 16, 2018)
– Added ORA Ascension to Duel of the Century
– Magnificent Seven can now select Persean League ships
– Gunnery Control AI rebalance (now increases shot speed by 50%)
– Added Lion’s Guard Blueprint Package
– Nautilus is now a base blueprint, civilian hull that has 10 max burn and More OP to play with
– Zenith now has the Plasma Burn system and significantly improved turning speed
– Beholder’s drones reworked; no more rear PD but increased arc, Terminator Core, and IPDAI
– Chronos max burn increased to 8 from 7
– Increased Victory to 55 supplies/rec from 50 and 650/1250 min/max crew
– Decreased Zenith min crew to 125 from 175
– Decreased Vortex min crew to 50 from 70
– Increased Eos max crew to 300 from 250
– Enforcer (LP) now has Accelerated Ammo Feeder
– Various minor stats and prices updated across the board
– Renamed Radiant to Solar
– Removed all (D) skins
– Dramatically reduced the number of preset variants
– Reworked nearly every remaining preset variant
– Removed Skeleton Crew, Expanded Cargo, Expanded Crew Quarters, and Expanded Fuel Tanks hullmods
– Extreme Modifications is now considered a logistics hullmod
– Excelsior’s main weapon now works at a narrower flux range and costs slightly less flux to fire, but has lower damage (overall easier to use but not significantly more powerful)
– Made Excelsior’s campaign-level CR stats a little more forgiving
– Fixed/standardized file and ID prefixes
– Added cool trails to certain weapons
– New Vanguard sprite
– New Punisher sprite
– New Excelsior sprite
– Updated Contender Cannon sprite
– Reworked Vanguard; main weapon is now a hardpoint, reduced OP to 80 from 90, added Heavy Ballistics Integration
– Changed Punisher’s central hardpoint into a composite slot
– Reworked a whole bunch of descriptions
– Works in Starsector 0.9a

Version 1.7.2 (August 5, 2018)
– Updated Alastor sprite; increased HP to 2250 from 2000
– Added Alastor (XIV) skin
– Removed Alastor (D) skin
– Remade default Alastor variants to be much more effective
– Reduced Albatross price and increased peak time

Version 1.7.1 (April 24, 2018)
– Removed vanilla balance changes
– No longer makes any changes to vanilla content (gameplay, scripts, art, sounds, etc)

Version 1.7.0 (April 23, 2018)
– Added Falx Super Interceptor
– Added Drake Assault Interceptor
– Added Partisan Escort Interceptor
– Added Mini-Blaster Array
– Added Lasher (XIV)
– Rebalanced Albatross
– New Albatross sprite
– New Hexblade sprite
– New Conquest (XIV) sprite

Version 1.6.0 (January 26, 2018)
– Added Eos-class carrier
– New Lightning sprite
– Rebalanced Lightning-class phase bomber
– Improved Mini-Blaster sounds
– Adjusted Magnificent Seven
– Various minor bugs fixed

Version 1.5.0 (December 1, 2017)
– Added Radiant-class Droneship Battlecarrier
– Added Hexblade Heavy Fighter
– Added Mini-Blaster
– Added mission “No Witness”
– Updated Gungnir sound

Version 1.4.1 (October 3, 2017)
– Increased Striker OP to 85 from 75
– AI improvements

Version 1.4.0 (October 1, 2017)
– Added Striker-class Light Destroyer
  * And Luddic Church skin
– Added Lion’s Guard (LG) skins for Brawler, Buffalo, Conquest, Eagle, Hammerhead, Heron, and Vigilance
  * Built-in Solar Shielding
– Implemented Tyrador and Dassault-Mikoyan support for the Arcade
– Added Magnificent Seven mission
– Made Pope IBB 3rd-to-last rather than 2nd-to-last
– Made IBBs appear in mission offerings more often
– Minor fixes
– Heavy Ion Blaster now does 500 energy and 3000 EMP on impact with 4x 1000 EMP arcs (arcing damage effectively removed)
– Ion Torpedo now does 1000 fragmentation and 4500 EMP on impact with 4x 1500 EMP arcs (arcing damage effectively removed)
– Ion Torpedo now only does extra hard flux damage on a shield hit, not a hull hit
– IBB no longer requires faction reputation in Nexerelin
– Increased Lightning speed to 200 from 150
– Updated for II hull mods
– Updated for Diable hull mods
– Replaced Citadel enemy in Duel of the Century with Shadowyards’ Shamash

Version 1.3.0 (June 19, 2017)
– Major save stability fixes
– Added new IBB (after Yamato and before Pope) with a Derelicts/Remnants fleet and extra-special flagship
– Predator IBB renamed to Apex
– Improve spawning in arcade to not be crazy
– Helios can no longer mount Converted Hangar
– Vanguard flux dissipation reduced to 200 from 250
– Major adjustment to fleet composition ratios for various factions
– Changed Warthog flares to single-flares
– Reduced Warthog armor to 150 from 200
– Renamed Cargo Expansion to Expanded Cargo
– Renamed Extended Fuel Tanks to Expanded Fuel Tanks
– Renamed Additional Crew Quarters to Expanded Crew Quarters

Version 1.2.2 (June 12, 2017)
– Vortex system changed to Time Acceleration Field
– Arcade compatibility with DynaSector 1.3.0

Version 1.2.1 (June 11, 2017)
– Overhauled IBB staging system under the hood; should resolve all bugs
– Fixed IBB retreating behavior and other bugs
– Miscellaneous IBB improvements
– Reverted changes to Reserve Deployment
– Improved various odds and ends
– Buffed Flux Disturber

Version 1.2.0 (June 4, 2017)
– Updated to support Starsector 0.8.1a
– Adjusted various ship stats to meet new standards
– Reverted various Sunder changes
– Removed Sunder S
– Reverted tri-tachyon Brawler skin
– Removed Claw, Claymore, and Halberd wings (Lightning stays)
– Converted Assault Drone and Flak Drone to built-in fighter wings
– Albatross now has the Damper Field system
– Vortex flight deck count increased to 2 from 1
– Vortex built-in High Resolution Sensors swapped for Surveying Equipment
– Arachne now has Advanced Targeting Core built-in
– Arachne now has the Active Flare Launcher system
– Circe now has the Plasma Jets system
– Zenith now has the Fast Missile Racks system
– Zenith synergy mounts changed to missile mounts
– Zenith top speed increased to 50 from 40
– Nautilus now has the Phase Skimmer system
– Removed Expanded Flight Decks
– Renamed Logistical Conversation to Skeleton Crew, decreased OP cost significantly, halved minimum crew requirement
– Reworked Maximized Ordnance into Extreme Modifications; no effect on CR but makes the ship malfunction
– Chronos now has built-in ECM Package and Nav Relay
– Various balance tweaks transferred from Starsector+
– Significantly nerfed Recall Teleporter via cooldown and charge mechanic
– Nerfed Reserve Deployment via longer cooldown
– Updated sprites for Vanguard and Vindicator
– Archon is now high-tech style and has the Plasma Jets system (new sprite too)
– Added Luddic Path variants of the Nebula, Condor, and Wolf
– Added a couple Remnants portraits
– Added Shimmer-class Droneship Carrier
– Added Wall-class Drone

Version 1.1.5 (April 11, 2017)
– Outer Rim Alliance support
– Made Circe cheaper to buy/use
– Arcade changes
– Improved Dynasector results (breaks saves)

Version 1.1.4 (March 26, 2017)
– Added Frankenstein IBB
– Increased Vulture supply cost to 18 from 17
– Increased Vulture price to 40000 from 38000
– Updated various scripts to remove frame rate dependence on graphical effects
– Mission balance adjusted; updated various missions
– Compatibility fix for some arcade boss shipsystems
– Reduced Sunder (U) OP to 95, like most other sunders (still has better shields, hybrid slots, and good engine stats)

Version 1.1.3 (February 6, 2017)
– Decreased Nautilus cost to 9000 from 10000
– Increased Hecate cost to 9500 from 9000
– Reduced Hecate speed to 175 from 200 and slightly reduced acceleration
– Reduced Hecate flux dissipation to 140 from 175
– Reduced Hecate shield arc to 180 from 210
– Increased Hornet MRM damage to 375 from 350
– Updated Hornet MRM AI
– Improved Archer turn acceleration/stability but reduced maximum turn rate
– Reduced Archer deceleration
– Reduced Archer peak time to 300 from 360
– Changed Archer shield to 240 degree frontal from 120 degree omni
– Increased Ion Torpedo OP to 6 from 5
– Reduced Ion Torpedo tracking
– Updated Ion Torpedo and Heavy Ion Blaster descriptions
– Fixed IBB portraits
– Some IBB system improvements
– Fixed Flare Burst AI to prevent targeting ships
– Improved Flare Burst Launcher and Flare Gun autofire AI
– Adjusted some skin prices (particularly D versions)
– Arcade mission refinements

Version 1.1.2 (January 8, 2017)
– Lightning Gun nerfed (slightly less damage, now has charges that regenerate)
– Updated Light Phase Lance sound
– Updated ship and weapon prices

Version 1.1.1 (September 17, 2016)
– Fixed Hammerhead (XIV) name
– Made Alastor cheaper
– Small bugfixes

Version 1.1.1 (September 17, 2016)
– Fixed Hammerhead (XIV) name
– Made Alastor cheaper
– Small bugfixes

Version 1.1.0 (May 21, 2016)
– Added Gryphon (XIV)
– Added Hammerhead (XIV)
– General compatibility update

Version 1.0.2 (April 23, 2016)
– Fixed crash bugs

Version 1.0.1 (April 23, 2016)
– Fixed crash bugs

Version 1.0.0 (April 22, 2016)
– Initial release (split from Starsector+)
– Removed Castle, Rook, Vista, Sloop, Avalon, Summit, Tundra, Tick, Camel, Kestrel, Locomotive, Phalanx, and Sentinel Wing
– Removed Mobile HQ hull mod (and all variants thereof)
– Arachne, Archer, Circe, Vindicator, Zenith, Cathedral, and Albatross reworked
– Removed IBBs: Stheno, Thunderstorm, Lancehead, Cortex/Pinscher, and Psychadelia
– Reworked IBB stages
– IBB capture chance is now an option in SWP_OPTIONS.ini
– Added SWP_OPTIONS.ini option for an early-level IBB capture chance bonus
– Inferno MIRV rebalanced as a bottomless MRM MIRV
– Hornet ammo buffed
– Plasma Flamer range and efficiency buffed
– Rebalanced Logistical Conservation
– Onslaught (D) sprite improved
– New Archer sprite and layout
– New Arachne sprite and layout
– Cronus renamed to Chronos

Dark.Revenant for general development
HELMUT for art assets
Shellster for additional art assets
Machine for additional art assets
Psiyon for additional sprites, backgrounds, and sounds
Cycerin for sound assets and the Pirates Plus mod
MesoTroniK for The Infernal Machine mod and art assets, and various auxiliary assets
Xalendi and Foxer for hullmod icons
Tartiflette for backgrounds and some misc. icons/splashes, and many ship art contributions
SniZupGun for some weapon sounds
Ryxsen, Etfaks, and Bloodtrailkiller for some portraits
King Alfonzo for Lion’s Guard skins and others
BigBeans for additional skin
Soren for minor art asset updates
Nia for various weapon trail patterns
Gwyvern for additional art assets
KailaRaZhu and Coherent Watermelon for story portraits
Some of these may be modifications of the original work.

What’s with you and all these micro mods? :P It just seems like you’re chopping up SS+ into a whole bunch of smaller mods (which I’m pretty sure you’re doing exactly that for some reason).

This is the last one, by the way.

Just getting a bit tired of seeing your name plastered over the forums for no apparent or good reason.  It’s like this is a game of EU4 and you’re playing the “paint the world your color and have the biggest name” game, in which case meh. -_-

Just getting a bit tired of seeing your name plastered over the forums for no apparent or good reason.  It’s like this is a game of EU4 and you’re playing the “paint the world your color and have the biggest name” game, in which case meh. -_-

Notice: In light of health concerns and the amount of time I’m stuck spending on it (read: so much that I’d rather be doing my actual IRL job instead), I am permanently ceasing development of Starsector+.

In the coming month I’ll be splitting IBB, Cabal, and the SS+ ship/weapon pack (incl. randomizer) into their own mods.

SS+ grew too big. A good chunk of under-the-hood fixes and stuff are getting removed to make things a bit easier to maintain.

Just getting a bit tired of seeing your name plastered over the forums for no apparent or good reason.  It’s like this is a game of EU4 and you’re playing the “paint the world your color and have the biggest name” game, in which case meh. -_-

Notice: In light of health concerns and the amount of time I’m stuck spending on it (read: so much that I’d rather be doing my actual IRL job instead), I am permanently ceasing development of Starsector+.

In the coming month I’ll be splitting IBB, Cabal, and the SS+ ship/weapon pack (incl. randomizer) into their own mods.

SS+ grew too big. A good chunk of under-the-hood fixes and stuff are getting removed to make things a bit easier to maintain.

Agreed. It’s easier to fox things if we can pinpoint it to specific files via the logs if an error occurs.

And looks like Combat Readiness replenishing from that hull mod that was buggy is gone, and the Rook and Castle-class ships along with them too. Looks like Naemo will have to redo stuff once all the mods he wants is updated.


I truly AGREE with what you are doing and it is very wise steps you are taking.  By dividing your big modpack into module style mods where you have multi mods working together, it will make it much easier to maintain them.  By doing this ways, it also allow you to be able to even add any more different mods that would work together with your different mods for any purposes, if you ever have any plans for it.

I am looking forward to where this modding path will take you to.


Just getting a bit tired of seeing your name plastered over the forums for no apparent or good reason.  It’s like this is a game of EU4 and you’re playing the “paint the world your color and have the biggest name” game, in which case meh. -_-

You should come out form under your rock every once in a while. I mean you could read and find out why this is happening… or you can just keep living under your rock and yelling at your next door neighbors when they mow their lawn.

Is there any chance that the less buggy ships and IBBs getting removed might make a comeback now that things are hopefully going to be slightly easier to maintain? I for one found the avalon, for example, to be quite useful in my frigate-only runs, which also happen to include the pincher and thunderstorm when available, and have always been a fan of having, in general, more.

What some call clutter, I call variety…

Hey, I think there’s something missing with the triple flak? My game crashed with an error message talking about how there was a missing triple flak explosion, and I’m pretty certain it was because I had mounted an Aegis Flak Cannon in one of my large slots. If I had thought to screenshot the message I would have, sorry. :(

Just getting a bit tired of seeing your name plastered over the forums for no apparent or good reason.  It’s like this is a game of EU4 and you’re playing the “paint the world your color and have the biggest name” game, in which case meh. -_-



More of a joke than anything else.  Seems like no one here plays EU4. :P

Awesome gif though Dark. :)

At a glance, this looks like the early SS+ I remember seeing (minus the bonus enemies, maybe) before it grew too big.

This is great! Everything is great! I’m so glad Pirates can have Onslaughts and Gryphons now! I’m very excited to be able to enjoy SS+ content w/o the fleet randomizer!  :)

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