[Starsector Mods][0.95.1a] Scy V1.65rc1 (2021/12/11)


Earliest compatible version: 1.62

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No Stripe alternate skin pack
Scy Nation’s origin and history
        The Scy Nation literally emerged from the ashes of the “Science Colony of Yggdrasil”. Before the Collapse, the S.C.o.Y. was a nomadic colony built inside an asteroid to travel the stars and study the universe one system at a time. When the Great Collapse occurred and the gate system shutdown the colony became trapped in the Sector, its inhabitants found themselves at the unfortunate center of attention of the Tri-Tachyon Corporation, the Hegemony and the Luddic Church, all eager to get their hands on Yggdrasill’s mini-autofactory and its intact pre-collapse UAC library. Using the gigantic ship as a Cryo-arch, two thirds of the population would escape the crossfire while the rest were put to the stake by Ludd fanatics for worshiping the “demonic autofactory”.

   They tried to rebuild their life in a remote system, away from the core worlds Collapse, but circumstances always seems to pull them back, always forcing them to take further extremes measures to ensure their survival.

        You can dive deeper into the story of the Scy Nation with these documents:



   Skirmisher to the core, Scyan ships have a deep flux pool to make the most out of an hit-run, and slightly better speed to manage to disengage. On the other hand they have slightly more fragile hulls, narrow shields, terrible flux dissipation (relying on venting instead) and fewer weapon mounts. They have to rely on wolf pack tactics to kill isolated targets while the bigger enemies are tied up pursuing smaller prey. Their weapons usually have worse range than vanilla one but superior damage, making even the smallest ship a potential threat if left completely unchecked. When pursued however, they can fold very quickly due to their exposed sides and low staying power.

   This faction mixes all techs in a melting pot of advanced engineering craziness, producing ships and weapons unlike any others. It features ships with modular armor, teleporting guns, phase missiles, laser torpedoes, all sorts of miniguns and more.

Scyan Navy showcase
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Recent Changelogs


 - Cluster Torpedo Launcher: Added 3s arming time to the carrier missile.

 - Fixed various crashes due to 0.95.1 API changes.
 - Removed the civilian and raider hullmods from all logistic ships.
 - Renamed the Manticore-class to Androphagos-class.

[RC6] Fixed Nexerelin Random mode crash.
[RC5] - Nemean Lion system now behaves properly under AI control.
 - Acheron's generation tweaked so that there is no longer so much empty space with the next procgen system.
 - Miniguns no longer listed as benefitting from energy modifiers (they still do, but the mount type shenanigans broke the refit screen).
 - Hopefully plugged the last memory leak from Scy.
 - Added Civilian and fake Militarized Subsystems hullmods built-in to all civies, as a horribly convoluted workaround to the skill thresholds issue.

Singularity Torpedo:
   . Removed from all variants and from Scy's available blueprints.
   . It is now only available from rare salvage, and will probably be moved to Seeker/TaDA at some point along the Light Plating, Reactive Armor and Economical Maintenance hullmods.


 - Phased Missile Launcher: Ammo increased to 15 from 12.

 - Cluster Torpedo Launcher: Ammo increased to 10 from 6.

 - Arc Missile:
   . Hp raised to 400 from 200,
   . Damage stats messed with (but not the arcs),
   . Rack OP cost lowered to 3 from 4.

 - KAcc mk.1:
   . Damage per shot reduced to 150 from 160,
   . DPS increased to 150 from 140,
   . Flux to fire reduced to 165 from 173.
   . Overall slightly more efficient with a cleaner stat card, fits better as a third alternative between the Railgun and LDA.

 - KAcc mk.2:
   . Flux to fire reduced to 480 from 500,
   . Now fires in bursts of 2 rounds.
   . A smidgen more flux efficient, half the burst damage of the Heavy Needler, but a decent armor pen and causes very long overloads.

 - KAcc mk.3: DPS increased to 333 Kinetic dmg/s from 300.

 - HEMor mk.1: Flux to fire reduced to 210 from 235.

 - HEMor mk.2: Flux to fire reduced to 600 from 700.

 - Light Energy Blaster: Flux to fire reduced to 360 from 400.

 - Most PD weapons received the NO_TURN_BOOST_WHILE_IDLE tag with adjusted turn rates.

 - Balius-class freighter: Cargo capacity increased to 350 from 250.

 - Balius-class tanker: Fuel capacity increased to 600 from 500.


 - Restored Nexerelin random mode compatibility for 0.95a.
 - Fixed *many* memory leaks. (Can't say how significant they were, but every bit helps I suppose)
 - Slight code optimization.
 - Fixed some typos here and there.
 - Cross-mods compatibilities updated.
 - Every single weapon was redrawn to ensure they are displayed sharp in the game. Lots of reworked muzzle and glow effects.


Barebone compatibility update for 0.95a

 - Akhlys escort wing:
   . Wing size reduced to 3 from 4.

 - Acheron's second star now properly show up in the planet list
 - Amity Freeport:
   . Discount market ship selection vastly improved in variety.
   . Now uses modSettings.json


 - Phased Torpedo Launcher: Fixed NPE when mounted in hidden mount (because hidden large missile slots are a thing in some mod apparently)


 - Added Panotti grenadier wing:
   . Small and cheap.
   . Limited payload but much faster than your average bomber.
   . Imagine a Piranha that could hit reliably (isn't that terrifying).
 - Added support for Industrial Evolution.

 - Erymanthian Boar rework:
   . Lost one large missile hardpoint, but gained a medium missile turret.
   . System changed to Missile Forge Vats from Radar Ping,
   . Now has permanent double sensor range.
 - Nemean Lion rework:
   . New system allowing to trade range increases between offensive and defensive weapons,
   . Holding fire toggles the "Lion's Hide" with improved damage reduction. (AI ships won't use that yet)
 - Ker bomber OP cost raised to 22 from 18.
 - Corocotta deployment cost raised to 20 from 16.
 - ORION Artillery has yet again changed: it is now "just" a smart gun with weak tracking. (probably a coping measure before I remove it entirely)
 - Phase Torpedo Launcher:
   . Now deploys a mine with significant AOE when emerging from phase.
 - Arc Missile Rack OP reduced to 4 from 5.
 - Arc Missile Pod no longer has any flux cost to fire.
 - Anti-missiles Pad:
   . Increased burst firerate to 2 rpm from 0.66,
   . Increased ammor regen rate to 2 every 5s from 1 every 5s,
   . OP reduced to 10 from 12.
 - Nano-needle Minigun Mk3:
   . Fragmentation dps increased to 1000 from 800,
   . Extra damage raised to 300 energy dps from 200,
   . Range increased to 900 from 800.
 - Laser Torpedoes:
   . Now will detonate on direct impacts for half its rated damage.
 - Ultra-Heavy Energy Blaster:
   . Range extended to 750 from 700,
   . Fires in volley instead of staggered salvos.
   . Flux efficiency improved to 1.2 from 1.33.
 - Ricochet Gun:
   . Flux efficiency improved to 1.33 from 1.5.
 - Heavy Modular Swarmer:
   . Ammo raised to 600 from 360.
 - Coasting Missile Pod:
   . Ammo raised to 20 from 16,
   . Range increased to 10k from 6.

 - Fixed a couple of miss-aligned weapons on the Dracanae.
 - Scy's compiled strings are now using the vanilla system instead of a custom one. (my apologies to translators for that change, but at least it's an easy change to make)
 - Updated support for Version Checker.


 - Triple Energy Blaster:
   . Range increased to 600 from 500.

 - HeMor mk3:
   . OP increased to 18 from 16.
   . Damage per shot decreased to 500 from 650, flux reduced to 600 from 700.

 - Dracanae-class cruiser:
   . Deployment cost reduced to 15 from 19.

 - Campaign faction fleets:
   . Auto-resolve battles for the AI fleets now more even and consistent with player battles.

 - Externalized all compiled strings to ease translations
 - Alternate skin pack now provided as an independent addon mod
 - Nosos interceptor can fire its swarmer.
 - Definitely fixed the modular ship death upon deployment.


 - Singularity Torpedo:
   . Ammo now limited to 15.
   . Pull intensity reduced by 80% but duration increased by 600%.
 - ORION Artillery:
   . Fixed max skill lightspeed bug.
 - Fixed a few descriptions.

 - Added Starship Legend compatibility.
 - Added Commissioned Crew compatibility.
 - Added Ruthless Sector compatibility.
 - Added New Beginnings compatibility.
 - Added Vayra Sector compatibility.
 - Improved Nexerelin integration.

 - Prism Freeport removed (fully given to Nexerelin instead), replaced with Amity Freeport and its Discount Seller.

 - Burn rate of several ships increased by 1 (but before reaching for your pitchfork, remember they have a higher sensor profile while moving)
 - Scyan Engineering hullmod:
   . Stealh/Signature effect slightly toned down to -25/+25% when still/moving from -33/+33%.
 - Orion Artillery rework:
   . Range reduced to 1000 from 1500.
   . Projectile acceleration massively reduced.
   . Removed HE to KE damage conversion (now fully KE).
   . Added slight target tracking.
   . Ammo reduced to 4 from 8, clip size reduced to 2 from 8.

 - Siren's system cannot move stations anymore (sorry).
 - Economy slightly reduced in regard to other larger factions.


 - Significantly nerfed the Nosos Interceptor:
   . Halved the beams DPS.
   . Gave them a 10 deg arc to improve the time-on-target against other fighters.
   . Missile swapped to 4 swarmers from single kinetic rocket.
 - Eris Interceptor buf:
   . 6 fighters per wing from 4
   . OP raised to 3 from 2.
 - Interception gun ammo regen slowed by 30%.
 - Dramatically reduced the base value of Intelligence Data Chips (10000 from 50000).
 - Improved the Intelligence Command reveal rate of Pirate and Pather bases.

 - Fixed Singularity Torpedo making fighters taking off invincible.
 - Fixed missing package illustration.
 - Fixed undercrewed Nexereling start.
 - Removed Acheron's abandoned mining station.


 - Alternate skin pack available.

 - Frigates and some destroyers buffed (longer PPT, slightly more armored...)
 - Minimal Preparation Hullmod no longer use a Logistic Slot.
 - Scy now uses an improved vanilla station for Elysee's defense.
 - Miniguns chargeup time increased by 50%.
 - Manticore system switched to Engine Jumpstart from CIWS drones.

 - Massive VRAM optimization.
 - Removed Prism military market.
 - Vastly improved High-End Seller weak weapons selection,expanded the ship selection too. (only for non Nexerelin games)
 - Hopefully fixed retreat bug using ships with modules (please report to me if it still happen regardless of the ship's mod).
 - Clarified some (in)compatibilities between hullmods.
 - Improved Laser Torpedo detonation logic, slightly modified flight behavior.
 - Added a third blueprint package dedicated to weapons.
 - Slightly raised the Antimatter station orbit to avoid fleets bumping into the corona and unable to reach it.


 - Ship prices raised to 0.9.1 levels, some fleet points and deployment costs reductions.
 - Deployment and Maintenance costs normalized to each-other.
 - Scyan ships now have their monthly maintenance halved when flying under burn 3 instead.
 - Industries shuffled around according to 0.9.1 rules.
 - Custom industries prices and maintenances adjusted for 0.9.1.
 - Prism's Ship Market heavily nerfed as an industry all around.
 - Interception Gun:
   . Now can reliably hit ships and fighters too.
   . Added 50 EMP damage (25 sustained dps).
 - Scyan blueprint packages prices lowered to vanilla levels.

 - Acheron system moved a bit away from the core.
 - Astrapios:
   . Trail now renders below the explosion.
   . Projectile now passes through missiles.
 - Anaplekte CIWS drones now use Interception Guns instead of Miniguns.
 - Akhlys escort fighter Micro Flak replaced with Active Flare system.
 - Nemean Lion large mounts now turrets instead of hardpoints.
 - Keto modules now equipped with Interception Guns instead of Vulcans.

You like the mod? Help making it better: Donations will be used to commission content I cannot create myself, such as illustrations or music.
Additionally if you would enjoy playing with a custom paintjob, I also take commissions for a reasonable rate. PM me for more details.

  Big thanks to all the modders that helped to create this mod:
Cycerin, Debido, Mesotronik, Dark Revenant, Silentstormpt,
Histidine, SniZupGun, Deathfly, 19_30 and many others.

Music composed by Fastland, aka Cycerin

Scy Nation Mod by

Welcome to the forums mate!

Cool stuff you’ve done so far, love your designs and animations.
I am not really good with coding and tbh I don’t have time to help anybody out because I am busy with my own mod but I simply wanted to give a warm welcome to a new modder!

If you like give me a PM and I’ll invite you to the modder’s skype chat, it’s very useful if you need help or want to share your ideas and thoughts.

I am very impressed by your animations, I’ve been animating stuff as well for my bioships to make them look alive, if you’ve got any spare time I might actually need some help with an animation I wanted to do for weeks now but it’s so hard.

Keep up the good work, I am looking forward to see those ships of yours ingame!

Hi, well I have to say I thought to ask you directly before, given your liking for animated stuff. But you wrote somewhere that your are not comfortable with code so I didn’t wanted to distract your from your script heavy mod. If you have some straight tentacle ready, I can give it a try, since I’d like to take a break from my stuff and I don’t have any work today.

Wow! Pm me for coding :).

You are an amazing artist. I hope someone will help you out, because I’d like to see your fine ships out there. :)
Unfortunately I can’t help you either, but for the reason that I wouldn’t be able to java my way out of a paper bag.

Welcome! Like Gotcha! said, you’re one helluva awesome artist! That animation is just superbly SEXY and gosh! I can hardly describe how do I feel right now with words!  ???
The story’s well written and explained, very original and stuff!!

Whoa, whoa, whoa, where did this come from? Absolutely amazing. I’m going to have some more valuable feedback later on, I except, but so far I’m really impressed. As far as I know, nobody’s taken quite this effort to immerse the audience from the get-go before.

 :D Thanks everyone for the positive replies. I know I went for the overkill lore-wise, but that’s the part I prefer by far. And for once It will be something that other people could enjoy too, instead of taking virtual dust in my hard drive.
First, I’ll try to get a precise idea of what need to be done in the coding side, and what I can take care of, before starting PMing for help.

Bonus track: some other animations, but with older sprites.

Spoiler: click to expand

Amazing work! I really like the animations and the well-defined and detailed ship sprites.

Looks incredible! :)

I am too really happy to see someone go overboard on the lore aspect (and especially the presentation of the lore) – and then to do so without even having a playable mod!

… and the animation teaser so far looks fantastic – could really take your sprites from great (which they are) to something else indeed.

Good luck and godspeed! Can’t wait to play with them!

Suddenly a wild Tartiflette appears, Hi & welcome
About the logo, thats the Owl or Happy librarian lady ?

Well since I went for the whole Ancient Greece/Sparta resurrection, I thought an Owl would be a good emblem: Athens symbol, a bird of prey that also symbolize knowledge and wisdom… A stealthy hunter that strike in the dark! Quite fitting both the Scy social and military philosophy.

The animations are amazing. Do you have them broken up into layers so you can easily turn them into decorative weapons for implementation? Animating the entire ship sprite will probably be fairly effective for some things, but when you have glowy elements like electric arcs, they should probably be implemented on a separate deco weapon with additive blending set.

Dat lore tho.

But seriously, you have an *amazing* mod here, and I think I can say that it far outclasses the lore of any mod on the forum right now. It also has some beastly animations, all of which are incredibly cool! Man, I am humbled by your presence!

Seeing that laser and eletrical charge effects…

Spoiler: click to expand

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