[Starsector Mods][0.95.1a-RC6] The Xhan Empire, version 2.4 Thousand Eyes

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Works With


High Value Bounty Integration

Whats Included?

Two factions, one a fully fledged militaristic and zealous faction focused on heavy armor and formation warfare. Ships and weapons that range from utilitarian to exotic with their own internally consistent design philosophy and tech levels.

The other an economically powerful but small polity, with access to advanced and expensive high-tech ships. Plus plenty of lore and campaign layer content for you to discover. Non-Faction ships. HVB integration with unique bounty ships.

And an encounter unlike any seen thus far… Plus more content updates to come!

The Xhan Empire

The Xhan Empire is a dogmatic autocracy; born from the remnants of a XhanTech blacksite work colony left behind after the collapse. Until recently the Xhan Empire has existed relatively under the radar of most major post collapse factions. Primarily due to their distance from the core worlds and self imposed isolation. Rumors abound that their entrance into the greater sector is due resource shortages in their home system. Whatever the reason may be, the Xhan Empire has made its mission statement very clear; the complete subjugation of all those who may oppose the total authority of their Divine Emperor.

United Pamed

United Pamed is one of the smallest polities to be recognized as a distinct political entity by the greater sector. Possessing impressive resource wealth and an effective defense force. For its size, Pamed is an economic powerhouse and can afford its citizens some of the best luxuries found throughout the sector. While outwardly agreeable and willing to deal with most factions on good terms, Pamedians are still deeply mistrustful of foreigners and look out primarily for themselves.

Xhan Empire Ships
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United Pamed Ships
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Exploration Content and Non-Faction ships
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Weapons and Fighters
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High Value Bounties
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Object 881
Prerequisites: Captain level 8

Divine Gift
Prerequisites: Captain level 30

This is my first mod for starsector, so I appreciate all feedback! Let me know what you think of the mod and feel free to suggest things you would want to see included in future updates!

Credits/Special thanks

Xaiier From the starsector discord for their hard work and collaboration on advanced scripting and balancing

Tomatopaste for ship system, hullmod, and weapon scripting

Vayra for helping implement custom campaign layer content and nex features

Mesotronik for special custom weapon script

Nia Tahl for scripts from Talhan

Starsector discord for answering my modding questions and providing feeback


Spoiler: click to expand
Version 1.0
-First Xhan Empire Release!

Version 1.1
-Adjusted Occuklop op (was 330, now 300)
-Adjusted graphicslib lighting on Stolb projectile
-Adjusted flux cost of Stolb and Occuklop Decimator(made higher)

Version 1.2
-Changed Cheborog Carrier frontal small mount to medium
-Oiehou armor increased (500 to 550)
-Steizok Firerate slightly decreased (Was 0.6 now 0.8 )
-Chok PD damage decrease (75 to 60)
-Ubellop and Cheborog hardpoint angle adjustments

Version 1.3
-Occuklop Flux dissipation reduced
-Added new Ship Panrelka
-Added new olkzan variants Pirate and Export(to pirates and independents respectively)
-Added new weapons, Drob, Hezek, Shtir Twinlinked, and Syr

Version 1.4
-Sharik range reduced to 900, number of cluster projectiles reduced to 4(was 6)
-Palka refit time reduced to 10(was 15)
-palka barrel now has visual recoil
-Yazer range reduced to 400(was 450)
-AI should fire Stolb more often

Version 1.5
-Added new ship Ketsil and Ketsil(E)
-Added new ship Pharrek
-Xhan Empire faction relations adjusted to be more lore accurate
-Olkzan Flux Dissipation reduced to 400
-Cheborog Max Flux reduced to 11000
-Cheborog Flux Dissipation reduced to 500
-Cheborog(C) Flux Dissipation reduced to 200
-Cheborog(C) Health Reduced to 11000
-Cheborog(C) system changed to targeting feed
-Occuklop Flux Dissipation reduced to 750
-Occuklop turn speed reduced to 7
-Adjusted Panrelka Weapon Arcs to reduce overlap
-Hezek Shredder Battery Damage increased to 200, flux cost increased to 65
-Igol Saturation Point Defense damage increased to 18
-Yazer Damage/second increased to 1300
-Yazer Flux/second reduced to 900
-Xhantech Blast drive cooldown increased to 20 Seconds
-urchin Jets cooldown increased to 20 seconds
-XhanTech EMP Flares cooldown increased to 10 seconds

Version 1.6
-Stolb projectile health reduced to 1000
-Stolb damage increased to 800
-Stolb Flux cost increased to 700
-Hezek Damaged reduced to 170
-Agmad Pulse laser damage reduced to 130
-Divine Jaunt Flux Use increased to 0.05 of base cap
-Pharrek Shield efficiency reduced to 0.8

Version 1.7
-added commissioned crews support
-Oiehou price reduced to 10000 from 12000
-Boulo Price reduced to 12000 from 15000
-Pharrek can now no longer be found as a blueprint
-Pharrek price changed to 240000
-Pharrek peak CR reduced to 360 sec from 420
-Pharrek Health reduced from 2800 to 2500
-Pharrek Flux dissipation reduced to 500 from 600
-Pharrek Shield efficiency changed to 1 from 0.8
-Pharrek “divine jaunt” f/u changed from 0.05 to 0.1
-Pharrek “divine jaunt” 0.2 seconds added to cooldown time
-Pharrek “divine jaunt” regen increased to 0.15
-Pharrek High maintenance hullmod removed
-Meiche supplies per month reduced to 4 from 6
-Olkzan carrier Deployment cost reduced to 10 from 12
-Cheborog price reduced to 150000 from 155000
-Cheborog flix dissipation increased to 550 from 500
-Cheborog carrier deploy cost reduced to 20 from 22
-Occuklop price reduced to 440000 from 480000
-Panrelka cost reduced to 260000 from 380000
-Panrelka PPT reduced to 600 from 720

-Ertshan Missile pods clip reload increased from 15 to 30 seconds
-Yazer Range increased to 550 from 400
-Yazer damage/second increased to 1800 from 1300
-Yazer energy/second increased to 1350 from 900
-Yazer OP increased from 14 to 15
-Yazer firetime reduced from 3 to 2.2
-Shtir Twinlinked Autocannon flux per shot reduced to 42 from 45
-Shtir Autocannon flux per shot reduced to 48 from 50
-Weapon prices adjusted to be more in line with vanilla

-Shnerk wing priced reduced to 12000 from 20000

Version 1.8
-oiehou Peak Cr: 240 to 300
-Boulo Peak Cr: 180 to 200
-Ubellop peak CR: 180 to 200
-Olkzan Peak CR: 420 to 490
-Olkzan(C) peak CR: 420 to 470
-ketsil Peak CR: 360 to 400
-Cheborog Peak CR: 540 to 600
-Cheborog Armor: 1680 to 1700
-Cheborog Flux Dissipation: 550 to 600
-Occuklop Peak CR: 720 to 800
-panrelka Peak CR: 620 to 680

-Stolb proj hitpoints: 1000 to 1200
-Stolb Damage: 800 to 900
-Zakrep Damage: 215 to 240
-Syr reload: 8 To 6
-Sharik missile Health: 800 to 1100
-Sharik cluster shell number: 4 to 5
-Shnerk Gorel Plasma Projector(F) damage: 1800 to 2200
-Palka max turn rate: 150 to 180
-Divine Jaunt regen: 0.15 to 0.10

-Added new Bloz Missile series
-Added Zhuk Torpedo
-Added weapon Zarukel
-Added Luzna missile
-Added Tsebrek Kinetic Cannon

-Added ship Doskan
-Added ship Ennik
-Added Ship Ennik(E)
-Added ship Ouggom
-Added Ship Vukan

-Added two HVBs

Version 1.9
-Added HVB’s to prism boss ship list, if ships do not drop after the battle they should show up in prism.

Version 1.9
-Added new Faction: United Pamed

-Added new ship:Anuran
-Added new ship:Odonata
-Added new ship:Urodellan
-Added new ship:Carillon
-Added new ship:???

-Added new system: Paltan

Version 1.9
-Added HVB’s to prism boss ship list, if ships do not drop after the battle they should show up in prism.

Version 2.0
-Added 5 new ships that can be discovered through exploration
-Added new weapons

-Added trails and onhit visual FX to some Xhan Empire large weapons

-Doskan Dp Reduced: 9 to 8
-Panrelka armor increased: 850 to 950
-Ouggom armor increased: 1000 to 1100
-Ouggom magnetic impluse damage increased
-Ouggom magnetic impluse range increased: 700 to 800
-Goggergeck speed increased: 50 to 60
-Goggergeck armor increased: 2200 to 2300
-Fixed Zarukel PD tags

Version 2.1
-added new ship Brakad
-added special variant that can be found as exploration content

Version 2.2
-0.95 compatibility
-Ultra 233 flux dissipation 500 to 550
-Ultra 233 max flux 5000 to 8000
-Ultra 233 hitpoints 1800 to 2000
-Anuran flux dissipation 350 to 400
-Doskan hitpoints 2000 to 2200
-Uvello Dp cost 22 to 20
-Occuklop ordnance points 300 to 320
-Pharrek max flux 4000 to 6000

Version 2.2.1
-Removed “autonomous” hullmod from drone frigates found through exploration.

Version 2.3
-fixed zhakhan crash
-fixes to 0.95.1a-RC5 compatibility
-increased carillon system cooldown to 5 seconds
-increased Stolb projectile speed
-Improved zarukel splash
-increased uogek damage
-decreased goggergeck phase cost
-xhan ships now have built in hullmods
-added ship Cronosos
-added ship Kassarek

Version 2.3
-added a new encounter in the depths of space
-fixed electron rod spawning as a  modular weapon

nice to see em out! will be plugging them in next campaign for sure!

I like the art part of this mod, but the ship data and weapon data are too strong, and the Xhantach Blast Drive will not turn off when impacted, and it can push away the battleship. I think it is unreasonable.

This looks cool as all hell!  8)

Great aesthetic!

Thanks! Theres already been a few quick day 1 balance updates and fixes. I plan to keep working when I have time and adding more content!

Heres a little preview of things to come!

Spoiler: click to expand

This is some very clean sprite work. Nice stuff.

My favourite Kenshi modder does stuff for Starsector?!
can only be good :D

Next update will have some new ships and a few new weapons as well hopefully fill out the lineup some more.

heres a bit of a teaser to tide you over.

Spoiler: click to expand

All I can say is it will be fast

Thanks! Very beautiful mod. Any idea to create a simple mission to test all ships?

Thanks! Very beautiful mod. Any idea to create a simple mission to test all ships?

Thank you, and yes that is definitely planned for an upcoming update.

wow it looks great! :O

I like your ships design- it’s distinguable very easily, not like some mods. Good luck and hope for more in future.

Is the 1.3 update save compatible to 1.2?

I like your ships design- it’s distinguable very easily, not like some mods. Good luck and hope for more in future.


Is the 1.3 update save compatible to 1.2?

Yes, should be. Though you may need to wait for markets to refresh to see new ships and weapons.

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