[Starsector Mods][0.95.1a] Outer Rim Alliance v0.94rc2 (2022/02/27)

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"We help the poor, lift the desperate, mend the broken, and together, we build a better future."

Earliest compatible version: 0.92

Always DELETE the old version before extracting the new one

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The Outer Rim Alliance pledge

   Welcome to the Outer Rim Alliance, a growing force of good in these dire times. One of the few groups, if not the only one, able to reverse the spiral of destruction that plagued our Sector since the Great Collapse. Let go of your worldly possessions, give them to the Alliance and in exchange we will give you a purpose. Become an agent of reconstruction rather than destruction, and strive to build a better world, together.

   When a group of refugees found the means to stave off the slow decay of the sector in the form of a working Terraformer ship, they founded the Outer Rim Alliance. A strong-willed but open pact between worlds that don’t see a future for themselves among the other warring factions. The greater good prevails in the Alliance, sometimes at the cost of displacing the entire worlds population. But everyone in the Alliance is bound by the same purpose, and the alliance has a purpose for everyone.


   This is a high-tech faction almost entirely composed of broadsider ships. As high tech ships, they mostly rely on energy weapons with a few missiles sprinkled here and there. They favor deliberate fleet tactics, using their numerous weapon emplacements to pummel their enemies with long-range artillery fire, with a few high damage short-range guns to fend off those that managed to get close. Somewhat slow by nature, they usually rely on dense formations of cruisers with heavy fighter support to keep the enemy at range. While not the flashiest, those ships are reliable and dependable.

   On the campaign layer, the Outer Rim Alliance occupies a large cluster of systems with a solid industrial base and a rich history to discover.

Customize your fleet using one of those alternative skin pack mods. Only activate one in the launcher along with the main mod, you can swap them as often as you want without issue. You can also easily make your own skins using these resources.

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Alternate skins gallery



O.R.A. showcase
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Recent changelogs:



 - New star system ambience musics courtesy of Mesotronik.


 - Attitude Jets system:
   . Duration reduced to 3s from 4, added a 2s charge-down,
   . Speed boost increased to 100 from 50, but only applies during the fully active time,
   . turn rate boost applies during the entire charge-up + active + charge-down duration.

 - Ships:
   . Many sideways energy turrets are now synergy,
   . Many spinal synergy turrets are now energy.
 > Ships have more missile-capable mounts overall.
 > Given that having projectile weapons in spinal mounts is important to make the AI broadside properly, this should eliminate pitfalls new users fall into.
   . All broadsider ships' Omni shields now have variable arcs, they get wider when pointed to the side and narrower to the front to catch fewer unnecessary shots.

 - Harmony destroyer:
   . System switched to Plasma Jets from Plasma Burn.

 - Grace destroyer:
   . Speed increased to 90 from 70.
   . Deployment/Maintenance cost increased to 13 supplies from 11.

 - Communion carrier:
   . Speed increased to 50 from 35.

 - Beatitude cruiser:
   . Speed increased to 65 from 50.

 - Elevation cruiser:
   . Speed increased to 75 from 65.

 - Revelation cruiser:
   . Shield changed to a Front bubble, from a 300 degrees Omni.
   . Now has built-in Accelerated Shields.

 - Discernment super-carrier:
   . System switched to Coordinated Engagement (+30CR to nearby ships) from Acausal Disruptor,
   . Deployment/Maintenance cost increased to 60 supplies from 50.

 - Choir Emitter:
   . Damage per shot increased to 25 from 10 (125 dps from 50)
   . EMP per shot increased to 80 from 40 (400 dps from 200)
 > This won't change much it's efficiency against missiles since most of the effect is scripted, but it might make it better than soaked porridge vs fighters.

 - Recital Deliverer:
   . Base fire-rate increased to 240 rpm from 120. Maximum fire-rate unchanged.

 - Litany Thrower:
   . Proj speed increased to 400 from 300.
   . Fires in bursts of 3 instead of having 6 ammo with regen.
 > Might be worse in player hands, but should work a lot better with the AI.

 - Eschewal Projector:
   . Now has a constant turn rate while firing or not.
   . Proj speed increased to 450 from 400.

 - Echoes Caster:
   . No longer affects friendly missiles.
 > Kind of necessary now with all the new missile mounts.

 - Calling Scatterer:
   . Proj speed increased to 350 from 300.

 - Incantation Horn:
   . Proj speed increased to 300 from 225.


 - Xeno-warfare hullmod is now displayed to the top of all built-in hullmods



 - Recital Deliverer:
   . Damage per shot decreased to 45 Energy damage from 60, flux reduced accordingly.
   . Rate of fire increases more rapidly to reach its full potential in 10 shots from 20. (4.5s of sustained fire from 5.6s)
   . Stat-card clarified.

 - Litany Thrower:
   . Burst firepower lowered to 600dps from 750.
   . Sustained firepower raised to 150dps from 75.

 - Eschewal Projector:
   . Range increased to 900 from 850.
   . Now fires in bursts of two shots.
   . Speed dampening effect now fixed to 25% from 0/20/40/60/80% depending on target size. (similar to cruiser effect if both projectiles connect)

 - Incantation Horn:
   . Range increased to 1000 from 900.
   . Firerate increased to 20 rpm from 17.

 - Sempiternal Repeater: Turn rate increased by 50% but added tag to not benefit from the idle turn boost.

 - Echoes Caster: Turn rate increased by 100% but added tag to not benefit from the idle turn boost.

 - Fervor-wing gunship:
   . Now only has a single Recital Repeater on a 360deg turret instead of two in 180deg turrets.
   . The fighters will now try to maintain some range off of their target's PD weapons instead of rushing in.

 - Communion-class carrier: System changed to Active flares from Long Range Fighters.

 - Felicity-class carrier: System changed to Sensor Drones from Entropy Amplifier.

 - Discernment-class carrier: System changed to Quantum Disruptor from Interdictor Array.

 - Attitude Jets system: Increased the speed boost to 50 from 25.

 - Commisioned Crew:
   . Removed the drawback of Alliance Conservation Methods.
   . Effect is now -15% or -4 supplies per month (whichever is smaller) instead of -25% or -2.


 - Fixed ORA system spawning in Nexerelin random mode.
 - Calling Scatterer no longer uses its secondary PD function while phased.
 - Added the new Fury-class to ORA's spawn tables.
 - System's blue giant stars are now proper blue giants.
 - Solid State Capacitor system description adjusted to better reflect the effect.
 - Externalized a couple of strings that were missing.
 - Added missing fighter weapons descriptions.


Barebone 0.95a compatibility update


 - Added Incantation Horn large artillery:
   . 900 range energy weapon that packs a massive punch,
   . Abysmal fire-rate,
   . Laughable projectile speed,
   . Storm-trooper level of accuracy.

 - Sanctuary-class destroyer:
   . Flux capacity reduced to 6000 from 6500,
   . Flux dissipation reduced to 300 from 350,
   . Supplies/month - supplies/deploy raised to 11 from 10.
 - Litany Thrower flux efficiency improved to 1.0 f/dmg from 1.2.
 - Harmony-class destroyer:
   . Mount types shuffled around,
   . OPs raised to 110 from 100.

 - FINALLY fixed the weapon availability issue in ORA markets.
 - Valis' binary star now properly show up in the planet list.
 - Fixed Bliss-class frigate miss-aligned mounts.
 - Fixed Discernment-class carrier weapon render order.

0.90 pre tournament version

 - New interaction music courtesy of Mesotronik.
 - Many new skin packs available as stand-alone downloads.

 - Sempiternal Repeater chargeup shortened to 0.5s from 1.2.
 - Awareness fighter speed increased to 130 from 120.
 - Fervor fighter speed increased to 140 from 130.

 - Elevation-class' troublesome COMBAT CARRIER tags removed.
 - Eschewal (slow) is now a medium fighter weapon (no longer affected by the built-in IPDAI).
 - Fixed some outdated weapon stat cards information.
 - Solid State Capacitors system now has a proper custom AI and is no longer tied to shields.
 - Fixed Harmony-class' miss-placed ship center.

0.89 post tournament patch

Added support for Industrial Evolution

 - Awareness-wing:
   . Assault bomber.
   . 2 crafts per wing.
   . Launches 5 Calling shots each, for 5x500 Energy damage.

 - Choir emitter no longer creates EMP arcs on hits, firerate and raw EMP damage slightly increased.
 - Fervor-wing gunship:
   . Choir emitters replaced with Recital Deliverers + IPDAI.
   . Litany Thrower replaced with Eschewal Projector (half firerate)
 - Enlightenment-class deployment/maintenance costs raised to 55 from 45.
 - Invocation Launcher:
   . Tracking weakened.
   . Shockwave propagates to the front of the projectile instead of directly toward the target.
 - Allure bomber wing:
   . OP cost raised to 30 from 25.
   . Bomb payload doubled.
 - Ascension-class frigate:
   . System is now a proximity-based time dilation, has a higher ceiling but scale more linearly with the number of enemies in range.
   . Weapon arcs and types tweaked.
   . OP reduced to 50 from 55.
   . Deployment cost increased to 12 from 8.
 - Commissioned Crew hullmod now reduces the maintenance cost by 25% from 10, but is capped at 2 supplies per month per ship.

 - ORA markets should provide a lot more of their weapons and fighters.
 - All normal maps have been redone, some maps that had minimal benefits have been removed to very slightly lower the VRAM load.
 - Minor description tweaks.


 - Prayer Sender:
   . Range reduced to 800 from 1000.

 - Invocation Launcher:
   . Reduced armor penetration.

 - Newtonian Slinging:
   . Buffed duration, range and effect by 25%

 - Calling Scatterer:
   . Hopefully fixed a very rare crash when the target gets destroyed the same frame as the weapon is firing.

 - Alternate skin pack now provided as an Addon mod, and now includes weapons.

 - Externalized all strings to facilitate the work of translators


 - Added Starship Legend compatibility.
 - Added Ruthless Sector compatibility.
 - Added New Beginnings compatibility.
 - Added Vayra Sector compatibility.
 - Added Commissioned Crew compatibility.
 - Improved Nexerelin integration.
 - Added market music, courtesy of Tomatopaste.

 - Economy slightly reduced in regard to other larger factions.
 - Added a few custom portraits.


 - ORA blueprint packages prices lowered to vanilla levels.
 - Ascension-class Newton Slinger system effect significantly stronger.
 - Invocation Launcher EMP damage raised to 2500 from 1000.
 - Eschewal Projector flux to fire lowered to 360 from 500 (0.9 f/dmg from 1.25).
 - Calling Scatterer:
   . Range increased to 900 from 700.
   . Projectiles slightly faster.
   . Projectiles slightly harder to shoot down.
   . Sustained fire-rate doubled (1000 dps from 500).
 - Sempiternal Repeater:
   . Initial flux/shot reduced to 66 from 75, maximum flux  per shot now 200 (1 f/dmg).
   . Accuracy slightly improved
 - Elevation-class cruiser system changed to Micro Burn from High Energy Focus.
 - Revelation-class cruiser OP amount raised to 170 from 150.
 - Beatitude-class cruiser OP amount raised to 195 from 180.
 - Enlightenment-class battleship:
   . Hull points raised to 20000 from 16000.
   . Flux dissipation raised to 1400 from 1200.
   . Flux capacity raised to 30000 from 22500.
 - Recital Deliverer now less accurate during sustained bursts.

 - Added New Beginnings compatibility.
 - Shuffled around the systems, added a bit more content to them for a more dynamic experience.


 - Ship prices raised to 0.9.1 levels, some fleet points and deployment costs reductions.
 - Choir Emitter flux per shot lowered to 15 (83 fps) from 25 (139 fps).
 - Solid State capacitors:
   . Conversion rate improved to 1/3 soft flux to hard flux, from 1/2.
   . Cooldown raised to 18s from 15.
 - Recital Deliverer:
   . Ammo limitation removed.
   . Firerate increases slightly faster.
   . Damage per shot reduced to 60 from 67.
 - Prayer Sender:
   . Range reduced to 1000 from 1500.
   . No longer collides with allies but the autofire AI won't use it that way.
   . Minimal salvo set to 5.
 - Changed many mounts to Synergy from Energy.

 - Variants optimized for AI use.
 - Fleet compositions adjusted for a tougher end-game challenge.
 - Ascension frigate now much more available for everyone.
 - Adjusted Industries.


 - Added Vesperon Combine compatibility
 - Added Prayer Sender medium missile: A reloading Energy rocket launcher.

 - All weapons prices adjusted to match 0.9 vanilla values.


 - Updated compatibility with Nexerelin.

 - Fighter changes:
   . All fighters get the "no_weapon_flux" hullmod like vanilla, flux stats adjusted accordingly.
   . Fervor gunship shield nerf.
   . Wisdom interceptor hull buff.

 - Added spaceport to Lu'men station.
 - Downgraded Marble's nanoforge to corrupted from pristine.
 - Added missing turn rate information to the Calling Scatterer.
 - Shuffled some blueprints, neither BP package contains any capital ship like vanilla.
 - Deactivated the "material maps" for GraphicLib, that had only a minor visual impact but significantly increased VRam usage.



 - Changed the faction colors for something farther from the League's gold.
 - Fixed Calling Scatterer secondary PD firing at nothing.


rc2: Removed Lu'men trade restrictions entirely due to infrequent bug


 - Proper running economy and planet conditions.
 - Updated interaction dialogs.
 - Added proper Commission dialog.
 - Added second and rarer blueprint package.
 - Added individual ship wing and weapon blueprints.


rc2: Fixed AM bomber CTD.
rc3: Fixed Calling Scatterer flux issue.
rc4: Fixed Lu'men interaction.

   Barebone 0.9.0 compatibility update.

You like the mod? Help making it better: Donations will be used to commission content I cannot create myself, such as illustrations or music.
Additionally if you would enjoy playing with a custom paintjob, I also take commissions for a reasonable rate. PM me for more details.

Outer Rim Alliance Mod by


Also, I think they look super cute!


Thanks for this, love some broadsides

Woa, nice style, getting somewhat of a persian vibe here from the paintjobs.

Second from left kinda looks like a flying space carpet  ;D

Very elegant ship design, looks very interesting.  Once I get done with some of my projects, I’ll be sure to check this out – I gotta get back into Starsector as some point.

Really nice ships! More subtly creepy in terms of faction lore too, rather than the usual anvil to the face.

O.O and I was wondering if the ship you were giving an example about broadside attack would appear in your mods.. now a whole bunch of them appeared!!!! I love the squarish and really solid and tough looking design! This is really awesome :D



Thanks for this, love some broadsides

With most loadouts they behave from okay to incredibly well (way better than I can to say the least) in AI control, but you can still make it derp with a few. Do take a look at the default loadouts if you are having troubles, but overall get ready for some awesome fleet action and bullet-hell spam!

Woa, nice style, getting somewhat of a persian vibe here from the paintjobs.

Actually I went for a Art-Nouveau style of ornaments. Something fitting both their origin, and the “rebuild” theme of the faction. Persian ornaments are usually very intricate and plays a lot more with symmetries and geometric patterns. I did consider using something like that at first but it seemed too heavy handed and hard to pull off on small ships. Could be an IBB skin though… ^^

Really nice ships! More subtly creepy in terms of faction lore too, rather than the usual anvil to the face.

Yeah, in the sea of Bad-but-not-too-bad faction I figured there was some more space between Good-but-not-too-good factions, next to Shadowyard Reconstruction Authority and the Luddic Church.

Very elegant ship design, looks very interesting.  Once I get done with some of my projects, I’ll be sure to check this out – I gotta get back into Starsector as some point.

O.O and I was wondering if the ship you were giving an example about broadside attack would appear in your mods.. now a whole bunch of them appeared!!!! I love the squarish and really solid and tough looking design! This is really awesome :D


Thanks, I hope you’ll enjoy them.

Looks interesting indeed!

Regarding an IBB bounty ship, it should be two of the capitals strapped together :p

Regarding an IBB bounty ship, it should be two of the capitals strapped together :p

It must get integrated to dynasector first though… Should it be, I’m thinking more about a super-carrier version of the Enlightenment. Loses two large weapons, but gets four flight decks. Something like that

Looks great, would love to download and try this faction out, but the website to download from keeps timing out, doubt the problem is on your side though.


 First update with some balance changes: the Enlightenment almost didn’t changed but the other ships were buffed in term of shield and flux stats, the smaller they are the larger the relative boost. In addition to that the patch introduces three missions about the Camillia crisis mentioned in the lore, and a new weapon:

This update shouldn’t break your save.

Small typos in that description: “Litany” isn’t capitalized in the first line; “didn’t saw much use” should be “didn’t see much use” on line 2; “for such small energy weapon” should be “for such a small energy weapon” on line 3; “the Litany function exactly like” should be “the Litany functions exactly like” on line 5; “As a result some” should be “As a result, some” on line 7 (though this one is perhaps debatable).

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