[Starsector Mods][0.95.1a] Magellan Protectorate v1.5a – Big update.

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Not all rebellions against the Domain were crushed. Some merely packed up and headed for deep space, hoping never to be found again. Fleeing slower-than-light, the Magellan Protectorate developed around two imperatives; self-preservation, and rigid hierarchy. Remaining hidden for centuries, fending off automated drone attacks, and slowly building up a new civilization, far from the watchful eyes of the Domain Explorarium.

Now, freshly rediscovered by the ancient enemy and equipped with ships and weapons that diverge sharply from Domain standards, they must contend with the rest of the Persean Sector…

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The Ships

Dekker Patrol Frigate – Almarshad Gunship – Janz Line Frigate – Talley Combat Freighter  – Yeager Phase Frigate

Pollard Line Destroyer – Capella Destroyer Leader – Graff Destroyer – Kant Scoutship

Kreshov Protected Cruiser – Chenel Fast Cruiser – Edger Carrier
Sung Missile Cruiser – Keu Phase Cruiser – Hager Supply Ship

Chela Interceptor – Jitte Heavy Fighter – Lochaber Bomber – Bastardsword Corvette

Porey Battlecruiser – Mazian Dreadnought

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The Weapons

Bonesaw Cannon – Boneshaker Cannon/Battery – Bonecracker Riot Gun

ER Light/Quad Autoguns – Cluster Autocannon – Mag Driver Battery – Solenoid Quench Gun – Mag Driver

Salvo Assault Gun – Beehive Cannon – Blast Hammer Artillery – Burstmaster Cannon – Revolver Cannon

Linked Flak – Heavy/Light Flenser

Wishbone Gun – Bonecrusher Cannon/Battery – SilverboltSilverdart

Foxfire Rockets – Flashfire Barrage – Foxfire Battery

Slamfire Torpedoes – Rendfire SRM Battery – Ripfire SRM Battery/Launcher

Chasefire AFM – Longfire LRM

Balefire MRM Tube/Pod – Fusion Bomb Barrage/Launcher

Electron Bombs – Light/Heavy Fusion Torches – PD Masers

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Exploration (spoilers)
-visual reference under construction-


Tichel Mercantile Concern

Skytiger Guards

Blackcollar Regiment

The Herd


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Story Missions (spoilers)
-under construction-

Includes six new player flags:

Art, sound, concept, mechanical design, most code, and questionable balance choices: Harmful Mechanic
Supplemental code: Eliza, Wyvern, Vayra
Music: MesoTroniK, Eric Matyas


MesoTroniK for his encouragement and high-quality advice.
Cycerin for SFX advice and invaluable conceptual discussions.
Wyvern for debugging and scripting assistance.
Nicke535 for his gorgeous quad-strip trail code.
Machine for help with procgen constellation code.
Avanita for being an extremely thorough and helpful tester.
Gal Paladin for being another extremely thorough and helpful tester.
Vayra for letting me bounce my more off-the-wall ideas off her at odd hours of the night.
Everyone who previewed and tested, gave useful feedback, and waited patiently.

It wouldn’t be what it is without you guys.

(Donation link removed – music is paid for)

Spoiler: click to expand
1.5a – Much new good stuff. New content, heavy revisions, campaign changes.

– Externalized a bunch of strings to ease future translations.
– Implemented [TMC] skin subfaction. Unique Chela [TMC].
– Implemented [CIV] skins for a few ships. Unique Chela and Jitte [CIV].
– Three new modular Magellan-only hullmods, available at Magellan markets;
 • Magellan Engine Rebuild
 • Magellan Fighter Bay Crowding
 • Magellan Shield Tuning
– New Almarshad gunship frigate and Blackcollar skin.
– New Phillips destroyer freighter and Herd combat conversion.
– New small combat freighters, the Musa and Nan; they can be restored to a powerful classic configuration.
– New Goforth command carrier for the Herd; replaces the old Edger skin, slower but more combat-capable.
– New weapon, the Revolver Cannon, a 6OP close-combat grenade launcher.
– New weapon, the Blast Hammer Artillery, which will ruin your day, and everyone else’s day around you, too.
– New built-in hullmods on some subfaction ships; Ablative Composites and Converted Shuttle Bay.
– New, excellent encounter music for the faction by MesoTroniK.

– Mazian, Kreshov, and Graff have been converted to shieldless ships using Ablative Composites and high armor/hull values. New slot layouts, sprite tweaks.
– Janz, Yeager, and Dekker ship systems changed. Minor tweaks to many stats.
– Revised Bonesaw; now continuous fire, 200 damage/shot at 400DPS. OP cost changed to 5.
– Revised Boneshaker/Boneshaker Battery; now fire salvoes of 400×2 and 300×3 frag damage at 800 DPS. OP costs changed to 10/12OP, respectively.
– Returned the Beehive Cannon to a 150×1/50×5 shotgun instead of 175×1/75×3, because I got it right the first time.
– Adjusted Salvo Assault Gun stats (75dmg>50dmg) and OP cost (6OP>4OP) downwards; its old role as high-end small slot HE is now filled by the Revolver Cannon.
– Foxfire LRM damage decreased to 100 from 125.

– Independent markets in Magellan space now stock Magellan ships and hardware.
– Added a special military-grade arms market to Ghammol Station.
– Added a new independent world, Turan, and enlarged Valca. Minor market/industry tweaks to make trade more interesting.
– Added Leveller guard fleet to Rosebriar Station.
– Added Herd fleets to Khamn and Secundus Graveyard systems.
– Herd spawning script generates small Herd fleets around the unique open markets.
– Magellan space now has unique scavenger fleets.
– Restored Pariya’s Black Market, upgraded to Heavy Batteries.
– Idiot-proofed some potential mod integration issues.

1.3a – 0.95.1a compatibility.

– Added Rounder Wing – heavy fighter version to Mallory, and bomber version to Mallory [LV].
– Added small Balefire MRM Tube for 5OP.

– Reduced Silverdart cost to 8OP.
– Adjusted Kreshov slot locations (swapped Composite and Ballistic mediums) and speed (55 down to 50).
– Changed Longfire LRM to 150 HE base damage, with a 750 Fragmentation AoE on-hit effect. Top speed and missile HP both improved.
– Removed direct armor damage on Bonesaw/Boneshaker weapon family, upped base per-shot damage considerably (120 to 200) to compensate.

– Added characters to Magellan markets.
– Added Skytiger Guard HQ to Annore, to spawn everybody’s favorite semi-competent-aristo-brute-squad in all their garish finery.
– Fixed Starfarer starting reputation irregularities.
– Fixed arms-dealer tags for Magellan weapons, ships, and subfaction skins.
– Added minor dialogue interactions at nonecon markets for Blackcollars (Crucible Base) and Levellers (Rosebriar Station)

1.25a – Minor new content, script refactoring, balance tweaks.

– Added Silverdart ESD Gun.

– Most crit scripts now scale damage and other effects based on their parent projectile (especially useful for energy weapons).
– Added a check to keep onHit flux damage from being applied to ships with less total flux than the effect.
– Muzzle effects and shotgun scripts converted to onFire effects. Substantial performance improvements.
– Renamed Twin Autocannon to Silverbolt Autocannon, reduced shot damage to 150.
– Ripfire SRM base damage changed to 300 frag damage, with 150 additional scripted damage to armor.
– Changed Fusion Lance on Porey to Electron Lance; now has added EMP damage.
– Swapped out missile system on baseline Sung cruiser to an HE cluster MRM. Blackcollar Sung retains the Balefire launcher.
– Flenser family of PD weapons revamped, now use snazzy tracer FX.
– Electra CIWS now uses ammo, shots expire randomly towards max range. Should be less of a no-brainer.

– Added a special condition (City-Warrens) to make Jeshad a harder target for raids and invasions.

1.15 – New content, balance tweaks.

– Added Porey [BCR] ship skin
– Added Jitte [BCR] fighter-bomber wing
– Added Bastardsword [SKT] corvette wing as built-in on Edger [SKT]- Added Flashfire Rocket Barrage, a Squall sidegrade with a unique bite.
– Added Ramey drone frigate (Leveller)
– Added Stunfire Grenade Pod (Leveller)

– Reduced per-shot damage of Bonesaw/Boneshaker weapon family to 120, increased burst length from 3/6/9 to 4/8/12 shots. Removed proximity fuzing, and made on-hit effect do 30 damage that ignores armor.
– Changed Bonecracker core shot to HE damage.
– Tightened Beehive grouping, changed to 175 HE center projectile and 3×75 HE submunitions.
– Edger [SKT] now has a single Large Missile slot instead of two Mediums. Carries a Bastardsword [SKT] built-in wing.
– Changed Ripfire damage type to Fragmentation, increased shot damage to 300, with 150 extra armor damage on-hit.

– Added pirate market, Calicheman, to Secundus graveyard system.

1.08 – Fixes and new content.

– Added ER Light Autogun, a 3OP poking kinetic with 800 range and just about no other redeeming features.
– Added Balefire MRM Pod, 12OP’s worth of energy-based support/finisher missile with lots of stored ammo.
– Added Porey Battlecruiser – a smaller, faster, more frontally-oriented capital, and arguably a more dangerous one.
– Added Keu Phase Cruiser, a slightly cheaper Doom with Fast Missile Racks and a very angry built-in Fusion Cannon.
– Revised Sung sprite. No more freaky missile tube geometry.
– Revised Shockfire MRM Pod sprite.

– Added single Chasefire AFM to Chela, improved Chela hull and armor to match Talons – should be more useful in dogfights and earn that 5OP price on your carriers.
– Added frag crits to small and large Mag Drivers. Now hitting armor with a big, slow slug sometimes spalls a chunk of it through some poor bastard inside.
– Small Mag Driver OP cost increased to 9 from 8.
– Reduced built-in Balefire launcher to four tubes, and increased base damage to 600 to compensate. Increased on-hit crit damage as well.
– Reduced Shockfire salvo to 5, ammo to 30, changed damage type to Energy and raised damage to 400.
– Reduced Ripfire damage to 135, small/med ammo to 30/100, reduced range slightly and added flameout on reaching max range. Should make them a little harder to run hog-wild with. Crit damage and frequency increased; they’re deadly once armor has been stripped.
– Adjusted Cluster Autocannon; removed ammo, now 180/150 DPS/flux, doing 40 damage per pellet. Should be a more reliable weapon overall.
– Reduced small Foxfire ammo from 48 to 32. Should make them a little less useful in longer fights.
– Renamed ‘Porey’ destroyer to ‘Pollard’, ‘Quillon’ destroyer to ‘Capella’ and ‘Keu’ phase frigate to ‘Yeager’ to accommodate new content. Yes, it’s confusing; shouldn’t need to happen again.
– Trimmed Quillon/Capella top speed down to 125 from 145. A little more reasonable, still very fast.
– Revised Bonecrusher (but not Bonesaw/Boneshaker) weapons as rare Hybrid mount guns; 300 per-shot frag damage raised to 500, EMP and arc frequency doubled.

– Revised constellation geography. There’s a bit more going on now.
– Tweaked some weapon availability.
– Added support for SCC’s Reputation Decay mod.
– Added support for Commissioned Crews.
– Fixed missing relationships for Starfarer start, added several new relationships.

1.0 – Initial public release.

– 0.95a compatible.
– Adds a brand-new faction with unique low-tech and midline gear.
– Certified Bad™ artwork that ruins the game.
– Purposely breaks your immersion, then breaks it again.
– Communist propaganda that saps and impurifies your precious bodily fluids.
– *Probably* will not give you cancer.
– Probably. The lab rats are fine.

Spoiler: click to expand
The FAQ You Didn’t Read
Do you plan to support your mod going forward?
Yes, through Starsector’s 1.0 release at minimum. God help me.

You did all of this yourself? What’s wrong with you?
1) Various people have contributed little bits of code, but the design, the (non-placeholder) artwork, and increasing amounts of the code are me. The ‘Thanks’ section is comprehensive.
2) I’m stubborn, and I have a lot of applicable professional skills. I like taking games apart and seeing how they tick.

You did this with vector graphics? What’s wrong with you?
1) Very nearly. There are one or two minor pieces of old raster art and some filters that use raster textures.
2) I’m not sure; maybe he’s born with it, maybe it’s Illustrator.

Will you include (feature)?
It depends on the feature. Supporting big, popular mods like Nexerelin is pretty much a given.
Other stuff is a matter of how fun it sounds.

I have a bunch of ideas for what you should do next.
So do I. Guess which one of us gets a vote in how I spend my time?
(it’s me. I get a vote, and nobody else does. Go make your own weirdo hobby projects, they’re fun).

I found a bug. Will you fix it?
Whoops. -stomp- I try to kill those when I see them, but I’m one guy and this is a hobby project. I screw up sometimes, that’s what hotfixes are for.

Please make sure that;
0) you read the FAQ and I didn’t already answer your question,
1) you’re using the correct, current version of the game (old versions can throw errors on new vanilla features),
2) the bug is actually a bug (not a feature you don’t understand or don’t like), and that
3) it’s actually my mod causing it (as opposed to the vanilla game, another mod I have no control over, or player error).

Also remember that this isn’t a commercial product, and I’m not a customer-service rep.

I’d like to use your graphics for another Starsector mod. Can I?
No. Or rather, if you do, don’t post it on the forum. If I want to give something away, I’ll put it in

I’d like to use your graphics in another game. Can I?
No. This mod is free as in beer, not free as in speech. This is especially unwelcome if you’re profiting in any way.

Can I include your mod in a modpack?
No. Modpacks make extra work for everyone and are hard to keep properly up to date.

Can I PM you feedback?
Please don’t. Post your feedback in this thread. Yes, this means you’ll get pushback from other players.

So, Levellers. You’re really down on revolutionaries.
There’s a little more to grapple with than shrugging and writing off every problem as ‘can’t make an omelette without breaking a few legs’.

You must be some kind of neo-monarchist then, like me! Let me send you my 88-page tendentious ideological manuscript.
Please don’t. Please, dear god, don’t. I can produce plenty of long-winded meandering garbage of my own, no problem.

You’re a jerk. I don’t like you.
That’s not a question, and yes, yes I am. A huge jerk.

teaser pics NAO

edit: colors on 2nd and 3rd ships are very pleasant and the sprites have a very good feeling of depth. Excited to see more.

My daily stalking of your profile has borne fruit!

Looking good so far, I’m sure the rest of the designs will be just as pretty.

A set of unusually ungreebly ships! And, from the looks of it, they like their fighters. They’ll certainly be an interesting faction from the looks of these 3 so far.

Dassault Mikoyan vibes in a good way. *anticipation*

Dassault Mikoyan vibes in a good way. *anticipation*

blade brakers to be more specific, looks hella dope :D !!!


Getting serious Homeworld vibes. Good stuff, looking forward to the release!

really like the angled sides!  this is an extensively used technique in modern tanks and warships and so is VERY pleasing to my eye as it really adds a sense of “this is a legitimate warship that someone would really design” at least in terms of something planet earth may make someday

excited to add your mod to my list!  over 80enabled now.  even with solid state m2 drive, its a 2 to 5 minute load time to boot the starsector app LOL

question: the one that looks like it rams things……does it?  lol

im referring to the pointy destroyer leader

I feel like these ships are all very overpowered with the insufficient stats and the terrible weapons. You should therefore nerf vanilla and buff all fighters to frigate-grade stats so the underpowered capitals can be deleted. Overall the sprites all look very ugly so I think you should replace them with 3D renders of Empire at War models since Star Wars is a better franchise than Homeworld anyway.

Just my opinion, though, don’t hate me.

Is the Bastardsword planned to have two units per wing? Seems crazy if it’s supposed to be a corvette!

The Sung looks cool, literally too – it looks like one of those dual popsicles with one end bitten off. The six angled holes on the longer side make me think built-in weapon, I’m curious to see what kind of missiles are gonna pop out of there.

…And, from the looks of it, they like their fighters.

They are, in fact, designed specifically around minimizing the use of fighters. They have exactly one dedicated three-deck carrier; one single-deck hybrid destroyer, and that’s it.

Is the Bastardsword planned to have two units per wing? Seems crazy if it’s supposed to be a corvette!

It’s a 20OP SUPPORT type wing with only 2000 range and all-frag weaponry; very much a defensive tool for fending off enemy fighters and playing goalie with torpedoes. It’s tough, but not really that dangerous.

The Sung looks cool, literally too – it looks like one of those dual popsicles with one end bitten off. The six angled holes on the longer side make me think built-in weapon, I’m curious to see what kind of missiles are gonna pop out of there.

I’m actually very discontented with the current state of that sprite, but I may just end up revising the missile tubes and calling it good. I like the way it plays; it may not keep the Vaygr Destroyer layout forever, but it plays amazingly well in Starsector, one of only a few HW ship forms that do.

They are, in fact, designed specifically around minimizing the use of fighters. They have exactly one dedicated three-deck carrier; one single-deck hybrid destroyer, and that’s it.

Wow, those first three ships pictured the other day were not at all representative of their faction lol.

It’s a 20OP SUPPORT type wing with only 2000 range and all-frag weaponry; very much a defensive tool for fending off enemy fighters and playing goalie with torpedoes. It’s tough, but not really that dangerous.

That said, I do like my support fighters. Being tough can be valuable all by itself, even if only to distract enemy weapons – I’m sure I’ll find a use for them, especially with the hull mods from Modern Carriers and HFE (did someone mention Bastion Carrier Core?). The Roider Dragline is almost worth 15OP for the long-range PD screen alone, so I have high hopes for the Bastardsword.

what the hell man, these are awesome! :D love the HW vibe!

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