[Starsector Mods][0.95.1a] Legacy of Arkgneisis 1.9.11 [12/20/21]

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Compatible with Nexerelin

The Anarakis Reparations Society

If fragmented and incomplete records are to be believed, the Anarakis Reparations Society was originally little more than a band of anti war protesters dating back to the earliest days of mankind’s conquest of space. This notion seems almost disingenuous, as the organization that exists today is made up of some of the least trustworthy people to be found anywhere in the Persean Sector. Filling their coffers with pirated goods for some unknown end, most are advised to avoid the ARS. Most also ignore this warning, seeking to take advantage of their lackadaisical attitude toward trade regulation, or to bribe their aggression in a particular direction. In spite of their reputation, or perhaps because of it, they have carved out a niche in Sector politics as a useful tool for more established powers.

Legacy of Arkgneisis currently adds a single faction to the campaign, that of the Anarakis Reparations Society, a duplicitous quasi nation of privateers and terrorists that make the reaches of deep space their home.

This includes:
-An entire line of unique ships from corvettes to battlecruisers, with a full set of GraphicsLib maps for dynamic lighting!
-A line of unique weapons and wings mostly geared for medium-to-long range combat, also integrated with GraphicsLib’s dynamic lighting features
-Several new stations seeded throughout the vanilla systems
-Nexerelin support
-Commissioned Crews support
-More content on the way!

The Anarakis Reparations Society flies an odd line of ships dating back many hundreds of cycles, but with no obvious design lineage. At first pass they little to write home about, appreciable engine specs are dragged down by undersized shield cores, mediocre armor, and anemic flux systems. But just under the surface, a good mechanic will find a playground of generous engineering specifications, allowing these heaps of junk to be fine-tuned into vicious, customized war machines.

The blueprints for these ships utilize dated physical and digital mediums that totally sidestep production chips all together. Being easily replicated, the ARS is often willing to sell plans to parties they hold in esteem.

Spoiler: click to expand

Fox Class Corvette
Small and fast, geared toward scouting and commerce raiding.

Walsh Class Frigate
Reliable and aggressive, capable of punching above its weight.

Edith Class AWACS Frigate
Fragile and poorly armed, but capable of strengthening its allies.

Sherman Class Frigate
Massively durable for its size, great for plugging holes in a battle line.

Ike Class Assault Shuttle
A cost effective small troop transport for raiding on the move.

Reid Class Heavy Frigate
Fast and bristling with guns, frigates beware.

Thatcher Class Light Destroyer
Cheap and dependable, with more bite than it lets on.

Norwood Class Combat Tanker
A large stockpile of missiles strapped to a large stockpile of fuel.

Burke Class Destroyer
Slow, but durable, and possessing immense range.

Caswell Class Light Carrier
Capable of deploying mines and strike craft, often at the same time.

Victoria Class Destroyer
An iconic all-rounder, combines attack and support roles into one.

Osmond Class Heavy Destroyer
Massive and possessing heavy firepower, also functions as an interdictor.

Hawke Class Drone Carrier
Lacking against single targets, but effective at controlling crowds.

Jameson Class Freighter
An appreciable amount of cargo space defended by destroyer-grade fighter capacity.

King Class Cruiser
Aggressive in the extreme, capable of putting large volumes of gunfire downrange.

Lyons Class Cruiser
Supreme durability and a varied weapons package leave few angles of attack.

Macnamara Class Heavy Cruiser
Fast and bristling with guns, cruisers beware.

Alastair Class Battlecruiser
Small for its class, but adaptable, also functions as a heavy interdictor.

In addition to their ships, the Society produces a number of unique domestic armaments. These likewise have no traceable design lineage, and schematics for them are overwhelmingly physical with little to no consideration for Autoforge compliance. This forces them to rely on the Sector’s more ubiquitous offerings to ensure their fleets are fully equipped.

The blueprints for these weapons utilize dated physical and digital mediums that totally sidestep production chips all together. Being easily replicated, the ARS is often willing to sell plans to any parties they hold in esteem.

Spoiler: click to expand

Bongo and Bass Drum
Saturation PD weapons that excel against missiles.

Bullpup and Bulldog
Long range high explosive auto cannons with a timed fuse.

Incendiary Sprayer and Blaster
Cheap piston catapults that hurl huge blobs of voracious pyrotechnics.

Shield Pike and Shield Lance
Burst weapons firing dense streams of charged ions.

The Monogram and heavy variant.
Efficient, rapid fire railguns possessing immense range but low damage.

The Pellet series of coilguns
Powerful, long range kinetic weapons that hurl jets of relativistic particles.

Light, Standard, and Heavy Plasma Drivers
Microrails spraying tiny volumes of heated plasma at incredible velocity.

Standard and Heavy Electron Rifles
Efficient energy blasters capable of stopping torpedoes in their tracks.

Plasma Buster
A modified Plasma Driver that feeds off of pre-filled tanks to deal immense damage at close range.

A bargain-bin ballistic-mounted laser weapon suffering from poor accuracy and damage throughput.

An expensive, reloading kinetic missile launcher launcher designed to suppress shields at range.

Reliable, two-stage self-aiming rockets designed to saturate a cone of fire with high explosives.

Needle PDM
Cost-efficient anti-missile missiles, perfect for fleet-wide PD coverage.

Mosaic Torpedo
A meandering torpedo with big damage and a wide AOE.

Incredibly cheap, unmanned attack drones, not very potent.

Jack Combat Drone
General-purpose, unmanned attack drones.

Ace Heavy Interceptor
Unshielded, but well armed. Excels against strike craft and small warships.

Earl Strike Fighter
Mountings a single-charge Plasma Buster, proficient against heavily armored targets.

Baron Gunboat
Large strike craft designed primarily to engage other strike craft.

Duke Heavy Gunboat
One of the largest ships to be launched from a flight deck, carries a wide array of weapons into battle.

Skin Packs
Alternate visuals for the ships contained in this mod, for people into that sort of thing. Click on the desired skin for download links.

Spoiler: click to expand
AliceBlue by Zikel

BIGIron by Nes

“What do you make of it boss?”
“Just take whatever scans you can from here, we’ll sell the data and let some other idiot wander into that deathtrap.”

Spoiler: click to expand
Update for 0.95.1a and some minor weapon balance changes.

Major Nexerelin compatibility fix.

Hullmod related fixes.

Minor fix and a new hullmod.

Potential fix for severe lag issue.

More campaign fixes and some minor new features.

Minor campaign fixes and new pirate ships.

A fix for the ARS Base reveal bar encounter.

A quick fix that mostly only matters for Nexerelin.

A few more bugfixes for 1.9.0

A few bugfixes for the previous version.

Updates to Starsector 0.95a-RC12 and overhaul’s the ARS campaign mechanics.

Fixed the same Linux bug.

Updating for continued version checker compatability.

Fixed A Linux bug.

Fixed a crash involving impossible Burke P Variants.

Post tournament balance and additions.

Bugfixes and balance tweaks.

New fighters, new jams.

Hotfix for a crash involving the Needle and Can Missiles.

Also correcting the fuckups of 1.6.0

Correcting the fuckups of 1.6.0

Another balance overhaul, a few new weapons.

Hotfix for minor issues from the last update.

Total art overhaul, too many other changes to list.

Various minor tweaks and improvements.

Update for Starsector V 0.9.1a

More adjustments and a new mission.

Added a missing description

Lots of ***

Fixed a bug where Society Raid End intel would not disappear. Minor graphical improvements to the Champion class Cruiser

Campaign related scripts should now function properly in Nexerelin random mode.

Various balance tweaks, Ion Pike reworks. Campaign script improvement.

Compatibility update in anticipation for an upcoming Nexerelin update.
Completely re-worked Alastair’s Web from the ground up.

The build cost of certain weapons has been lowered.

All the Exodus Initiative blueprints are now much more expensive.

Attempted to fix an issue where certain weapons showed up as loot in research stations.
Fixed an issue where Exodus Initiative blueprints would pile up in ARS military markets over time.
Made a certain encounter a bit easier.

Removed some deprecated variants that were causing issues for some users.

Some campaign additions, Some balance and mechanics tweaks, some super secret shenanigans.

Minor bugfix and slight balance tweaks.

Compatibility fix for Starsector 0.9a as well as several balance, and visual changes. As well as the Hawke Class Drone Carrier.

First Public Release

Major Contributors

For lots of scripting, all the sound effects, and a lot of guidance without which this mod would have taken a whole extra year (or more) to produce.

For an absolute mountain of custom script work, seriously, without him this mod would have turned out far more mundane than it did!

Apocalyptic Universe
For a full faction set of custom music, it really ties the whole thing together.


Avanitia, GourdGlow, Haruma Kai, REDACTED Element, Nia, and Kiwibear, for a truckload of playtesting and balancing suggestions.

Inventor Racoon, Blothorn, MShadowy, Dark Revenant, and Histidine, for scripts (again).

Tartiflette, for his generous CC attributions that make using his examples easy for everyone.

And the entire unofficial starsector discord community, because really I received more bits-and-pieces of help from you guys over the past year than I can possibly recall.

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I must say, the illustration at the top is awesome.

It is a long hard road out there, life as it is known. As it is also a path from nothing to a feature-complete high-quality faction mod, kudos my man. To players out there, this mod kicks ass and has some pretty neat stuff (weapons especially in my opinion) and I hope you all enjoy it as much as the content creators that made it do!

The weapon previews are top notch, thanks for creating that.

Hint for anyone just starting using this mod: Victoria is Love, Victoria is Life.

Congrats Gwyvern for getting this mod out of the development gate and into the forum community.  ;) I’m sure it’ll be a blast.

I told myself that I would wait for 0.9 for another playthrough… but damn this looks awesome.

Urge to play intensifies.

Need to check this out. The weapons look like great fun. Props on your follow-through and grats with a nice juicy 1.0 release, Gwyvern.

What a pleasant blue.

Some really lovely shading on those ship sprites there :3

gz on your full release, buddy. Macnamara is still a beauty

Wow congrats, the effort put into this really shows. I’m definitely gonna have to give this a full playthrough.

also sorry for not replying on discord like….. over a year ago, i only just realized recently

***’s changed a lot since then for sure.

I’m a big fan of the visual style, this looks awesome

I’m a big fan of the visual style, this looks awesome


I really want to like these weapons, but my first impression is that they are very weak.

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