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In all my life, I have thought the Domain was too powerful to collapse. The Hegemony would continue to survive and prosper after the Domain would return… but when I saw that thing, I doubted our restoration of the Domain… like I could never match the intellect of its design or prevail over it. I may have met creative designs, but this… is just a reminder of our failures before everything fell apart… –Kim Quy

Although if you can’t visit Patreon for some restriction reason, here’s a direct download.


Iron Shell is a faction mod based around increasing the arsenal and developing the lore behind the Fourteenth Battlegroup and Hegemony. A military division that specializes in commerce and carries its duties across the Persean Sector. This mod contains a complete faction including new 10 flyable ships, 15 new fighter wings, 5 new weapons, and 1 revamped vanilla star system.

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Well, give me the lore!
Naraka System’s History circa pre-Collapse – Naraka was a system ripe for the entry of Domain into the Persean Sector. Nachiketa was an ideal planet for one of the Sector’s AM fuel production facilities on the sight of being convenient and access to available volatiles from the cryovolcanic worlds of Chitagupta and Yami in the Naraka system. Yama later proved marginally viable to be terraformed as well which serves its uses as Nachiketa became a busy planet for starship traffic.

The Cold Passage circa c+00 – Battlegroup XIV enact network failure protocol where crews are put into emergency cryosleep, units become jury-rigged, and the battlegroup makes their desperate journey to the nearest civilized space forcing to mothball and abandon some of their crew into space to save on repairs for the journey with the promises of recovery in later cycles.

The Great Cause c+48-49 – XIV Battlegroup under the leadership of Captain Kali Molina arrives in Persean Sector to a sector ravaged and dominated by the Warlord Leonis. The sector is liberated from the warlord’s reign and Captain Molina enacts a diktat of hegemony on Eventide to confidently await the gate activation and restore order. Multiple ministries including Information, Labor, Health, Commerce, and various others are established to bring back order under the Great Cause (to restore the Domain).

Timely Tension circa c+84 – Hegemony establishes a reclamation fleet funded by the Ministry of Commerce, bringing back what remains of the XIV Battlegroup and its survivors of the Cold Passage into Persean Space. Hopes of the gate reactivation remain tense as the Tri-Tachyon acts freely in secrecy as the deployment of AI warfleets threatens the fringe of the Core Worlds.

The First AI War c+89-95 – The First AI War ignites and engulfs the entire Persean Sector. C+91 saw the Naraka System being attacked. A major victory for the Hegemony, it is a devastating Pyrrhic victory. Nachiketa’s industry and infrastructure are crippled. Yama declines in population and infrastructure along with Yami’s mining populace. Chitagupta and her mining infrastructure is destroyed completely. The remaining heat from the devastation warms up the Chitagupta is predestined to be a water world, although the hazard levels of these waters remain indeterminate. Hegemony and her allies win decisively versus the Tri-Tachyon and enforce a Domain-era standard regulation of technological inspections concerning AI development.

Askonia Crisis c+180-181 – Askonia enters a civil war due to domestic crisis. Persean League’s involvement and Hegemony’s intervention are at hand in turning the tide of this civil war. Hegemony forces enters with the experienced Hegemony Admiral Andrada and the lieutenant Darren Hartley. An invasion would rile more independent worlds into joining the Persean League. Direct military support would contribute more growth into the ever-growing refugee crisis in the Askonia system. Amidst the failures of the Hegemony’s intervention, Admiral Andrada is accused of destroying the moon Opis and is declared a traitor. Andrada retaliates to this weak-willed treason with a declaration of the  Sindrian Diktat and a Hegemony mutiny breaks out. Lieutenant Hartley is the last remaining commanding officer from the mutiny and makes it out of what remains of the Hegemony task force.

Battlegroup XIV Survivors Integration into Hegemony c+184 – Reclamation Fleet returns to the Persean Sector, bringing back the remainder of the fleet core elements of the Battlegroup XIV as well as the remainder of the surviving crew left. The crew is thawed out over the cycles of time as safely as they can while determining physical and neurological damage from the failing cryostasis system. The highest-ranking officer among the survivors, Lieutenant Kim Quy, is given a chance to prove herself in the post-Collapse world. Chitagupta’s recolonization effort begins in creating an R&D base from the public eyes with the cover of bolstering Naraka’s defenses while serving as a rest and recuperation for Hegemony officials who can afford it. Yami’s recolonization effort begins as a penal colony where the local polity is given political dissidents, tax evaders, and criminals to tend to their labor in mining for Nachiketa’s fuel production.

The Second AI War c+189-194 – The Second AI War takes advantage of an inexperienced Hegemony leadership from the aftermath of the Askonia Crisis. Tri-Tachyon calls a casus belli in terms of unfair tech inspections. Tri-Tachyon takes the early initiative and wins early skirmishes in the conflict. As the conflict wages on, Hegemony raised additional war taxes, adopted a standardized tax code, and fleet-wide upgrades that bolstered the defense of the Hegemony. A Tri-Tachyon offense in the Naraka system the last year of the conflict saw a valiant defense from Captain Quy and her subordinates as they distinguishes themselves. She rises through the ranks toward eventual membership in the Hegemony executive council.

The Iron Shell Charter c+200 – Charter granted by High Hegemon Baikal Daud

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Baikal Daud, High Hegemon, by the old Domain Naval Code through the laws of the Hegemony to all of its leaders, officers, subjects, and to all other people within the Persean Sector as elsewhere shall be seen, showed, or read to them as per extending the Ministry of Commerce's powers.

Know therefore then that we greatly tender the honor of our Hegemony, the wealth of our citizens, and the encouragement of such wealth, for the increase of our individual freedom, and the advancement of lawful trafficking, to the benefit of our democracy, have of our special knowledge and motion into the establishment of Iron Shell and with this arrangement we transfer our governorship efforts as well as its expenses and responsibility of Chitagupta and Yami to Iron Shell under the governorship of Councilor Kim Quy.

To be renewed continuously from the High Hegemon every 15 cycles.

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Ship Roster

Gameplay and Features
  • Taxes
  • XIV Content faction that suppresses the enemies of Hegemony.
  • Tons of XIV ships for Hegemony to access as well as XIV Fighters for your XIV/Hegemony themed run!
  • These XIV fighters operate with improved flux and armor stats at a cost of engagement range, replacement time, and wing size.
  • Several mini-quests to do for Iron Shell!

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1.18 (August 15, 2022)

1.17 (June 18, 2022)

1.16 (April 7, 2022)

1.14 (March 4, 2022)

1.11 (January 29, 2022)

1.10 (January 4, 2022)

1.06 (November 25, 2021)

1.04 (November 5, 2021)

Co-author, spriter, ship mechanics: Selkie
Code Asset:

This sounds fun :)
Also a fun expansion of the timeline - it is good to know what/why a faction is fighting for

How is it going?

patiently waiting for this since the ships were being made and the logo in the discord, really hope it comes out, xiv fighters squadrons are my passion.

patiently waiting for this since the ships were being made and the logo in the discord, really hope it comes out, xiv fighters squadrons are my passion.

Mine too.

How is it going?


This sounds fun :)
Also a fun expansion of the timeline - it is good to know what/why a faction is fighting for


I got in-game tool tips (dunno what mod that add that) that say if i read that, it's mean Iron Shell already released. It is true?

I got in-game tool tips (dunno what mod that add that) that say if i read that, it's mean Iron Shell already released. It is true?

I get tooltips that if you have installed Iron shell then congratulations you are living in the future.

As to where the tips are coming from, I am sure it is one of Techpriest's other mods doing a viral marketing campaign. :)

nope, it's literally everyone else memeing on Techpriest for never releasing anything.

In the beginning...
When the Battlegroup XIV first arrived in the Sector, the records will not tell you that they were met with immediate open arms. A few systems cooperated and a few systems resisted in deviance.

"...resisted in deviance." ???

Were they furries? ;D Lol.

No, but seriously, I think you accidentally hit the v key instead of the f, there.

Kim Quy Viet Nam  ;D

hey for some reason the download link is just text for me

hey for some reason the download link is just text for me

not ready yet

I really hope I am not getting meme'd on by this and there will be an actual release.

  ???  :-[  ::)

hello, can you have a version for 0.9.1a

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