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The Interstellar Imperium was once a decentralized vassal-state of the Domain of Man, ruled by a council of Domain-approved local magistrates, each controlling assets within a particular sector of space. After the Collapse, the Persean arm of the Imperium was cut off from the rest, leaving the magistrate alone to consolidate power and crown himself Emperor Colligus I of the Imperium. Unlike most of the powers within the Persean Sector, the Imperium largely managed to maintain its meager holdings, actually growing stronger with time and avoiding annexation by the 14th Expeditionary Fleet.

Today, the Interstellar Imperium is considered to be a significant military and economic power in the Sector. The current Emperor, Victus II, continues his predecessor’s policy of AI-driven societal control and optimization. The Hegemony and Luddic Church, both unwilling to accept the Imperium’s flagrant use of Alpha-level administration, are in a near-perpetual state of warfare with them. Although these wars involve occasional clashes, a truly decisive victory for the Imperium’s enemies is out of reach, for fear of reprisal with the Imperium’s planet-killer stockpile.

The Imperium is a true empire, both in trappings and in reality, implementing draconian disciplinary policies, strict birth control, mandatory military service, stern cultural ethics, and pervasive hierarchical structures in society. In most cases, Imperial worlds are overseen partially – or in full – by artificial intelligence, permitting unmatched productivity at the cost of international outrage. Emperor Victus II’s rule is uncontested, due in large part to his great success in bolstering the Imperium’s base of power in the last few decades. His detractors attribute this recent success to the Emperor’s “Council of Advisors”, claiming that the council is a group of Alpha-puppeted androids. Such naysayers’ warnings tend to fall on deaf ears, the powers-that-be tirelessly jamming rebel broadcasts and extraditing dissident individuals.

Of the Imperium’s numerous AI governors, three are of particular note. Minerva is the administrator of Byzantum, master of warfare and trade. Vulcan is the administrator of Nova Capitalis, master of manufacturing and infrastructure. Justitia is the administrator of Aleria, master of societal conditioning and correction. These Alpha-level artificial intelligences are so deeply integrated into their respective worlds’ infrastructure and society that they have, over more than a century of rule, essentially become de-facto gods for the Imperium. They are spoken of with the fear and respect deserving of deific, near-omniscient entities.

This mod contains a complete faction including 21 flyable ships, 25 modular weapons, 7 equippable fighter wings, 3 amazing hull mods, a fully-fledged station with 4 tiers of power, and 3 detailed star systems full of interesting lore to dig up.
Gameplay and Features

  • Powerful frontal batteries, but vulnerable from behind
  • Good hull and armor strength, but usually slower and less maneuverable
  • Focus on tactics and formations
  • Some weapons have extreme ranges (short and long)
  • Flexible weapon slots, above-average slot count, fewer larger slots
  • Unmatched design flexibility; Imperial Package hull mods drastically affect a ship’s role
  • Ship systems are altered by Imperial Package choice

Standard Imperial

Standard Imperial ships – those without any particular Imperial Package – lack a specific specialization but work well as generalist ships. The primary advantage is having a lot of spare OP, making it easy to fit better weapons or max out on vents or capacitors. Imperium ships generally have more OP than most equivalent vanilla ships (but somewhat weaker base stats to compensate), so they’re fairly flexible even without a package installed.

Armor Package

Ships with the Imperial Armor Package installed are slow, bulky, and tanky. The armor boost works by essentially adding more “hit points” to the ship’s armor without affecting how much damage reduction it affords. Keep in mind that the minimum damage from a weapon is similarly increased. This means that mid-to-high-alpha weapons can be endured for up to twice as long before armor fails, making it less of a fallback defense and more of a resource to be invested for a flux advantage. Ship systems are generally changed to be more defensive or reliable in nature when the Armor Package is installed.

Targeting Package

The Imperial Targeting Package tends to do at least one of two things. It turns a ship that was already outfitted for a close support role into a full-blown artillery platform, or it makes traditionally short-ranged weapons viable for hardcore assault builds. Tactically, Targeting Package ships have the most nuance of the four alternatives because of the expanded set of options available, but in general they tend to be offensively-focused. Ship systems are generally changed to be more powerful or somehow more dangerous to the enemy when the Targeting Package is installed.

Elite Package

The Imperial Elite Package resembles the Safety Overrides hull mod, and certainly the CR penalties and heavy OP cost are similar. However, while Safety Overrides reduces range but super-charges speed and flux dissipation specifically, Elite Package ships are generally improved across the board. Elite Package ships are best used in a fast, aggressive role and do poorly when engaged in standoffish tactics. Ship systems are generally changed to be more tactical, fast, or straight-up better when the Elite Package is installed.

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Orbital Station


Star Fortress

Stella Castellum

Development, Programming, and Writing: Dark.Revenant
Sprites and Illustrations: Gwyvern
Music and Sound Effects: Cycerin
Additional Sound Effects: MesoTroniK and SniZupGun
Portraits: MShadowy
Initial Concepts: HELMUT
Star System Artwork: Tartiflette and Psiyon

Change Log
Version 2.5.2 (January 8, 2022):
– Sebastos armor increased to 950 from 900
– Ixon flux dissipation decreased to 325 from 350, speed decreased to 65 from 70
– Lux Repeater damage increased to 45 from 40
– Telum Autocannon damage increased to 230 from 225
– Solis Cannon damage increased to 325 from 300
– ER Particle Cannon damage increased to 130 from 120
– Pulsar Cannon flux cost reduced to 22 from 30
– Pulsar Repeater flux cost reduced to 22 from 30, now a PD_ALSO weapon that fires upon missiles if no other target is in range
– Heavy Pulsar Cannon flux cost reduced to 60 from 70
– Moved Corsica (applies to new saves)

Version 2.5.1 (January 5, 2022):
– Updated for Starsector 0.95.1a RC6
– Fixed package hullmod display issue for Olympus and Libritor
– Made Libritor more cautious of friendly fire with its main weapon
– Magna Fulmen shots fade more quickly after they reach max range
– Magna Fulmen base range reduced to 1000 from 1200
– Libritor now has Reinforced Emplacements built in
– Ixon flux dissipation increased to 350 from 300, speed increased to 70 from 60
– Arcus Autocannon damage increased to 110 from 100, flux per shot increased to 80 from 75
– Moved Corsica and Thracia (applies to new saves)

Version 2.5.0 (December 14, 2021):
– Updated for Starsector 0.95.1a
– Moved Ex Vis and Corsica closer to the core worlds
– Fixed the calculation/obscurement of some area-of-effect damage/knockback, especially the Libritor’s weapon
– Armor version of Arbalest Loader costs 33% more flux
– Updated Nexerelin integration
– Added fighter weapon descriptions
– Carrum cargo reduced to 150 from 160
– Carrum fuel per light year increased to 1.5 from 1
– Barrus fuel per light year reduced to 6 from 10
– Carnifex engagement range reduced to 6000 from 8000
– Standard Pulsar projectiles no longer pass through missiles
  * Pulsar Bombs and Heavy Pulsars still do
– Pulsar Cannon OP reduced to 5 from 6
– Pulsar Repeater OP reduced to 9 from 10
– Lux Repeater OP reduced to 8 from 9
– Fundae SRM Pod OP reduced to 7 from 8
– Fundae MLRS OP reduced to 12 from 14
– Custos Defender flux per second reduced to 85 from 100
– Heavy Pulse Laser flux per shot reduced to 220 from 240
– Adjusted faction relationships
– Integrated various new campaign features into existing content
– Draconarius AI behavior tweaked
– Vicarius AI behavior tweaked
– Imperium Packages cannot be built-in
– Maximus hull increased to 2000 from 1500, armor increased to 400 from 350, supplies increased to 9 from 8
– Lynx hull increased to 4500 from 4000, armor increased to 650 from 600
– Adamas hull increased to 9000 from 8000, armor increased to 1250 from 1100
– Adamas speed increased to 80 from 65
– Lux Finis now auto-stabilizes phase coils (no speed penalty) while active
– The Adamas’ photon blasters now count as large weapons
– Basileus flux dissipation increased to 150 from 125
– Dictator hull increased to 11500 from 10000
– Matriarch armor increased to 1350 from 1250
– Ballista launchers regenerate ammunition about 25% more slowly
– Reduced Ballista damage to 325 from 350 (high explosive)
– Siege Mortar range increased to 800 from 700
– Arcus Autocannon range increased to 700 from 600

Version 2.4.0 (March 10, 2021):
– Added Imperium Orbital Station, Battlestation, and Star Fortress
  * Player can access by having at least Welcoming reputation with the Interstellar Imperium
  * Imperial Embassy has an Orbital Station
  * Aleria has a Battlestation
  * Nova Capitalis has a Star Fortress
– Added Imperium Stella Castellum
  * Tier 4 station, unobtainable by the player
  * Only found at Byzantium
  * Always defended by a fleet
– Adjusted Armageddon variant missile flight time and AI behavior to work better on the Imperium Star Fortress (and in general)
– Added exotic luxury good Byzantine Wine
– Olympus can be used to obliterate planets
– Reduced bombardment bonus for the Olympus to 3000 from 5000
– Mucked about with Javelin weapon tags and “range” to make the AI much more competent at using them
– Shock Buster targeting fixes relating to stations
– Generally improved weapon tags for autofitting
– Added a dozen janky AI-generated portraits for the sake of variety
– Magna Fulmen flux cost reduced to 1150 from 1250
– Slightly updated Matriarch sprite

Version 2.3.0 (January 4, 2021):
– Added Sectator Support Fighter
  * 3 OP for 1 fighter
  * 1x Sledge Gun (hardpoint), 1x Custos Defender (omni turret)
  * Advanced Optics and Reinforced Emplacements built-in
  * A tanky support fighter that helps you out–on a budget
– Added Carnifex Strike Bomber
  * 22 OP for 2 bombers that do a total of 4400 HE damage per wave
  * 2x Amentum (buffed but shorter-range Javelin ASMs)
  * Impulse Booster system
  * 8000 engagement range
  * Really fast, can juke PD, hits hard, but fragile (defense stats are identical to the Inferna, which gives you 5 bombers for 12 OP…)
– Minor fix for knockback logic
– Various small tweaks to weapon tags and AI hints
– Changed fighter pricing
– The Vicarius is no longer a rare fighter blueprint, but the Scutum (and Carnifex) are now rare blueprints
– More Impulse Booster and Command Center AI tweaks

Version 2.2.3 (December 25, 2020):
– Imperial Guard fleets are marginally scarier
– Scutums now have built-in hullmod Attraction Matrix, which makes the fighter passively behave like a flare
  * Only attracts missiles (not PD), has strength in between a standard and a seeker flare, and double the range
  * Generally, without ECCM and counting the full wing of 4, that’s a 59% chance to pull a given missile in a 600 unit radius
– Scutum shield capacity decreased to 800 from 1000
– Updated missile AIs to permit Scutum’s Attraction Array
– Scutum replace time increased to 12 from 10 seconds
– Flamen replace time increased to 6 from 5 seconds
– Princeps armor increased to 500 from 450
– Fixed version file HTTPS redirect
– Imperial package modspecs are more common
– Tweaked Command Center, Overdrive, Celerity Drive, Lux Finis, and Shock Buster AI
– Finally added a custom AI for Turbofeeder
– Certain loop sounds no longer play while paused
– Onager MIRV flight time increased to 24 from 20 seconds
– Onager MIRV hit points increased to 1200 from 1000
– Onager MIRV shoots 36 Fundaes instead of 24
– Fundae SRM Pod ammo increased to 80 from 64
– Fundae MLRS ammo increased to 210 from 168
– Enhanced (no package) Armageddon missile hit points increased to 100 from 75
– Enhanced (Elite) Armageddon missile hit points decreased to 100 from 125
– Enhanced (Elite) Armageddon missile flight time decreased to 9 from 12
– Vicarius top speed and acceleration increased to 200 from 175
– Matriarch shield efficiency improved to 0.8 from 0.9
– Matriarch top speed increased to 30 from 25
– Praetorian shield efficiency improved to 0.9 from 1.0
– Dictator top speed increased to 45 from 40
– Dictator armor increased to 1250 from 1200
– Decurion armor increased to 300 from 250
– Decurion top speed increased to 135 from 130
– Invictus shield efficiency improved to 0.9 from 1.0
– Ardea flux capacity increased to 9000 from 8000
– Libritor deployment points reduced to 11 from 12
– Photon Beam Cannon (Sebastos) damage increased to 2300/s (~1000 total) from 2200/s (~950 total)
– Photon Beam Cannon flux cost decreased to 1250/s (1500 total) from 1350/s (1620 total)
– Photon Beam Cannon range increased to 1100 from 1000
– Maximus top speed increased to 160 from 150
– Maximus maneuverability improved slightly
– Maximus flux dissipation increased to 300 from 250
– Maximus phase activation/upkeep costs decreased to 150 from 180
– Maximus deployment points reduced to 8 from 9
– Celerity Drive (Maximus) now blocks phasing for the full duration of the system
  * This is actually a buff, from the AI’s perspective…
– Patella Breaker (Maximus) can now pierce shields if the target has a decent level of hard flux
– Solis Cannon reaches its maximum recoil inaccuracy slightly faster
– Shock Buster (Targeting) flux cost decreased to 17.5% of base flux capacity from 25%
– Shock Buster now twists (forcibly turns) the targets in addition to pushing them, at varying ratios depending on the target’s size (more twisting for a larger target)
  * If the ship is phased, the target is twisted far more (and pushed a lot less)
– Shock Buster’s missile-whacking area is higher for the Lynx (but still not as wide as the Caesar’s)
– Lynx top speed increased to 80 from 75
– Lynx rotational maneuverability significantly improved
– Lynx phase activation cost decreased to 160 from 240
– Lynx phase upkeep cost decreased to 200 from 240
– Lynx armor increased to 600 from 550
– Lynx flux dissipation increased to 400 from 350
– Dominus hull increased to 12000 from 11000
– Made Doomsday mission easier
– Added mission: Lost to the Inferno, featuring the Lynx, Libritor, and Maximus against a larger (but front-shielded) Pather fleet
– Battles in Vortex Infernalis are a little more visually interesting now
– Tweaked market conditions

Version 2.2.2 (September 28, 2020):
– Slight rebalance to Doomsday mission
– Made IBBs scarier
– Princeps no longer auto-escorts
– Imperium launches 30% fewer invasions in Nexerelin
– Targeting Magna Fulmen (enhanced) damage increased to 1400 from 1250
– Armor Magna Fulmen (enhanced)’s middle shot is now the same as the Armor Magna Fulmen (standard) shot (1000 energy damage, 1000 frag damage to secondary targets)
– Armor Magna Fulmen (enhanced)’s additional shots reduced to 250 energy and 500 frag to secondaries (250 to the primary target) from 300/600
– Some configuration for compatibility with various other mods
– Migrated version file to custom host (sigh)

Version 2.2.1 (July 11, 2020):
– Targeting Libritor is less likely to use its system against retreating enemy ships
– Armor Magna Fulmen changes spread based on the target it’s shooting at (size and distance)
– Targeting Magna Fulmen damage decreased to 1250 from 1500 (which is still higher than the base 1000)
– Some configuration for Vayra’s Sector, Starship Legends, and New Beginnings

Version 2.2.0 (July 8, 2020):
– Added Libritor-class Siege Destroyer
  * Single flight deck
  * Four small weapons (universal) that point forwards; no rear defenses
  * Mediocre hull/armor, strong frontal shield
  * Powerful spinal weapon: Magna Fulmen
    – Long range, fast projectile, heavy energy damage, fairly efficient
    – Armor package adds frag AOE damage
    – Targeting package adds knockback
    – Elite package adds EMP arcs
– Libritor’s ship system (Arbalest Loader) instantly reloads Magna Fulmen; 3 charges
  * Armor package has 2 charges but changes the next round to a shotgun-spread of 5 shots
  * Targeting package has 2 charges but changes the next round to a big, slow projectile that detonates on impact for heavy AOE knockback (no damage)
  * Elite package does not fully reload the Magna Fulmen (reduces cooldown by 2 seconds), but boosts the power of the next shot
    – Can stack up to 4 times for an extremely powerful shot
– Olympus blueprint won’t appear at Prism Freeport (Nexerelin)
– Olympus costs three times as much to steal (Nexerelin)
– Added unique names for Imperium special forces fleets (Nexerelin)
– Vicarius speed reduced to 175 from 200; acceleration reduced too
– Javelin flight time increased to 16 from 15 seconds
– The AI is more likely to use Armor Package Shock Buster
– New Sledge Gun and Sledge Cannon sprites
– Migrated version file to BitBucket

Version 2.1.2 (December 23, 2019):
– Minor optimization to Command Center system
– Nexerelin alignment support
– Commissioned Crews support
– Proper portraits for the AI gods
– New HELMUT portrait
– Titan detonation no longer has a knockback effect
– II faction starts in Nexerelin now grant the Armor and Targeting packages

Version 2.1.1 (September 8, 2019):
– Added Space Battleship Yamato start
– Lightspear balance adjustment:
  * Lightspear (Elite) EMP damage is increased by a factor of 4, but no longer inflicts actual damage
  * Lightspear damage and flux cost is reduced by approximately 20%
– Titan balance adjustment:
  * Slight flux boost and overload duration boost (for cruisers and capital ships) to EMP Titan
  * Titan now requires more CR to launch if the Olympus has D-mods (always costs 300 supplies)
  * When a Titan appears, the enemy AI will always attempt to order an Eliminate against it
  * Enemy ships not ordered to Eliminate an explode-type Titan (standard or EMP) will try to avoid it
– Wave Motion Cannon now does 3x damage to fighters and hulks and 100x damage to asteroids, and won’t detonate on hulks
– Decreased rarity of Ship and Weapon packages
– Fundae balance adjustment:
  * Fundae MIRVs now prioritize closer targets more (big impact for Fundae MIRV Titan)
  * Reduced Fundae AOE fragmentation damage to 140 from 160
– Reduced Sagittarius Autogun DPS to 720 from 800, reduced hit glow effect
– Imperial Package balance adjustment:
  * Elite no longer scales CR penalty by hull size; back to a flat 50%
  * Elite penalizes range by 20%
  * Elite’s reversing speed penalty is increased to 20/15/10/10 from 15/12.5/10/10
  * Armor now adds 50% EMP resistance
  * Targeting now penalizes speed by 20/15/10/5
  * Targeting now increases zero flux boost by 30/25/20/15
  * Targeting is no longer compatible with Unstable Injector
– Massively improved the readability of Imperial Package tool-tips
– Adjusted Lynx Shock Buster AI to work better with phase ship tactics
– Tweaked CR/deploy for multiple ships to adjust the cost of full recovery
  * Most changed are the Legionary and Dominus, which now cost considerably more to recover from low CR
– Increased Legionary DP to 15 from 14
– Massively buffed Elite Ixon’s Magnum Salvo missiles:
  * Doubled EMP damage
  * Arcs have a chance to pierce through shields
  * Slightly faster and longer-lived, considerably harder to shoot down
– Increased Armageddon AI range to 1750 from 1500, but fixed a Magnum Salvo AI bug that caused it to fire at a range of 2000
  * Slightly increased lifespan of base missile to compensate
– Overdrive and Lux Finis balance adjustment:
  * Increased gauge recovery time to 28 seconds from 24 seconds
  * Targeting Package decreases the gauge drain rate by 25%
  * Fixed issue where CR was not draining quickly enough at redline with the Elite Package (now closer to the default CR drain when redlined)

Version 2.1.0 (July 12, 2019):
– Revamped and vastly improved the Yamato IBB
– Added a new bounty featuring HELMUT
– Interstellar Bazaar support for Nexerelin
– Interstellar Bazaar no longer sells blueprints you already know
– Custos Defender range increased to 300 from 250
– Reduced Shock Buster minimum effectiveness versus smaller targets (except the Armor variant)
– Reduced Elite Shock Buster range, knockback, and EMP
– Titan is no longer functional when the Olympus is below 30% CR
– Combat can no longer end while a Titan blast is active

Version 2.0.1 (June 28, 2019):
– Missions updated:
  * Calydonian Hunt is now rated HARD instead of IMPOSSIBLE
  * Daring Rescue is now rated IMPOSSIBLE instead of HARD
  * Doomsday now features an enemy station
– Interstellar Bazaar now sells even more Imperium weapons
– Visual tweak to Javelin trail
– Olympus CR now goes down by the usual 30% if you bombard a market
– Fixed Shock Buster targeting bugs and generally improved the targeting logic (shouldn’t misfire)
– Dampened Mount (Diable Avionics) is now incompatible with Reinforced Emplacements, Imperial Armor Package, and Imperial Targeting Package
– Efficiency Overhaul is now incompatible with the Olympus
– Fixed random crash with Titan explosions
– Dominus peak performance time reduced to 660 seconds from 720 seconds
– Reduced Titan to 7000 hull and 700 armor from 8000 hull and 800 armor
– Adjusted Olympus purchasing:
  * No longer sold at Open Markets or the Starship Bazaar
  * Rarely (25% as often) sold at Black Markets, and even then it has extra D-mods
  * Less often (50% as often) sold at Military markets
  * Other ships are affected to some degree, too
– Increased Sagittarius Autogun flux/second to 250 from 200
– Reduced Targeting Package range bonus to 100/150/200/250 from 100/200/300/400 for PD weapons
– Changed Elite Package CR penalty to 40%/50%/55%/60% from a flat 50%
– Fundae MLRS is no longer considered a rare weapon (now part of the weapon package)
– Targeting Package + Command Center changes:
  * Speed Mode’s speed bonus is reduced to 25% from 33%
  * Speed Mode’s maneuverability bonus is increased to 50% from 33%
  * Targeting Package + Speed Mode now also increases fighter projectile speed by 50%
– Elite-package Titan (EMP) overload duration malus now scales from 200% to 50% (at the epicenter) depending on hull size
  * Stations and station modules never get the overload duration malus
– Titan now attributes damage to the Olympus that fired it
– Increased Apocalypse missile HP to 100 from 75
– Updated Titan (Fundae MIRV) description to more accurately display damage
– Starship Bazaar sometimes sells piecemeal Imperium blueprints (non-rare)

Version 2.0.0 (June 18, 2019)
– Updated for Starsector 0.9.1a
– Added Carrum-class Light Freighter
  * Analogous to the Basileus-F, but beefier and better-armed
– Added Ixon-class Light Cruiser
  * Took the Malleus’ missiles, but is in reality a sawn-off Falcon refit
  * Highly flexible slots and improved durability, but lacks maneuverability and has weak flux stats
  * More expensive (20 DP vs 15 DP)
– Added Ardea-class Battlecarrier
  * A combat-oriented Heron refit, with one fewer deck but several extra guns to compensate
  * Generally improved stats across the board, except speed/maneuverability
  * More expensive (22 DP vs 20 DP)
– Removed ships:
  * Auriga
  * Malleus
  * Jupiter
  * Basileus-F
  * Sebastos-F
  * Lynx-S
  * Wolf (I)
  * Eagle (I)
  * Falcon (I)
  * Hammerhead (I)
  * Imperial Guard skins
  * (D) skins
  * (P) skins
– Added Custos Defender
  * Very short-range small energy PD beam weapon
  * Basically an energy beam counterpart of the Vulcan
  * High flux cost and high fragmentation DPS, extremely fast traversal
  * Shreds low-HP missiles and fragile fighters (like Talons and Wasps) that stray too close
  * Fairly expensive (6 OP) alternative to just slapping Vulcan or Burst PD on everything, goes great on the back slot of many II ships
– Added Particle Gun
  * Short-range small energy PD weapon
  * Basically a crappier Vulcan in an energy slot
  * Low flux cost and moderate fragmentation DPS, fast projectiles and medium accuracy
  * Better than similarly-priced weapons at killing missiles, but worse at other roles
  * Very cheap (2 OP) alternative to just slapping Vulcan on everything; cheap alternative to PD/LRPD Laser on ships that want projectile weapons
– Added ER Particle Cannon
  * Long-range small energy weapon
  * Energy counterpart of the Sledge Gun
  * Fairly high flux cost and good fragmentation DPS, good at keeping pressure up while having more bite than a Tactical Laser
  * Expensive (8 OP) alternative to Sledge Gun or Tactical Laser spam
– Added Arcus Autocannon
  * Medium-range small ballistic weapon
  * Low-flux alternative to the light autocannon series of weapons
  * Flux-efficient and fairly accurate, but low DPS for the OP cost
  * Great as a non-PD slot filler, or as a means of safely adding shield pressure to an existing loadout
– Added Siege Mortar
  * Medium-long-range small ballistic weapon
  * Top-tier armor penetration for a small weapon
  * Flux-efficient, but low DPS for the OP cost
  * Slow projectile with terrible accuracy
  * Great as a non-PD slot filler, or as an armor-cracker when mounted on smaller ships
– Removed Hailfire Chaingun
– Significant rework for every ship
  * Increased Ordnance Points across the board
  * Reduced base stats to compensate
  * Updated Dominus layout, new built-in Triplex Beam Cannon
  * Updated Decurion layout
  * Updated Interrex layout
  * Updated Maximus layout, new built-in Patella Breaker, now a phase ship
  * Updated Lynx layout, now a phase ship
  * Updated Adamas layout, now a phase ship
  * New Matriarch layout
  * New Basileus layout
  * New Princeps layout
  * New Olympus layout
  * New Barrus layout
– Significant rework for many weapons
  * Weapon stat changes across the board
  * Sagittarius Autogun now doubles as PD
  * Large-slot Fundae weapon is now the Onager MIRV Launcher
    – Anti-carrier weapon that doubles as a torpedo and a Fundae deployment device
– Replaced the trio of Imperium hullmods:
  * Imperial Armor Package (5/10/18/30 OP)
  * Imperial Targeting Package (5/10/18/30 OP)
  * Imperial Elite Package (10/20/35/60 OP)
    – AI is more aggressive – up to Reckless (if no player-owned officer assigned)
  * Can only choose one of the three
  * Provides profound bonuses with meaningful downsides that greatly affect how the ship performs/behaves
  * Each one also provides a unique improvement to the ship system
  * Carrum/Basileus: also changes cargo/fuel/crew
  * Adamas: also buffs Lightspear
  * Olympus: also changes Titan configuration
  * Slightly changes the ship’s appearance
– Added Imperial Flares system
  * Used by the Carrum, Princeps, and Olympus
  * Shoots 2×6 flares
  * Armor: 3×6 longer-lasting, more effective flares
  * Targeting: 1×6 seeker flares
  * Elite: 1×6 homing energy/EMP missiles
– Added Micro-Forge system
  * Used by the Basileus
  * Replenishes all missile ammo, but takes a long time to charge up and generates a lot of flux
  * Isn’t affected by bonuses to missile ammo (such as EMR)
  * Armor: damper field effect, lower flux cost
  * Targeting: 2 charges
  * Elite: activates quickly and resets flux instead of generating flux
– Added Turbofeeder system (replaces “Accelerated Ammo Feeder”)
  * Used by the Invictus, Praetorian, and Dictator
  * Boosts non-beam rate of fire by 50%, reduces non-beam flux use by 50%
  * Efficient due to overall 25% drop in flux use
  * Armor: instantly repairs weapons and adds 75% weapon damage reduction
  * Targeting: double projectile speed
  * Elite: boosts speed/maneuverability while active
– Updated Impulse Booster system (previously “Drive Booster”)
  * Used by the Decurion, Interrex, Sebastos, and Barrus
  * Major visual improvements, numerous refinements to behavior
  * Properly scales stats (charges, regen, etc) by ship size
  * Revamped smarter AI
  * Armor: instantly repairs engines and adds 75% engine damage reduction
  * Targeting: accelerates time but generates flux
  * Elite: double charges and faster regen
– Added Overdrive system (replaces “Infernium Turbo”)
  * Used by the Legionary and Dominus
  * Toggled system with its own gauge – overload if it runs out
  * Improves ROF, flux stats, speed, maneuverability, accuracy, recoil
  * Redlines when gauge gets low, increasing effects
  * Reduces PPT while active
  * Armor: reduces PPT/CR penalties, increases recovery speed, removes redlining and overload mechanics
  * Targeting: doesn’t improve speed/maneuverability, but increases ROF even further and boosts other weapon stats
  * Elite: enhances redlining mechanics
– Added Magnum Salvo system
  * Used by the Ixon
  * Replenishes 1 salvo of Armageddon ammo, resets Armageddon cooldown, generates flux
  * Enhances the next salvo of Armageddon missiles with better speed/tracking/HP
  * Armor: enhanced missiles MIRV into Fundaes
  * Targeting: enhanced missiles are Squall-style kinetic missiles
  * Elite: enhanced missiles are energy/EMP arcing Salamander-style missiles
– Updated Command Center system (previously “Wing Command Center”)
  * Used by the Ardea and Matriarch
  * Updated (generally nerfed) stats, updated AI
  * Armor: “Refit” mode also reduces fighter damage taken
  * Targeting: “Speed” mode also increases fighter range
  * Elite: “Attack” mode also increases fighter ROF and decreases fighter flux use
– Updated Shock Buster system (previously “Galvanic Armor”)
  * Used by the Lynx and Caesar
  * Stats tweaked, scales by target size
  * Also zaps nearby missiles when activated
  * Armor: hits every nearby target, reduced effectiveness per target, fewer charges
  * Targeting: increased effectiveness, fewer charges
  * Elite: unlimited charges and faster operation, reduced effectiveness
– Added Celerity Drive system
  * Used by the Maximus
  * Dramatically slows down time for the ship while charging up (sliding from 0.5x to 0.2x), dramatically speeds up time while active (sliding from 5.5x to 1x)
  * Risk-reward behavior; you are extremely vulnerable during the charge-up
  * Time scale is constantly sliding; maximizing this system takes skill and practice
  * Also zaps nearby missiles/fighters/ships when activated
  * Armor: damper field effect while charging
  * Targeting: greatly reduced weapon flux cost
  * Elite: reduced charge up, reduced duration, reduced cooldown
– Updated Lux Finis system
  * Used by the Adamas
  * Toggled system with its own gauge
  * Improves flux stats, speed, maneuverability, and damage reduction
  * Reduces PPT while active
  * Armor: greater damage reduction
  * Targeting: doesn’t improve speed/maneuverability, but increases flux stats even further and increases ROF
  * Elite: borrows the redlining mechanics from Overdrive
– Removed the Colosseum and Invasion missions
– Remade the remaining missions
– Added cool trails to certain weapons
– Various minor stats, supply costs, and prices updated across the board
– Reworked Yamato and Yamato-related stats
– Reworked the appearance of many miscellaneous things (projectiles, planet textures, etc.)
– Campaign overhaul:
  * Reworked Imperium-specific market conditions and industries
  * Reworked Imperium lore and reworked many campaign-related descriptions
  * Removed Siege event
  * Removed production-related events
  * Removed Military-Industrial market/condition
  * Removed Imperium Conversions market
  * Added Imperial Guard HQ that spawns special hyper-competent Imperial Guard fleets

Spoiler: click to expand
Version 1.19.0 (April 23, 2018)
– Added spammy AOE anti-fighter missile weapon
  * Added Fundae SRM Pod
  * Added Heavy Fundae Pod
  * Added Onager Launcher
– Added a 2x Fundae to the Flamen
– Increased Flamen OP to 5
– Decreased Scutum OP to 7
– Drive Booster is weaker when applied in reverse or forward, stronger for lateral movement
– Made II hullmods somewhat rarer in general, and 10x less likely to appear in random loot

Version 1.18.2 (December 1, 2017)
– Gave Draconarius a pair of single-shot Ballista missiles
– Reduced Scutum refit time to 10 from 15
– Made Scorpio Javelin Launcher great again
– Fixed hullmod-related crash bug

Version 1.18.1 (October 3, 2017)
– AI improvementsccel to make it better at interception
– Minor fixes

Version 1.18.0 (October 1, 2017):
– Significantly adjusted all ship stats to be more in-between midline and low tech standards
– Redesigned Imperial hull mods and added a third option:
  * Imperial EL Armor
    ~ Was Energized Armor
    ~ Also boosts armor as with Heavy Armor
    ~ Costs more OP
    ~ Incompatible with other Imperial hull mods and range hull mods
  * Imperial FFCS Core
    ~ Was Fire Control System
    ~ No longer reduces weapon turn rate
    ~ Now boosts weapon accuracy
    ~ Now reduces ship speed / acceleration
    ~ Incompatible with other Imperial hull mods and speed hull mods
  * Imperial HFR Conduits
    ~ Reduces armor, repair speed, and weapon/engine health
    ~ Reduces shield strength
    ~ Multiplies dissipation and weapon rate of fire
    ~ Increases all speed/maneuverability stats
    ~ Incompatible with other Imperial hull mods and durability hull mods
– New Caesar sprite, slightly different turret layout and stats
– Reworked Caesar main weapon to Crocea Mors, a high-velocity energy-damage railgun
– Reworked Imperial ship skin stats
– Ballista is now a two-stage missile with a fast, short-range second stage with poor guidance
– Ballista damage reduced to 300 from 400
– Ballista HP reduced to 50 from 75
– Sledge Gun OP increased to 7 from 6
– Sledge Cannon OP increased to 13 from 12
– Sledge Gun proc damage decreased to 30 from 30-to-50
– Sledge Cannon proc damage decreased to 60 from 60-to-100
– Sagittarius ADC redesigned to Sagittarius Autogun
– Inferna pulsar bombs now split into a bunch of small pulses rather than one big pulse
  * 200×5 damage instead of 750×1
– Reduced Heavy Pulse Laser OP to 12 from 13
– Increased Flamen’s Particle Gun damage to 60 from 40
– Buffed Flamen turn rate/accel to make it better at interception
– Minor fixes

Version 1.17.2 (June 19, 2017):
– Major save stability fixes
– Optimized textures to not overlap with Unknown Skies, saving VRAM
– Invictus shield changed (front-240 to omni-120, efficiency 0.8 to 0.9)
– Decurion shield changed (omni-120 to front-180, upkeep 0.4 to 0.5)
– Major adjustment to fleet composition ratios for various factions

Version 1.17.1 (June 10, 2017):
– Reduced Flamen OP to 0 from 4
– Adjusted Vicarius Corvette to Vicarius Assault Fighter, now wing of 2 at 20 OP
– Slightly buffed Draconarius Fighters
– Adjusted weapon tiers
– Adjusted weapon prices
– Some ship price adjustments
– Pulsar weapons no longer fire multiple projectiles at the same time, but are far more efficient than before
– Additional DynaSector support
– Improved a few odds and ends

Version 1.17.0 (June 4, 2017):
– Updated to support Starsector 0.8.1a
– Removed Saltus Divinus, Duality Research Station, and Traian markets (but kept certain features at those locations)
– Adjusted economy, prevented edge cases that could break things
– Fixed rare TITAN/Apocalypse bug
– TITAN initial damage respects shield placement
– Jupiter now has Advanced Targeting Core instead of Targeting Supercomputer
– Significant rebalance of Siege effects
– D-modded Olympus is no longer usable
– Significant changes to Imperium debris/derelicts
– Made Ballistae slightly more sluggish
– A TITAN intercepted before it detonates has a chance to detonate early for reduced damage
– Increased Interstellar Bazaar tariffs
– Invictus supplies/rec increased to 5 from 4
– Matriarch now has 7 flight decks again
– Matriarch OP increased to 280 from 250
– Changed Matriarch ship system to Wing Command Center
– Increased Vicarius toughness
– Decreased Telum damage to 225 from 250

Version 1.16.0 (May 13, 2017):
– Updated to support Starsector 0.8a
– Improved fleet spawn scaling
– Siege fleets now have major CR bonuses during the siege, depending on the status of escort fleets
– Significantly weakened Javelin tracking
– Significantly slowed down Javelins, like mini-torpedoes
– Increased Javelin HP to 300 from 150
– Scorpio Javelin Launcher now fires Javelins one at a time
– Adjusted various ship stats to meet new standards
– Energized Armor no longer offers damage reduction, but does raise maximum damage reduction and minimum armor level
– Scalprum Drone converted to wing
– Malleus ship system is now Targeting Feed
– Jupiter’s built in hullmods changed to Targeting Supercomputer
– Matriarch ship system is now Reserve Deployment
– Combined all three Vicarius variants into a single variant with a light assault gun and railgun
– Rebalanced fighters
– Princeps reworked as a 1-deck battlecarrier with Reserve Deployment
– Lynx now has built-in ECCM Package
– Lynx-S now has built-in Surveying Equipment
– Enhanced campaign terrain in various ways

Version 1.15.0 (March 26, 2017):
– Changed Caesar shield arc to 60 degree omni from 45 degree front; updated shield stats
– Slightly improved Caesar maneuverability
– Changed Matter Accelerator Cannon to Spheric Cannon (kinetic artillery)
– Removed Active Armor
– Added Galvanic Armor
– Reduced the penalties associated with Imperial Guard ships
– Lux Repeater burst size increased to 14 from 10
– Lux Repeater damage decreased to 40 from 50
– Lux Repeater flux cost decreased to 30 from 40
– Lux Repeater accuracy improved
– Increased power for Drive Booster
– Reworked Infernium Turbo
– Redid Pulsar weapons to be high-burst weapons
– Improved Pulsar and Solis projectile visuals
– Reduced Solid Cannon projectile velocity
– Made the Inferna bomber tougher and more reliable
– Made the Colosseum mission harder
– Updated various scripts to remove frame rate dependence on graphical effects

Version 1.14.0 (January 8, 2017):
– Added the Adamas-class Heavy Cruiser
– Added Imperial Guard variants of the Decurion, Praetorian, Sebastos, and Dominus
– Added Photon Blaster and Lightspear built-in weapons for the Adamas-class
– Improved armor and speed of the TITAN missile
– Improved survivability and power of the Apocalypse MIRV missile
– Reworked Scutum Defense Drone (wing of 5, individually weaker)
– Reworked Sagittarius ADC
– Made Hailfire Chaingun more accurate
– Removed damage bonus to beam weapons from Infernium Turbo (was too OP with photon beam cannon)
– Increased ammo capacity for Pulsar weapons
– Greatly increased Fusion Pulse Cannon projectile speed
– Redesigned/rebalanced Energized Armor
– Various minor bugs fixed
– Updated ship and weapon prices
– Added Colosseum mission
– Added Diamond in the Rough mission
– Fixed Olympus conversions
– Removed Battle of Corvus mission

Version 1.13.1 (September 17, 2016):
– Improved Drive Booster hulk-avoidance
– Energized Armor bonus increased to 100% from 75%
– Drive Booster recovers charges more quickly (by about 33%)
– Rebalanced Hailfire Chaingun (lower DPS, less flux, lower OP)
– Drastically reduced the flux cost of the Photon Beam Cannon
– Small tweaks

Version 1.13.0 (May 21, 2016):
– Added Inferna-class bomber, reworked Vicarius-B

Version 1.12.0 (April 15, 2016):
– Reworked Turbo Drive, renamed to Infernium Turbo
– Remade Drive Booster from the ground up
– Draconarius redesigned around a Lux Repeater instead of Pulsar Cannon
– Scutum speed increased dramatically
– Frigate and destroyer speed and acceleration adjusted for higher top speed and more inertia
– Maximus reworked; updated system, new built-in weapons (Fusion Pulse Cannon)
– Adjusted economy
– Buffed Javelin HP

Version 1.11.0 (April 3, 2016):
– Major sound overhaul for many weapons, effects, and abilities
– Sprite update to all ships, improving clarity and colors
– Added Tachyon Field in Ex Vis, which increases fleet speed
– Improved Javelin 100%
– Ballista weapons rebalanced
– Additional bug fixes

Version 1.10.2 (March 1, 2016):
– Javelin damage increased to 1000 from 900
– Slot adjustments (Composite/Synergy)
– Adjustments for 0.7.2a

Version 1.10.1 (February 20, 2016):
– Centurion renamed to Legionary
– Made Javelins less likely to ram into allies
– Gravity Cannon now does energy damage instead of fragmentation damage (all other stats the same)
– Minor bugfixes

Version 1.10.0 (January 30, 2016):
– Lynx-S added
– Sebastos-F added
– Telum Autocannon added
– Solis Cannon added
– Heavy Pulse Laser added
– Lux Repeater added
– Javelin ASM (Single) added
– Added ISA Energized Armor hull mod
– Added ISA Fire Control System hull mod
– Added star system Ex Vis (three markets, a new terrain type, some unique mechanics)
– Added Military Complex submarket for Nova Capitalis
– Added Imperial Conversions submarket for Nova Capitalis
– Added Production Boom/Drop event for Nova Capitalis
– Interstellar Bazaar now has The Great Starship Market, a special market that replaces the military market
– Improved Thracia and Corsica systems; added content
– New terrain type for the terrain around Arafa (gas giant)
– Added Imperial Embassy station to Yma
– Added encounter and market music
– Improved/added descriptions to campaign elements (planets, stations, etc.)
– Sieges no longer crush the economy
– Sieges can be broken by peace treaties
– Leviathan renamed to Barrus
– Lynx and Sebastos sprites touched up
– Javelin HP reduced to 75 from 125

Version 1.9.2 (December 22, 2015):
– Siege fleets are less hardcore; sieges are less common
– Siege events improved overall
– Javelins redone as anti-cruiser MRMs (hybrid torpedoes)
– Updated economy
– The Interstellar Imperium is no longer hostile toward the Sindrian Diktat
– New background image for Thracia

Version 1.9.1 (December 6, 2015):
– Updated for 0.7.1a
– Fixed Olympus crashing
– Updated economy

Version 1.9.0 (November 27, 2015):
– Portraits added
– Lynx added
– Malleus and Scalprum Drones added
– Matriarch added
– Reduced Pulsar Repeater OP to 10 from 11
– Javelin MRM Rack, Javelin MRM Launcher, and Scorpio Javelin Launcher added
– Updated many ships for Hybrid slots, new campaign mechanics, etc.
– Better custom fleet AI behaviors
– New Caesar sprite and Dictator sprites
– Updated Falcon (I) and Eagle (I) sprites
– Pulsar weapons no longer regenerate ammo, but use slightly less flux to fire
– Another SS+ boss bounty added
– OP values updated

Version 1.8.3 (September 27, 2015):
– Dominus hull increased to 12500 from 11000
– Dominus flux dissipation increased to 800 from 700
– Nexerelin implementation updated for Corvus Mode
– TITAN and Apocalypse MIRV now show up on the Olympus in refit
– Tariff increased to 30%
– Sagittarius ADC animation improved

Version 1.8.2 (May 17, 2015):
– Sledge Gun and Sledge Cannon descriptions include RNG damage numbers
– The Hegemony now tries harder to fight off sieges
– Light Ballista Rack range decreased to 2000 from 8000; now effectively an MRM
– Ballista LRM Launcher range decreased to 5000 from 8000
– Basileus and Basileus-F universal turret changed to energy turret
– Basileus and Basileus-F shield removed
– Basileus fleet points increased to 6 from 4
– Sebastos OP increased to 100 from 95
– Dictator OP decreased to 155 from 160
– Dominus OP increased to 190 from 180
– Centurion medium universal slots changed to ballistic (hardpoint) and energy (turret)
– Decurion medium universal slots changed to energy slots

Version 1.8.1 (March 28, 2015):
– Sledge Gun and Sledge Cannon given RNG damage mechanic: on a hull hit, a chance for extra damage
– Sledge Gun overall DPS increased to 85 from 65
– Sledge Cannon overall DPS increased to 132 from 100
– Sieges nerfed
– Campaign fuel shortages should be less severe
– TwigLib compatibility improved

Version 1.8 (March 14, 2015):
– New artwork for Decurion, Dominus, Invictus, Jupiter, Maximus, and Sebastos
– Hammerhead (I) added
– Wolf (I) added
– (D) versions added: Decurion, Dictator, Interrex, Invictus, Praetorian
– Pirate versions added: Decurion, Interrex

Version 1.7.3 (March 8, 2015):
– Juptier maneuverability increased
– Gravity Cannon force increased by 40%
– Siege fleet size nerfed
– Light Ballista nerfed again
– Exerelin compatibility

Version 1.7.2 (February 22, 2015):
– Ballista damage increased to 400 from 350
– Turbo Drive ballistic rate of fire, energy damage, and flux dissipation bonuses increased to 50% from 33%
– Drive Booster flux usage reduced to 150% base dissipation from 200%
– Decurion flux dissipation increased to 200 from 175
– Dominus maneuverability increased

Version 1.7.1 (February 18, 2015):
– Fixed Siege crash

Version 1.7 (February 17, 2015):
– Updated for Starsector 0.65.2a
– Market conditions improved slightly
– Weapon rebalance pass
– Siege event added

Version 1.6.2 (January 26, 2015):
– Corsica is now a binary system
– Light Ballista Rack now shoots one missile at a time
– Interstellar Bazaar produces fewer luxury goods
– New Photon Beam Cannon sound

Version 1.6.1 (January 8, 2015):
– Crash involving TITAN and Apocalypse MIRV resolved
– Phase Jaunt AI improved
– Traian and Perinthus moved
– Jupiter and Dictator sprites updated

Version 1.6 (December 8, 2014):
– Code review and cleanup
– Added Corsica star system and markets
– Added Leviathan-class Combat Freighter
– Added Bear-Baiting mission
– Fixed background images for missions and Thracia
– Art upgrade/improvement pass; most ships are updated for shading and consistency

Version 1.5.1 (November 18, 2014):
– Babylon and Byzantium are now one connected market called Interstellar Bazaar
– Minor fixes and balance changes

Version 1.5 (November 14, 2014):
– Updated for Starsector 0.65a
– Compatibility adjustments for ShaderLib Beta
– Falcon (I)-class Cruiser added (alternate Falcon hull)
– Eagle (I)-class Cruiser added (alternate Eagle hull)
– Thracia system revamped; given markets and custom fleets
– Imperial/Hegemony fleets will travel into other systems and harass each other
– Price updates
– Prices, fuel usage, and other various stats updated to keep in line with 0.65
– Updated ship bounding polygons
– High Maintenance added to Maximus
– Fighter balance adjustments
– Apocalypse MIRV has many more missiles
– Apocalypse MIRV AI update
– Apocalypse and Ballista LRM stats and appearance adjusted
– Gravity Cannon and Photon Beam Cannon now charge up before firing; stats updated
– Praetorian armor increased to 700 from 600
– Interrex armor increased to 500 from 400
– Ballistae reduced to 350 damage from 400; hit points reduced to 75 from 100
– Pulsar flux costs slightly increased
– Light Ballista Rack ammo reduced to 6 from 10; OP reduced to 5 from 6
– Basileus OP increased to 38 from 35; built-in Expanded Missile Racks removed; CR stats adjusted; Fast Missile Racks replaced with Flare Launcher

Version 1.4 (August 30, 2014):
– Surface maps added for all ships and weapons
– Cargo and burn speeds adjusted to match vanilla levels
– Version Checker support added
– Small bugs and AI issues resolved

Version 1.3.1 (August 13, 2014):
– Maximus stats adjusted
– Flamen wing reduced to 2 supplies/day from 3 supplies/day; other CR stats adjusted
– Vicarius wing CR stats adjusted
– Scutum wing reduced to 2 supplies/day from 3 supplies/day
– Phase Jaunt system now has 5 regenerating charges
– Minor polishing improvements

Version 1.3 (July 28, 2014):
– Added Auriga-class Tug
– Added Basileus-F-class Freighter
– Added Maximus-class Advanced Frigate
– Added Jupiter-class Defense Platform
– Added Gravity Cannon (built-in)
– Stability improvements
– Minor polish and AI improvements

Version 1.2.1 (June 9, 2014):
– Fixed sound and stats issue with Sagittarius ADC

Version 1.2 (June 9, 2014):
– Added Scutum-class Defense Fighter
– Added Sagittarius ADC weapon
– Updated Sledge Cannon sprite
– Updated sound for Matter Accelerator Cannon
– Updated default variants

Version 1.1.1 (June 9, 2014):
– Updated normal and material maps for ShaderLib Alpha v1.5
– Fixed Olympus normal/material maps

Version 1.1 (June 7, 2014):
– Vicarius Support given railguns instead of sledge guns
– Vicarius Bomber nerfed in DPS
– Added material maps and normal maps for all ships and weapons
– Additional fixes

Version 1.0.3 (May 28, 2014):
– Vicarius, Basileus, Decurion, Praetorian, Interrex, Centurion, and Caesar CR stats adjusted
– Invictus and Sebastos minimum and maximum crew increased

Version 1.0.2 (May 26, 2014):
– Decurion, Invictus, and Centurion flux stats adjusted
– Light Ballista Rack added

Version 1.0.1 (May 25, 2014):
– Custom sound effect added to Particle Gun and Particle Repeater
– TITAN and Apocalypse MIRV no longer persist in campaign fleets
– AI is now more likely to fire the TITAN and Apocalypse MIRV

Version 1.0 (May 22, 2014):
– Initial release

I’m going to have a lot of fun trying the campaign.

Oh man those giant missiles. Missiles the size of an entire cruiser!

I guess you could call them cruise missi– *gets shot*

“Space is big, so you need a big missile… Or lots of really tiny ones.”

Anyway, that Dictator-class looks awesome.

I’m liking the aesthetic a hell of a lot.

Hnrgh, construction yellow theme, love it.


I want one of those giant missile ships!!!!!

I just had a fight where in a MIRV missile, became a ship and escaped from me.
So now it’s just a ship in a fleet. Uh you may want to fix that.

Might be my laptop, but when the Siegebreaker opens its doors to start firing missiles I get massive slowdown.

I just had a fight where in a MIRV missile, became a ship and escaped from me.
So now it’s just a ship in a fleet. Uh you may want to fix that.

Those things don’t have an AI smart enough to retreat.  What conditions caused this?

Might be my laptop, but when the Siegebreaker opens its doors to start firing missiles I get massive slowdown.

It’s a rather large animation, so it could be just having an underpowered video card.

I got a similar problem than NCMagic but this time it didn’t retreated but i was able to repair it at the end of the battle with the reconstruction perk. I was able to replicate the missile at the Omnifactory and i got this:

Spoiler: click to expand

Also, are the Olympus and Caesar eventually available at the station? I managed to get my Olympus A at Askonia but nothing at the II station.

These are some awesome ship designs, they remind me a lot of FTL’s rebel ships. Have you considered trying to get these implemented into Uomoz’s sector? That would be epic.


Download Interstellar Imperium 1.0.1
Download Mirror

Version 1.0.1 (May 25, 2014):
– Custom sound effect added to Particle Gun and Particle Repeater
– TITAN and Apocalypse MIRV no longer persist in campaign fleets
– AI is now more likely to fire the TITAN and Apocalypse MIRV

P.S. All Imperium ships are available at their station, but some are rarer than others.  Also, Uomoz is adding the Interstellar Imperium soon.

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