[Starsector Mods][0.95.1a] Industrial.Evolution 3.1.f – Campaign content expansion

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3.1 is sometimes save compatible with 3.0.



There are currently no known compatibility issues with other mods.
Yes, this means it is compatible with Nexerelin and Terraforming and Station Construction.

Integrated with

Pairs well with

as well as

Short Summary
Adds a large amount of exploration content and encounters, adds consumable items, new campaign layer defences,
adds special functionality to select core world planets,
comes with more than 20 new buildings for your colonies (all with unique effects),
unlocks the ability to create detachments from your fleet on the fly and much, much more.

Long Summary
This mod is a gigantic content expansion that fits almost seamlessly into vanilla to add a multitude of new gameplay options.

You will encounter unique events when salvaging derelict entities, two additional types of discoverable stations, a new superstructure, campaign layer artillery that shoots you while navigating a star system, a new type of hostile terrain – and uncover surprising,
powerful relics of the past on planets in the more dangerous, unexplored parts of the sector.

Select locations in the core worlds will offer services that no others do, giving them a unique use, where they were nameless refuelling stations in the past.
Use them, or build the infrastructure needed for these features on your own colonies.

Amongst the huge variety of new buildings are some that can repair D-Mods one by one at a discount, reverse engineer ship blueprints,
assemble automatic raiding fleets, ship cargo between colonies, build new ships from old scrap hulls, and many other new features that are not available anywhere else.

The mod also adds new administrator skills, and the ability to split your fleet into multiple smaller detachments with diverse behaviour modes –
they can wait, hide, transport, escort and more!
There is so much to list it’s impossible to cover everything, just find out for yourself!

To install the mod, simply download the .zip file from the link above, unzip it in your Starsector mods directory, and enable it in the launcher.

This can NOT be added to ongoing games – and it will break saves if removed.

Campaign Features:
Spoiler: click to expand
Fleet Detachment Ability

Create fleet detachments on the fly!
They can follow you wherever you go, but make sure they do not run out of fuel or supplies, or you might have to track back and rescue them.
If a detachment loses ships in combat, they will always be recoverable along with any cargo it had.

Spoiler: click to expand

Where do I find this ability?
Right click your hotbar and assign it to a slot.

How do I use it?
You... click the ability? Have you played the game at all?

How do loadouts work?
You specify the ships you want in the detachment, assign a cargo (make sure to balance it properly!), set the behaviour and spawn the fleet. The loadout will be saved and you do not have to set it up again, but you can change it at any time.

What if some ships are no longer in my fleet?
It will just spawn without them.

What happens if my fleet runs out of supplies or fuel?
It will go derelict. This means that it will stay in place and wait until you help it out by either merging it into your own fleet or hand over new supplies or fuel. Check the intel entry for a location.

What happens if my detachment is attacked?
It will enter combat and fight as usual. Any ships that are lost during combat will ALWAYS be recoverable as derelicts, along with the cargo and officers!

Can I lose items if the Detachment gets killed?
Only the supplies, crew and fuel. Everything else will be recoverable along with the ships.

Can detachments go into hyperspace?
Yeah. Just make sure it has enough fuel loaded.

How does transport work?
You select a planet to transport to, give the detachment enough fuel and supplies, and send it off. It will head to the planet, deliver the cargo, then store itself in the local storage along with all ships in the detachment. It will not return to you.

Can Detachments be killed while they are out of sight?
Detachments that are hiding will not be attacked (it's hiding, after all!), other behaviour modes are fair game - however, hostile fleets are more likely to ignore detachments than not. This is still a game and should be fun, so you are unlikely to lose a detachment while it is out of sight.

Can I just split off my entire fleet and fly around in a cargo pod?
TONiGht oN SeCToR GeAR! - No.
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Research Projects

Develop new technology at the Research Facilities provided by the Galatian Academy!
Some projects will only unlock after you found specific items.


  • Galatia – Galatian Academy – Independent
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Restoration Docks

Restore your broken hulls in the core worlds!
It takes some time, but it’s up to 60% cheaper than on-the-fly restoration and will remove all those pesky D-Mods.
Depending on the AI core the polity has installed, this can even remove a single D-mod at a time – at no cost penalty!

Spoiler: click to expand
  • Arcadia - Agreus  - Independent
  • Askonia - Cruor - Sindrian Diktat
  • Aztlan - Chicomoztoc  - Hegemony
  • Canaan - Asher - Luddic Church
  • Hybrasil - Culann - Tri-Tachyon
  • Isirah - Kapteyn Starworks - Pirate
  • Magec-Achaman - Nova Maxios - Independent
  • Mayasura - Lost Astropolis - Pirate
  • Naraka - Yama  - Hegemony
  • Thule - Kazeron - Persean League
  • Valhalla-Ragnar - Ragnar Complex - Hegemony
  • Westernesse - Suddene - Persean League
  • Zagan - Ilm - Independent
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Hoard your excess Officers! Change their Personality! Hire a fresh-out-of-school officer with an elite skill from the planet!
The Academy is a must have feature for anyone fed up with only finding useless steady people and would like them to be a bit more involved in combat.
Can also store, and increase Administrator Skills.

Stored officers do not count against your limit.


  • Hybrasil – Eochu Bres  – Tri-Tachyon
  • Westenesse – Fikenhild – Persean League
  • Galatia – Galatian Academy – Independent
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Requisitions Centre

Buy rare weapons from factions you are on good terms with!
The requisitions centre stocks larger and rarer weapons than usual markets do, and will sell them at a reasonable markup.
Can’t find that damned fourth Tach Lance? Centre has you covered – if Tri-Tachyon likes you.


  • Eos Exodus – Baetis – Independent
Spoiler: click to expand
Salvage Yards

Move specific D-Mods between similar ships! Build new ships for yourself without a colony or a pesky contract! All it takes for pristine ships are some rare components which drop from hard combat or [REDACTED] enemies, and you are good to go!

Costs scale with reputation. You can also reduce costs by up to 50% by throwing in some Ship Components at a 120% base price rate – it’s a steal!
If the yards have too little capacity to produce what you want, try destroying some fleets in the system.


  • Hybrasil – Donn – Pirate
  • Westenesse – Suddene – Persean League
  • Arcadia – Agreus – Independent

Exploration Content:

Spoiler: click to expand
Derelict Industries

Technologies lost to time and [REDACTED], waiting to be discovered.
Look for it in the dangerous parts of the sector and reclaim the work of your forebearers.
Spoiler: click to expand
Ruined Infrastructure

Not all Ruins are useless after scouring them for valuables!
Spoiler: click to expand
Salvage Interactions

A large variety of additional interactions when salvaging stations, planets and other discoverables.
Each with unique effects, and enough variation to keep you on your toes!

Interactions are likely to happen more often if the theme is right.
You won’t find a lot of working technology on a mining station, but that changes for something like an Orbital Laboratory.

Spoiler: click to expand
Themed Derelict Stations

Two new derelict stations, seeded over the sector. Each has a unique drop pool, and salvage interactions you are unlikely to get elsewhere.
Spawns depending on existing derelict stations – so even a larger sector will not have a shortage.

Colony Buildings:

Spoiler: click to expand
Variable Assembler

A small autonomous production line with output and input depending entirely on a Variable Production Chip, which can be found in the ruins of former civilization.

Delivers some of the produced commodity to the local storage at the end of each month, amount depending on VPC type and colony size.

This building is a structure and does not require an industry slot – which severely restricts output.

Spoiler: click to expand

How does this work?
You find a VPC anywhere you can find a Nanoforge, and install it in this structure. It will deposit a part of the total output into your cargo storage every month.

Can I set this to deliver to the gathering point?
Yes. Check settings.json for the option to do so. Just note that there is a structure called “Courier Port”, which allows in-universe cargo shipments between colonies – and is more immersive.

Why do skills not work on this?
Because it is a structure, and the export is capped at 3 economy units. It would be OP otherwise. Upgrade to the Variable Manufactory if you want a full industry.

Spoiler: click to expand
Variable Manufactory

Upgradeable to from Variable Assembler
A marvel of autonomous variable production - a full size industrial compound with output and input depending entirely on a Variable Production Chip, which can be found in the ruins of former civilization.

Delivers a large amount of the produced commodity to the local storage at the end of each month, amount depending on VPC type and colony size – it is a direct upgrade over the Variable Assembler, at the cost of an industry slot.

This requires an industry slot.

Spoiler: click to expand
Commodity Forge

This crude but effective hack of a variable assembler allows for rapid, high volume commodity production. Once installed, a Variable Production Chip becomes locked to this structure after a few days and is destroyed after a while.

Delivers a huge amount of commodities to the local storage, amount depending on VPC type and colony size.

Does not require an industry slot.

Spoiler: click to expand

How does this work?
Place a VPC into this Structure. It will disassemble it over three months, and deliver a rather sizeable amount of commodities to the local storage.

I can’t change the VPC?
The chip is locked to the structure after 7 days of operation to avoid cheesing it. No dice, mate.

It destroys the installed VPC? How is this ever worth it?
VPCs are rather common, especially the normal variant. You might have three or four copies lying around – remember, a game does not last forever, and they are gathering dust in your dragon hoard. The Commodity Forge has superior output over even the Manufactory, so consider just burning those useless chips.

What is the “Industrial Supply Store”?
The Commodity Forge can pull VPCs to disassemble from this storage. If you place them into that storage, the structure will pull them out of it to use, one after another. Note that this storage is shared with other buildings in this mod, the items you can deposit here are adjusted depending on the local buildings.

Can I set this to deliver to the gathering point?
Yes. Check settings.json for the option to do so. Just note that there is a structure called “Courier Port”, which allows in-universe cargo shipments between colonies – and is more immersive.
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Military Relays

These hidden communications antennae enable instant contact and data transfer with every aligned entity in the system. Increases local fleet size depending on the largest fleet size available between all in-system colonies with a communications relay.

A Military Base or a high Command on one of your colonies in the star system is required to build this. Once completed, the Relay takes the largest fleet size of all planets in the star system that have a Military Relay, and applies part of it to this planet.

While there is no other military installation (Patrol HQ, Military Base, High Command) on the planet, the Relay acts as a mini-military base - better than a Patrol HQ, worse than an actual base. It will spawn patrols and have increased build cost and upkeep.

Does not require an industry slot.

Spoiler: click to expand

How does this work?
The relay checks which planets are owned by you and get the highest fleet size of any planet with a relay int his star system. It then applies a part of that fleet size to the planet it is built on.

The relay ignores my 300% fleet size planet!?
Only in-system planets with a relay are looked at when checking for highest fleet size. Build one over there as well, it's what this structure is for.

How does the bonus get calculated?
The applied fleet size is calculated as follows, valid for all planets in a star system:
Military base: 20% of highest fleet size applied
High command: 35% of highest fleet size applied
High command with alpha core: 40% of highest fleet size applied
It then applies part of that highest fleet size to all planets with a relay, excluding the planet with the highest fleet size. (This is a flat bonus, so any multipliers you have apply to it – but the total will never exceed the highest total in the network, as the bonus does adjust itself accordingly.)

Do I need a Military Base/High Command on every planet?
Nope! You only need one base or high command in the solar system.

Does it matter on which planet I build the military base/ High Command?
Nope! The relay looks only for the largest in-system fleet size. The location of the base is not relevant.

How does this act as a mini-military base?
It will spawn patrol fleets like a normal patrol HQ, amount scaling with colony and fleet size. If you have sufficient fleet size and a large enough colony, it will be between a base and a patrol HQ in effectiveness.

Does this mean it replaces all other military?
Nope! It will be enough for basic defence, but a true military base is still a lot better. It only takes one slot though, instead of 2 (base + relay).

This is expensive as ***?!?
It has doubled cost and upkeep while you have no patrol HQ/Military Base/High Command on the same planet, since it spawns fleets instead of them.

Will it keep spawning fleets when I build a Patrol HQ?
Nope. Only works as defence while there is no other vanilla defence building present.
Spoiler: click to expand
Interstellar Relay

A militarized version of the communications relay, allows fast data transfer between allied star systems while maintaining high security. Due to the danger that hyperwave pulsing poses to human health these stations are usually crewed by the old, the disgraced, or anyone with little perspective.

Star systems with an Interstellar Relay can share fleet sizes for the military relay effect between them.
This works as Makeshift Communications Relay without needing, or taking, a stable location.

Does not require an industry slot.

Spoiler: click to expand

How does this work?
This works exactly like the Military Relay, but it also looks at planets in other systems that have an Interstellar Relay when looking for the largest fleet size.

I don't get it.
You got a star system with a military relay. It has a 300% fleet size planet. You have a second star system with one 150%, and two 30% planets. All of them have Military Relays. Build an Interstellar relay in both star systems, and that 300% planet will count as if it was in the second star system.

Still don't get it?
Spoiler: click to expand
Here is an image to explain

What do you mean with "Makeshift Communications Relay?
This works like that thing you can build at a stable location that makes market info appear and gives +1 stability to all colonies in the system. Yeah, it's cool, I know.

Does this also work as mini-military base?
Yes. It is not any better than the relay though - exactly the same values. If you want true defence, you NEED a military base.
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Centralization Bureau

Specialized infrastructure to govern system wide commodity fabrication, transport and storage.

This looks for duplicate industries on your colonies in the star system and increases production output for the buildings on the planet it is installed on.
If you had, for instance, 3 planets, and all three had a fuel production, this building would increase the output of the fuel production on the planet it is built on by 2.
Does not require an industry slot, can only have one in the star system.

Spoiler: click to expand
Salvage Yards

Massive dumps for spaceship parts gathered throughout the system and brought here. Repurposing the remains of spacecraft can boost production, but will inevitably decrease ship quality if used as sole source for hulls. Main Exporter for Starship Parts.

This industry can increase the production budget even if heavy industry is present on the planet, but requires a steady stream of new wrecks, produced by destroying ships in the star system, by raids, bombings, incursions, pirate activity, or manually feeding weapons to the industrial supply store.

It also allows you to move specific D-mods between similar ships, and can produce ships for you outside of your normal production.

The Salvage Units you gather by creating wrecks will decay each month.
Requires an industry slot, can only have one in the star system.

Spoiler: click to expand

Why would I need this?
The production budget, which allows you to build ships, is determined by the highest ship hull output of a planet. Building, for instance, Modular Fabricators (from Shadowyards) next to heavy industry will not increase it due to the lower output of ModFabs. The Salvage Yards add their output to the existing heavy industry, and therefore increase production budget by the full ship hull export amount even if installed on the same planet.

I still don't get it.
(Example) Heavy Industry: Output of 5 ship hulls = Production Budget of 125.000 credits. If you have modular fabricator on the same planet (Output of 3 ship hulls) the production budget stays 125.000 credits (Budget is calculated with the largest planetary export!). If you have salvage yards on the same planet the production budget is increased by 25.000 credits for every ship hull it exports, in addition to the 125.000 provided by the heavy industry (example: Salvage yards: 3 Hulls, Heavy Industry : 5 Hulls, Budget: 200.000).

But it doesn't export anything other than some metal?
The salvage yards export ship hulls, components and metals depending on the available Salvage Points. If you are not seeing any ship hull exports, maybe check the export values of your local heavy industry - it adds to them!

It *** my ship quality!
In Vanilla Starsector, the faction wide quality is determined by the largest exporter of hulls. Salvage Yards come with a -20 quality penalty if they are the only exporter of hulls on the planet, and if they are the largest hull producer in your faction, the quality will tank.

So how do I fix that!?
Reading the tooltip generally helps. Building the yards alongside another hull exorter (Heavy industry, Orbital works, Modular fabricators...) will remove the quality penalty. Alternatively, make sure you have another planet with a higher export than the yards.

How do I get Salvage Units?
You can gather Salvage Units by destroying ships during combat in the star system - the larger the destroyed ship, the more salvage units you get. Of course, it also counts if your patrol fleets destroy a hostile fleet, or get themselves destroyed. Raids, Invasions or any other hostile incursion will provide Salvage Units depending on if they failed and how large the hostile fleets were (if you were not present to defend the system). Pirate activity in the system generates a daily flat amount of units. Adding weapons to the industrial Supply Store also generates SU.

I don't understand Salvage Units decay.
Salvage Units decay by 50% each month, or 30% if you have a gamma core installed. This means: you have 100 Units this month - next month, you will have 50 Units, or 70 with a gamma core.

Will metals also be exported like ship hulls even if I have refining with more output?
No. The parallel export for ship hulls only works to increase production budget, not to make adjacent production possible.

Do debris fields in my system count?
Nope. Not yet, anyways - maybe in the future.

What is the “Industrial Supply Store”?
The Salvage Yards can pull Weapons to disassemble from this storage. If you place them into that storage, the structure will pull them out of it to use, up to a monthly maximum based on colony size, and convert them into salvage units (which translates into increased exports). Note that this storage is shared with other buildings in this mod, the items you can deposit here are adjusted depending on the local buildings.
Spoiler: click to expand

Built deep into the earth, these massive supercomputing units use shackled AI to facilitate their work, causing their cores to burn out. The Hegemony keeps a close eye on all these facilities, but there is no known instance of one ever becoming self aware.

Increases the income of all colonies in the star system, stacking with diminished returns (building two will not get twice the effect) while consuming cores from the Industrial Supply Store to function.
The effect of this is dependent on the planet conditions- temperate planets might be too hot to get decent results, this is best built in cold environments.

Requires an industry slot.

Spoiler: click to expand

Embassies have existed ever since humans first formed countries – the need to represent oneself to another party is present even in the unstable political climate of the Persean Sector.

This structure improves relations with a faction each month, but increases any negative reputation changes by 50%.
The faction is dependent on the Ambassador in office, which you must hire from a larger faction planet and transport to your Embassy. Make sure to get them there in good time, and without losing or killing them, as that will have consequences.

Does not require an industry slot.

Spoiler: click to expand

How do I get an Ambassador?
You can find them on any size 5+ planet of a faction in the comm panel.

How do I install the Ambassador?
You will receive an item to your cargo when you hire an Ambassador, just install it in a finished Embassy.

I can’t uninstall the item anymore!?
Removing an Ambassador from office is not something that can be done without consequence. Check the comm relay on your planet and ask the Ambassador to vacate office.

I was warned that the Ambassador will return home if I do not install him soon?
Would you like to spend months on a random ship with a dodgy crew asking for favours and eyeing your watch?

The game told me the Ambassador was compromised.
This happens when the Faction Agents lose track of the Ambassador. Wherever you put the poor guy, they could not follow. (Plugin tracking failed – this should not happen. Let me know where you put it so I can adjust the code.)

My reputation does not increase past 35?
The passive monthly increase is limited to 35, or 50 with a beta core. The Ambassador/Embassy cannot increase it past this.

The embassy lowered my reputation instead of increasing it!?
The embassy increases all negative rep changes with the faction by 1.5. Since it only reports a cumulative change at month end, if that negative change is high enough, you might see negative total changes. Example: Embassy base change +10 (total: +10), You got caught smuggling: -10 (-5, total: +5), you insulted a contacts mother: -20 (-10, total: -5), which will cause the embassy to reduce your rep by -5 at month end.

I didn't do anything and it still gave me a penalty!
Half of the penalty of the prior month will carry over into the next one if you *** up hard enough (had a net negative change for embassy relations in the prior month), and half of that into the next, and so on, rounded down (-5/-2/-1/0).

The faction I want to play with is not supported. Will this still work?
The mod will work, and all faction mods, supported or not, are compatible. "Not supported" just means that Ambassadors will not spawn on planets of the faction, and you can therefore not hire them. Bug the mod authors to give me permission to add them, if you want them to work with this.

I want to add a faction to the whitelist!
Go to “Industrial.EvolutiondataconfigindEvoembassy_whitelist.csv” and just add the faction id to the list. It’s dead simple.

What factions are supported?
  • Ashen Keepers
  • Blackrock Drive Yards
  • Dassault-Mikoyan Corporation
  • Fringe Defence Syndicate
  • Galaxy Tigers
  • Hegemony
  • Interstellar Imperium
  • Kadur Remnant
  • Luddic Church
  • Mayasura
  • ORA
  • Persean Democratic Peoples' Revolutionary Council
  • Persean League
  • Prv Starworks
  • Rimward Venture Trading Company
  • Rust Belt
  • Scy Nation
  • Shadowyards
  • Sindrian Diktat
  • Stormhawk Republic
  • Tri-Tachyon Corporation
  • Xhan Empire
  • Hazard Mining Incorporated
  • Brighton Federation
  • First Persean Empire
  • Metelson Industries
  • Caparice Trade Co. (Yuri)
  • Metelson
  • Spindle Protectorate (Scalartech)
  • Pearson Exotronics
  • Free Stars Union
Spoiler: click to expand

A senate is the political heart of a star system. Representatives of every planet meet here, deciding legislature, policies and treaties. It enables a more direct approach to planetary law, handling all the small issues that come with rapid regulation changes.

This structure allows you to issue Edicts on your colonies. Edicts are policies with a minimum runtime and very positive effects – but they always come with a drawback. Sometimes, the best Edict might be no Edict.

Does not require an industry slot, can only have one in the star system.

Spoiler: click to expand

Forced Labour
Massively reduces the upkeep of all buildings, but causes a reduction in colony growth and temporary unrest.

Forced Relocation
Relocates parts of the populace to other colonies in this star system, causing rapid growth on them, and some unrest. Effect depending on population size.

Industrial Incentives
Increases all industry output by 1, doubles upkeep.

Labour Restrictions
Increases stability, decreases all industry output.

Growth Reinvestment
Invests income from this market over 20.000 credits into growth incentives, with a 25% bonus. Excess income over the incentive limit is refunded.

Subpopulation Cleansing
Removes any subpopulations on this planet. Time required and unrest caused by this depend on population size, reduces income for the duration.

Wartime Lockdown
Massively increases ground defence rating, fleet size and stability – with a 70% industry output reduction. Lasts 3 months and causes unrest after it ends.

Customs Control
Increases accessibility of this planet for every other colony in the system. Reduces accessibility for all other colonies.

Hard Deadlines
Increases Production budget and local ship hull output, but decreases ship quality.
Spoiler: click to expand

How do I enact an Edict?
You can choose which edict to implement on any planet in a star system with a functional Senate. The menu point is in the planetary main menu.

How do I remove an Edict?
Removing an edict is done the same way they are implemented – from the main planetary menu. Be aware that edicts have a minimum runtime, removing it before this has passed will cause unrest.

Some options are greyed out?
Check the tooltip in the lower right corner as to what you might be missing to unlock the Edict.
Spoiler: click to expand
Restoration Docks

Dry docks and facilities to repair damaged starships, bustling with activity - there is always the next wreck to restore for a client too attached to a pile of scrap to see reason.

Slowly removes D-Mods from ships placed into its special storage, at a massive discount compared to fast restoration.
AI Cores change how this Structure behaves.

Does not require an industry slot.

Spoiler: click to expand

How does this work?
This structure adds a “Storage” to the colony, in which you can place ships with D-Mods. They will then get repaired on month end.

How much does it cost?
The cost of removing a D-Mod is 50% of what it costs in vanilla, calculated per D-Mod. If you are using restoration docks of a foreign faction, there is an additional fee per D-Mod on top, depending on your standing.

So this is more expensive than Vanilla?
Nope. If a ship has 4 D-Mods, and the docks remove one, you pay 12,5% of the vanilla restoration costs. If the dock removes all 4, it's 50% - this works even if you move the ship to another dock in-between, as the game remembers how many D-Mods your ship initially had.

Can I choose which D-Mod to remove?
No. Removal is random, and will stay random. The only way to influence the behaviour of this structure is via AI cores.

How does this work under another factions control?
If a Restoration Dock is under another factions’ control, it will perform just like a regular one – but you will have to pay a fee depending on hull size, per removed D-Mod.

How does the fee work?
If under foreign faction control, You will have to pay a fee depending on your standing with that faction and the hull size. This can get expensive, so consider building your own docks.

What if I become hostile to a faction while they have my ships?
The storage does not vanish or become inaccessible – so you can still retrieve you hulls, if you manage to dock with the planet. No repairs will be performed while hostile – except by the Pirates, which don’t care and will work as long as you got the credits.

Locations in the core worlds
  • Arcadia - Agreus  - Independent
  • Askonia - Cruor - Sindrian Diktat
  • Aztlan - Chicomoztoc  - Hegemony
  • Canaan - Asher - Luddic Church
  • Hybrasil - Culann - Tri-Tachyon
  • Isirah - Kapteyn Starworks - Pirate
  • Magec-Achaman - Nova Maxios - Independent
  • Mayasura - Lost Astropolis - Pirate
  • Naraka - Yama  - Hegemony
  • Thule - Kazeron - Persean League
  • Valhalla-Ragnar - Ragnar Complex - Hegemony
  • Westernesse - Suddene - Persean League
  • Zagan - Ilm - Independent
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Privateer Base

The Privateer Base allows the shady part of your populace to live out their chosen way of life in a semi-legal way, which can net you a tidy profit on what would otherwise be a nuisance.
It will also cause a pirate subpopulation to appear on your planet, which has effects depending on your standing with the Pirates.

This will stage raids on hostile star systems and bring back spoils of war depending on the industrialisation of the raided planets. Output decays after some time if no new material is "liberated".

Requires 2 industry slots, can only have two in the star system.

Spoiler: click to expand

How does this work?
You build it. It raids people you don’t like. If only life was always this simple.

Seriously though, how does this work?
Every month, the Industry chooses a random faction you are hostile to, and checks the star systems where the faction is present. It then evaluates which system has the best spoils and where a raid is most likely to succeed and chooses the best location for a raid.

How is raid strength calculated?
Raid strength depends on colony size, colony fleet size and AI core effects.

Does this mean it can cause a system to decivilize?
No. During and for a time after a raid, the system gets blocked for subsequent/other raids. This block is shared between all Privateer bases and allows a system to regenerate.

What star systems can be targeted?
Any system with a hostile colony that is part of the sector economy. This does not include those pesky pirate, pather, or modded temporary raid stations.

Do I get stuff?
Your privateers bring back loot depending on what they raided. On planets without notable industrialization, you might only get a few weapons and maybe a fighter LPC, but if they raid a military base or heavy industries there is a good chance for blueprints.

I can't find the loot they brought back?
Loot is delivered to your production gathering point on completion of the raid. Since your storage is probably a massive dumpster filled with stuff you "might need in the future", finding what they brought back could be hard. Consider cleaning your house.

Two industry slots? Why would this ever be worth it?
Exports for this are uncapped. A size 4 colony with a successful Privateer base can export 10 units of every single commodity in the game, provided your raiders bring that much back. It can make a small colony instantly profitable, if you help them a bit on a raid.

What do you mean with “output decay”?
The stuff your privateers took from other planets is being sold off. The output, or commodity export, of this industry therefore gets less and less over time, unless new material is acquired.
Spoiler: click to expand

The Academy is a centre of education, training a new generation of the sectors' best and brightest to take over the burdens of their forefathers - or just to die in some pointless war.

This structure increases the system-wide officer quality, officer quantity for defence fleets assembled on this planet, can store and train both administrators and officers and will massively increase the chance of hireable persons appearing here.

Does not require an industry slot.

Spoiler: click to expand

How do I access the Academy?
Just select “Visit the Academy” from the planetary main menu. If you also have a senate in the star system, you can find the menu point under “Colony Options”; also in the planetary main menu.

How does officer Personality training work?
You simply select “Officer Personality Training” from the Academy menu, choose your officer, and select the training direction. After the required time has passed, the officer will have their personality changed and is moved to storage, where you can pick them up again.

What are the prerequisites for officer training?
The academy can only change the personality of an officer once (Twice with an Alpha core) – the officer will not be available for selection after that.[/li][/list]

How does Administrator training work?
Select “Administrator Training” from the Academy menu, and choose your Admin. After the required time has passed, the officer will acquire a new skill at level 3 and is moved to storage, where you can pick them up again.

What are the prerequisites for Admin training?
The academy can only increase the skills of an Administrator until they have a total of 2 skills (like Vanilla) – the Admin will not be available for selection if he has 2 skills already.[/li][/list]

Officer/Administrator Storage?
You can store personnel you don’t need at the academy. Stored officers do not count towards your limit and will cost you the same as if they were in your fleet without being assigned. You can retrieve them at any time if you have the capacity.

The Academy under AI control
The Academy works exactly the same under foreign faction control – but training and storage will cost a fee, and you cannot access the facilities while hostile to the faction – so be careful who you leave your people with.

Where are the Academies in the Core worlds?
The three Academies are in Galatia, Hybrasil – Eochu Bres, and Westenesse - Fikenhild.
Spoiler: click to expand
Requisitions Center
Resembling an office rather than a market, the Requisitions Center is an institution frequented by picky ship captains, collectors and people looking for specific weapon imports.

Creates a market selling weapons from factions you have good relations with. An Embassy with an active Ambassador on the same planet will cause the Center to source only from that faction. This can easily source specific rare and large weapons.
AI cores change how this Structure operates.

Does not require an industry slot.

Spoiler: click to expand

How does this work?
This will source weapons from factions you are at minimum +35 reputation with. The higher your Reputation, the better and rarer weapons it will source.

And if I am at high standing with multiple factions?
You will get a mixed inventory of weapons to choose from, the more rep, the more weapons of that faction.

Why is the inventory empty?!?
Because you are a dirty warmonger and have no friends. Build a Privateer Base instead.

X weapon never shows up for sale!
The faction might not know their own weapons, it is blacklisted from sale, or a system weapon.

I want weapons of X faction!
Build an Embassy and install an Ambassador of that faction, and it’ll only source from that specific faction. Or use an Alpha core and stockpile the specific weapons you don’t want.

I have an Embassy, but want weapons of another specific faction?
Switch out the Ambassador, or use a Gamma core and start some wars until the sourcing pool is smaller.

Where can I find this in the Core Worlds?
Eos Exodus - Baetis
Spoiler: click to expand
Engineering Hub
As the sector is decaying in knowledge, an institution specialized in the disassembly of functional spacecraft is a rare sight, and can only be afforded by the rich or the desperate.

Reverse engineer ships and turn them into blueprints after enough hulls have been disassembled. You have to overwrite a blueprint of matching hull size.

Does not require an industry slot.   

Spoiler: click to expand

How does this work?
Place ship hulls into the Reverse Engineering Storage. The Hub will pull them in for disassembly, awarding progress for every hull depending on size and D-Mods.

Why do I only get so little progress per hull?
D-Mods severely impact the progress you gain, especially on smaller hulls. Consider restoring them before disassembly.

I can’t reverse engineer the ship I want!
This system is opt-in from fellow mod authors – they have to add a whitelist to their mods for their ships to become accessible. If this is not done, they are locked out from reverse engineering. You can leave a respectful message in their threads, but don’t spam them!

The mod author told me to go fork myself!
I did warn you. However, you can add their ships to the local whitelist under “Industrial.EvolutiondataconfigindEvoreverse_engineering_whitelist.csv”.

The ship I Reverse Engineered does not spawn in defence fleets?
It might be missing an entry in default_ship_roles.json. That’s on the faction mod author, not on me. If you added that ship to the whitelist yourself, you should also add it to the local IndEvo default_ship_roles.json – otherwise, let the mod author know.

I want to reverse Engineer the IBB/HVB/Unique Ship!
These are prohibited, and it’s hardcoded. No, I won’t change that.

Tiandong ships don’t get downloaded to blueprints?
Tiandong ships need appropriately sized Tiandong retrofit templates.

What is the “Industrial Supply Store”?
The Engineering Hub can pull Blueprints to overwrite from this storage. If you place them there, the structure will pull them out of it to use, choosing any blueprint with matching hull size to overwrite, but prioritizing whatever is installed into the industry directly. Note that this storage is shared with other buildings in this mod, the items you can deposit here are adjusted depending on the local buildings.
Spoiler: click to expand
Courier Port
Privatized docking facilities allow for a much more direct approach to shipping - and have the distinct advantage of circumventing nosy government officials.

Ship Cargo between any two planets. Can target specific storage for deliveries (Resupply a Supercomputer, Ships to/from Restoration Docks...), can take from your stockpile and deliver somewhere else, and offers recurrent shipments.

Does not require an industry slot.

Spoiler: click to expand

How does this work?
Choose the option “Visit the Courier Port” in the planetary main menu (Or the colony options). Choose origin, destination, cargo and contract options – then confirm to watch your very own shipping fleets do your busywork.

Can this lose my items somehow?
Not anymore. With version 3.0.a, the port has been reworked and will no longer lose anything you want to ship, even if the courier fleet or all planets on the contract are gone.

I can’t find the option?
The local Courier Port might be disrupted, not finished building, gone for whatever reason, or the colony does not belong to you. Otherwise, you will find it in the planetary main menu.

How do recurrent shipments work?
The courier port will try to take the exact amounts of what you specified from storage, and ship them to where you told it to. If you don’t have enough of the target quantity in cargo, it will do a partial shipment – and just ship what it can find.

Will recurrent shipments always cost the same?
No – cost for a shipment is calculated before dispatch. If you only have a partial shipment, it will only bill you the partial amounts.

Can this ship to/from my fleet?

I can’t ship to colony XY!
Does it have a spaceport? Is that spaceport functional? Does it have a place you could possibly store things in? If all of these are yes, it’s a bug, please report it.

I can’t ship from colony XY!
Does it have a spaceport? Is that spaceport functional? Do you have a storage anywhere that could take the stuff that is stored there? Is the faction the planet belongs to not hostile to you? If all of these are yes, it’s a bug, please report it.

My contract got deactivated?
This happens if there is something wrong with the contract. Check the contract list, it will tell you what the problem is.

I don’t have any money for shipments?
Costs are billed via Industry Upkeep. If you can’t afford your own shipments, consider deactivating or cancelling some shipments – otherwise, I hope you like debt.

Why is this so expensive?
It’s only expensive if you try shipping large quantities over a long way. No one will want to brave deep hyperspace for you if you don’t pay them properly. You can set up colonies as waystations, as shipping costs scale exponentially with distance.

Spoiler: click to expand
World Symbols

Humanity has created wonders since the first inception of architecture - be it through scale or meaning. The structures in this group represent such efforts, symbols of will and perseverance in a decaying sector.

Causes recent unrest on the planet to decay at a rate of one point per month, and increases the stability of all planets in the system by 1, and increases local growth.
These are mostly for flavour - build yourself a palace to commemorate your greatness!

Can only have one of the category on the planet.
Does not require an industry slot.

  • Buildings
  • Modern Palace
  • Dark Palace
  • Memorial
  • Cathedral
  • Leisure Orbitals

Additional Information:

Spoiler: click to expand
Mod integration – for mod authors
This section contains spoilers for mod content.

Some of the features here need integration with other mods to work properly. If you are not a mod author, the following is not relevant for you.
All Industrial.Evolution cross-mod features are opt-in and work off whitelists. This means that if you want a feature to not work, you don’t have to do anything.
If you wish to opt in for them, please fill out the lists and place them into:


Spoiler: click to expand
If you want your faction supported by the Embassy system, you can:

  • Throw me a message or pm with your faction ID, I’ll add it.
  • Set the memory key “$deconomics_ambAllowed_factionID” to true.
  • Add your faction id to a whitelist in your mod under YourModdataconfigindEvoembassy_whitelist.csv

You can also recall all active Ambassadors for your faction, and stop new ones from spawning, by setting the memory key “$deconomics_ambAllowed_factionID” to false at any point in the game.

Spoiler: click to expand
Reverse Engineering
Take multiple ship hulls and make them into blueprints.
Requires multiple pristine ship hulls and a blueprint of the same size (gets overwritten) to reverse engineer a ship. This does not make the game easier and does not allow for easy cherry picking.

Ships that would break the game if the player could build them, or ships that are unique, or not available for lore reasons (Templars…), should not be whitelisted. Does not work with duplicated ships.

Make sure you have an entry in default_ship_roles.json for anything you whitelist here.

Add the ship ids you wish to allow to the whitelist.
Skins are allowed if the base version is allowed, IBBs/HVBs are blacklisted by default and can not be whitelisted.

Spoiler: click to expand
Derelict Industries
Allows for true ship duplication (have one ship > space magic > have two ships).
Players will not be able to get this in every playthrough, and getting a reliable duplication chain is hard (requires 3 randomly seeded industries you have to find, restore and keep running, and blank blueprint templates that you also have to find and restore).
It also applies a bunch of D-Mods, and duplicated ships can no longer be duplicated themselves.

I am asking, on a personal note, to please allow as much as possible here. Even the most complex hulls can be duplicated by scanning/printing/space magic, and they will have enough problems after that to not break anything balancewise.

Add the ship ids you wish to allow to the whitelist.
Skins are allowed if the base version is allowed, IBBs/HVBs are blacklisted by default and can not be whitelisted.

Spoiler: click to expand
Change Log
  • General
  • Fixed – Performance issue that caused continued slowdown while game went on
  • Artillery
  • Adjusted – FP 100 -> 250 (this makes the tooltip display more stars, to indicate danger level better)
  • Fixed – Crash when a NPC fleet fights the station and it dies to it
  • Fixed – Missile hit sound name to prevent crash on linux
  • Senate
  • Adjusted – Industrial Incentives tooltip (200% -> Doubled)

  • General
  • Adjusted – Made most visual effects not interactable
  • Items
  • Added – Settings for relic component combat drop rates (min FP, destroyed fraction)
  • Exploration
  • Added – A new superstructure to restore, giving access to MORE GACHA MECHANICS LETS *** GO
  • Weapons
  • Added – Side bar indicator for combat slow field effect
  • Artillery
  • Added – Star System Tag “IndEvo_SystemHasArtillery” to denote any system with an artillery
  • Added – Star System Memory Key (boolean) “$IndEvo_SystemDisableWatchtowers” which disables watchtowers and location reporting by fleets
  • Added – A shitload of settings to make your bones harder (or weaker)
  • Added – Sounds for combat weapons (Courtesy of Harmful Mechanic)
  • Added – Sounds for campaign weapons (Courtesy of Harmful Mechanic)
  • Adjusted – Visual adjustments for mortar explosions
  • Adjusted – Railgun damage 2500 -> 3500
  • Minefields
  • Added – Settings
  • Embassy
  • Fixed – Crash when NPC colony decivilizes in a non-standard way (Embassy moved up on rework priority once again)

  • Items
  • Adjusted – Particle colour now properly works off sun colour
  • Fixed – Scoop now also scoops from suns that are not the primary star
  • Fixed – Scoop crash in dual-star systems
  • Fixed – Scoop crash in nebulas
  • Courier Port
  • Fixed – Intel now actually removes itself 7 days after ending (whoops)
  • Fixed – Intel now properly displays total cost instead of only cargo cost
  • Note – use this console command to clear all the stuck intel entries (takes 7 days):
  • runcode com.fs.starfarer.api.impl.campaign.econ.impl.courierPort.intel.ShippingIntel.removeAll();
  • Embassy
  • Fixed – Weird copy-paste typo in description (how did that even happen)
  • Artillery
  • Added – Indicator telling you if you are being detected by watchtowers
  • Adjusted – Railgun charge up 3s -> 5s
  • Adjusted – Railgun damage 8000 -> 2500
  • Adjusted – Railgun now fires a 3-shot burst
  • Adjusted – Railgun shot interval 3s -> 10s
  • Adjusted – Missile tracking range 800su -> 600su
  • Adjusted – Watchtower hack duration now actually up to 2 months (Was 1)
  • Adjusted – Watchtower now takes some time to get a target lock, depending on your distance to the tower
  • Adjusted – Watchtower sensor ping now irregular
  • Adjusted – Watchtower sensor range range 3000su -> 4000su
  • Fixed – Watchtowers no longer permanently have the first faction they spawned under in their name (new game)
  • Derelict Industries
  • Added – Blacklisted Riftgen from spawning on Niko Satellite planets

  • General
  • Added – Better Colonies SP-Improvement Config data
  • Items
  • Fixed – Refreshing market no longer updates consumable item presence
  • Fixed – Consumables no longer vanish from storage
  • Artillery Stations
  • Adjusted – S-Point improvement now increases range by 4000
  • Adjusted – Tracking distance on missiles 400 -> 800 SU
  • Adjusted – Missile speed 200 -> 250 SU/s
  • Adjusted – Slightly decreased railgun projectile travel time
  • Fixed – Nex colony fleets now auto-destroy the artillery when establishing a colony
  • Research Projects
  • Fixed – New Projects intel is no longer perma-important (does not fix currently stuck intel entries, sorry!)
  • World Wonders
  • Added – Toggle to switch between alternate visuals (if present)

  • General
  • Added – President Matt Damon added to credits of this mod for help with vectors and math. Thank you!
  • Fixed – Corrected all those getList tooltips to get
  • Items
  • Added – Consumable Item: Nanite Repair Module – Repairs your fleet, restores CR
  • Added – Consumable Item: Tech Locator – Grav Scan for hyperspace, indicates systems with lots of loot
  • Added – Consumable Item: Drive Bubble Spike – Deploys a mine that fires an interdiction pulse when an enemy fleet is in range
  • Added – Consumable Item: Sensor Decoy – Attracts military fleets in a large radius, baits artillery fire
  • Added – Consumable Item: Fuel Scoop – Succs juicy space fuel from a nearby star or nebula
  • Added – Consumable Item: Transpoofer – Changes the faction of your fleet for a time
  • Note – Some can be bought, all can be found through combat and exploration
  • Adjusted – Switch to non-vanilla drop group system, courtesy of Matt
  • Adjusted – Drop rates on all IndEvo items and loot overhauled
  • Weapons
  • Adjusted – Rift Pulser now properly scales with ballistic hullmods
  • Adjusted – Causality Disturber is now Hybrid (what have you brought upon us)
  • Adjusted – Causality Disturber Sprite Update (Courtesy of Nia)
  • Adjusted – Revised Causality Disturber Stats – less burst, more sustainability (Courtesy of Nia)
  • Adjusted – Rift Pulser Sprite Update (Courtesy of Nia)
  • Artillery Stations
  • Added – 3 Types of artillery that shoot you on the campaign layer
  • Added – Artillery to Eochu Bres, Chicomoztoc, Kazeron, Sindria
  • Added – Derelict Artilleries that will find you while exploring – conquer them to build your own!
  • Added – Watchtower stations to hack or take over, that report your location to the artillery
  • Research Projects
  • Added – Project Transistor – Trade Relic Components for consumable items
  • Fixed – Intel entry no longer shows up in decivilized tab and is now properly marked important
  • Minefields
  • Added – 2 seconds of invulnerability after a jump
  • Adjusted – Phase ships now only add 0.3x their hull size weight to hit chance calc
  • Adjusted – Damage reduced by 50% (they still hurt)
  • Adjusted – No longer blows up on fleets in combat
  • Adjusted – Bounty and “Important” Fleets are no longer affected by minefields (cheaters, man, amirite)
  • Adjusted – Friendly fleets ignore minefields and will no longer get stuck trying to pass them
  • Adjusted – Increased immunity time after strike for NPC fleets
  • Adjusted – NPC fleets in “immunity time” now treat the minefield as if it was not there = much smoother transition
  • Fixed – Visual IFF check now matches explosion IFF (properly turns green when friendly ect…)
  • Embassies
  • Added – Faction: UAF
  • Engineering Hub
  • Fixed – No longer removes all blueprints of a size from IndStorage when creating a new one
  • Courier Port
  • Adjusted – No longer gets placed on core worlds randomly
  • Fixed – No longer transfers cargo/ships to inventories that can not hold them when “all” is selected
  • Fixed – Shipping intel now vanishes after finishing (just like your dad back then)
  • Fixed – Crash when shipping port intel could not find valid map location
  • Fixed – Crash when shipping from a Nex goverened colony
  • Privateer Base
  • Adjusted – Failed raids now give 30% more output than before (to compensate the unplanned decay nerf)
  • Fixed – No more infinite output stacking with industrial incentives
  • Fixed – Now ignores bonus supply for output decay
  • Note – 2 base output (+ 3 bonus) – 2 decay = 0 supply next month, where up until now it would have been 3
  • Academy
  • Adjusted – Manually blacklisted that one Oculian Armada skill everyone was getting
  • Fixed – No longer counts mercenaries against the officer limit
  • World Wonders
  • Added – Custom image for Timids Kadur rework
  • Fixed – No longer awards SP when an NPC builds one
  • Fixed – Stability Bonus for other in-System worlds is now properly permanent
  • Derelict Industries
  • Adjusted – Laboratory bonus can no longer resolve to modded commodities
  • Fixed – Hull Forge crash when printing a ship (Mod Incompatibility with GundamGC…)
  • Fixed – Rift Generator can no longer spawn on planets with minefields (new game)
  • Detachments
  • Fixed – Ability now gets added to your hotbar after the tutorial ends
  • Fixed – Now properly transfers weapons and fighters on creation
  • Fixed – Crash when orbit focus had no orbit

Spoiler: click to expand
Older versions

  • General
  • Added - Vanguard and Eradicator to whitelist files
  • Added - More useful tips
  • Adjusted - Meme tips now show up 10x less than useful tips
  • Adjusted - All IndEvo fleet member pickers now have 8 columns instead of 5 by default
  • Minefields
  • Added - Tooltip showing the chance to blow up due to your fleet size (low/med/high/extreme)
  • Added - Setting to turn em off (will not fix your skill issue)
  • Adjusted - Player owned minefields no longer care about transponder status
  • Adjusted - Visuals look less ***
  • Adjusted - Moons with an arsenal stations will now have the primary planet spawn the minefield
  • Fixed - Made minefield IFF more reliable for NPC fleets (New game)
  • Fixed - Now properly orbits
  • Fixed - Crash when saving/loading in a minefield
  • Research Projects
  • Fixed - Tooltips
  • Courier Port
  • Added - Custom faction for courier fleets (invisible to player)
  • Fixed - Marines no longer lose XP when transferred via courier
  • Fixed - No longer bills you money every time it checks what to remove from the stockpile
  • Fixed - Crash during planet selection
  • Fixed - Duplication bug
  • Fixed - Crash when courier fleet is despawning
  • Fixed - Alignment issue on contract listing (IT WAS 2 PIXELS OUT OF LINE, OK??)
  • Detachments
  • Added - Escort and Intercept detachments will now aggressively attack hostile fleets that the player targets
  • Fixed - Marines are now considered in the cargo tooltips and counts
  • Fixed - Crash when a detachment goes dormant in a system without any entities
  • Known issue - Marine and Crew in excess of the fleet capacity are lost after a day
  • Known issue - Detachments get stuck when recalled from another star system
  • Derelict industries
  • Adjusted - Ruins spawn on colony establishment should be more consistent now
  • Adjusted - Changed Derelict Industry spawn algorithm (New game)
  • Adjusted - Derelict Industry type is now set on sector generation (New game)
  • Adjusted - Forge and Decon have a higher chance to spawn together (New game)
  • Fixed - Derelict industries will no longer change type (I hope)
  • Fixed - Ruins no longer (sometimes) count as industry
  • Fixed - Rift Generator cryorevival disabler condition no longer applies 100 times in a row
  • Fixed - Deconstructor ignore whitelists setting now properly works

  • General
  • Fixed - Minefields should no longer blow up friendly NPC fleets. Should.
  • Items
  • Adjusted - Terrible typo in Relic Components description (Made the mod hightly unplayable)
  • Fixed - Logistics Core no longer installable in certain industries
  • Supercomputer
  • Fixed - Orbital Lamp now properly affects output
  • Courier Port
  • Fixed - No longer crashes when transporting ships from a planet you haven't been to
  • Fixed - No longer crashes when transporting ships in general
  • Fixed - Now correctly bills you for ship transports
  • Fixed - Intel now displays correct costs
  • Weapons
  • Adjusted - Drastically reduced Causality Gun arcing chance (Courtesy of Nia Tahl)
  • Fixed - Crash on Linux systems due to lowercase pathing, again
  • Research Projects
  • Adjusted - New projects notification will now also trigger if you find omega weapons through something scripted (on month end)
  • Fixed - Spyglass (Gacha) Now properly returns the best result of 5 rolls. Rewards will be much, much better now.
  • Exploration
  • Adjusted - D-mod repair event repairs 1 d-mod less on average (on new game)
  • Fixed - Ruined Infrastructure no longer causes two buildings to be built at the same time when finishing construction
  • Detachments
  • Fixed - Detachment spawn supply requirement now matches tooltip
  • Fixed - Rare crash when clicking transport detachment after interacting with it
  • Fixed - AI core officers no longer appear as regular officers when merging a detachment
  • Fixed - AI cores in ships no longer sometimes get cleared on merge or split
  • Fixed - AI core officers can no longer be "recovered" as full officer person when an AI ship is destroyed in combat
  • Fixed - Crash when dormant transport detachment AI updates

  • General
  • Fixed - Nex Random mode Crash
  • Removed - some names that should not have shown up in game yet
  • Items
  • Adjusted - VPC Ship Components sprite updated
  • Weapons
  • Fixed - Crash on Linux systems due to lowercase pathing

  • General
  • Added - Minefields (this changelog is starting off great, isn't it?)
  • Added - Some settings
  • Added - Admin salary at 2 skills is now 20.000c (Vanilla balance change)
  • Adjusted - reduced Admin salary at 1 skill from 20.000c to 10.000c (Vanilla balance change)
  • Items
  • Adjusted - New Icon for Ship Components
  • Adjusted - New Icon for Relic Components
  • Adjusted - Item drop rates across the board. IndEvo Industry items now rarer, as are VPCs.
  • Removed - Unfinished industry items are now no longer present in the files and will maybe STOP *** DROPPING
  • Weapons
  • Added - Research Projects at the Galatian Academy
  • Added - 5 different researchable Weapons (Courtesy of Nia Tahl)
  • Added - Research Project for Relic Components
  • Abilities
  • Added - Ability to create detachments from your fleet (with different behaviour modes)
  • Added - Behaviour: Stay - Stay in place, do not engage enemy fleets unless attacked.
  • Added - Behaviour: Follow - Follow the main force, do not engage enemy fleets unless attacked.
  • Added - Behaviour: Hide - Go dark, attempt to hide in a good location, and avoid other fleets.
  • Added - Behaviour: Escort - Escort the main force, attack equal-strength visible hostile fleets.
  • Added - Behaviour: Intercept - Escort, only intercept enemy fleets that target the main force.
  • Added - Behaviour: Transport - Transport cargo to selected colony, then store fleet and cargo.
  • Tech Mining
  • Added - compatibility with Yunru Techmining (Yunrus Mod will take precedence)
  • Added - implemented the Better Colonies changes (Diplays a tooltip showing the total remaining salvage)
  • *** - T*chpriest, lmao
  • Embassy
  • Adjusted - No longer buildable on Nexerelin Governed Colonies,
  • Fixed - Ambassadors can no longer be installed on Nex Governed Colonies (Fixes the "Compromised" bug)
  • Fixed - No longer allows hiring ambassadors when the only open embassy is on a Nex Governed Colony
  • Fixed - No longer crashes when a world with an ambassador decivilizes
  • Note - The "Governed Colony" problem is not fixable without a complete re-write of the system...
  • Senate
  • Added - Edict: Mandated Overtime. Doubles building construction speed, halves all commodity production.
  • Added - Info about active edict to edict removal screen
  • Fixed - Labour restrictions are now actually unavailable when market is a freeport
  • Privateer Base
  • Adjusted - Minor sprite contrast touch-ups
  • Salvage Yards
  • Adjusted - Moving D-Mods now works between ships of similar tech type and hull size (Midline cruiser to midline cruiser...)
  • Fixed - Ship building budget should no longer display 0 or negative values, and should no longer throw an occasional Nullpointer
  • Academy
  • Added - 3 additional colony admin skills that can be obtained by training an admin at the academy
  • Adjusted - Hire-able Admins spawned by the academy have a 10% chance to spawn with one of the new Admin skills
  • Fixed - can no longer replace an admins brain with an AI core (can't train admins in hypercognition)
  • Fixed - no longer crashes when training an admin with a skill
  • Fixed - "ESC" shortcut on leave option at galatia academy
  • Courier Port
  • Added - Proper User Interface
  • Added - Timed failsafe to refund the shipment cargo if it does not arrive where it should
  • Adjusted - Now allows shipping from stockpile
  • Adjusted - Can now ship from and to any planet, not only planets you have things in storage at
  • Adjusted - Gamma core now makes the interface accessible at any comm relay
  • Fixed - No longer loses shipments
  • Removed - Insurance
  • Removed - Item drops on fleet death
  • Derelict Industries
  • Adjusted - Rift Generator - added a failsafe to make sure the colony teleports even if the animation fails
  • Adjusted - Rift Generator - the jump points it makes now point towards the location of the planet
  • Adjusted - Fleet Members with Unremoveable, Non-AI officers can no longer be deconstructed
  • Fixed - Rift Generator - no longer considers nex outposts as colonies
  • Fixed - Printed Ships now properly work with Starship Legends
  • Fixed - Forge templates should no longer display a nebula when fed with D-Modded ships (probably)
  • Fixed - Forge templates no longer build in hullmods with the "no_build_in" tag
  • Fixed - Deconstructor now moves AI cores installed in ships to the storage when deconstructing a hull
  • Exploration
  • Added - Arsenal stations orbiting planets will now spawn with a special surprise
  • Adjusted - Arsenal station officer sleeper pod events now conform to the new vanilla max officer levels
  • Adjusted - Reduced the requirement to get relic components from hard battles
  • Adjusted - Increased relic component drops from derelict Survey and Motherships

  • General
  • Fixed - Crash on removal for all industries that add submarkets
  • Items
  • Adjusted - Relay Hypertransmitter tooltip effect clarified
  • Fixed - WIP Items no longer show up with the historian (for real this time)
  • Derelict Industries
  • Fixed - Rift Generator no longer triples the hyperspace jump points of a system when used
  • Adjusted - Rift Generator Jump points now lead to the planet

  • General
  • Adjusted - Normal Storage now gets unlocked for free if ships/carge are transferred in case of IndEvo storage removal (Resto docks...)
  • Fixed - Commerce no longer instantly finishes building after reloading the game
  • Fixed - Rare crash after salvaging a wreck
  • Fixed - Unimplemented special items should no longer be available via the Historian (Emphasis - should)
  • Fixed - Starpocalypse no longer applies D-Mods to ships in the repair docks
  • Fixed - Starpocalypse no longer regulates the inventory of the Requisitions Centre
  • Centralization Bureau
  • Fixed - Now works for the Manufactory
  • Fixed - Now properly recognizes Heavy Industry and Orbital Works
  • Senate
  • Fixed - Edict Tooltips again
  • Military/Interstellar Relay
  • Adjusted - Will now properly spawn patrols if only military building on the market
  • Adjusted - Can no longer improve with story points (was causing issues)
  • Salvage Yards
  • Adjusted - Added a base budget of 75.000 (any output is in addition to that)
  • Adjusted - Reduced the required amount of Relic Components (3 per DP -> 2 per DP)
  • Fixed - Now has budget to custom produce ships if HI is present on the planet
  • World Wonders
  • Fixed - Typos
  • Exploration
  • Fixed - Forge Templates can no longer resolve into (D) hulls
  • Fixed - Player Faction can no longer be a choice in the "Rumors" salvage Event
  • Derelict Industries
  • Fixed - Ancient Lab can no longer suddenly change bonus commodities
  • Fixed - Ancient Lab now properly applies production bonus on save load
  • Fixed - Ancient Lab now applies bonus output to Manufactory

  • General
  • Fixed - Industries now generate in the core worlds on game start again

  • General
  • Fixed - Crash on save load
  • Fixed - Weird edict re-application bug
  • Fixed - Weird Lawless Subpop application bug
  • Items
  • Adjusted - Reduced drop chance (now has a lower drop chance than vanilla items, stop crying)
  • Commodity Forge
  • Fixed - Now recognizes the Parts VPC
  • Salvage Yards
  • Adjusted - Increased NPC base output by 1
  • Privateer Base
  • Adjusted - Buffed base raid fleet size (x1,66)
  • Derelict Industries
  • Fixed - Decon totally and absolutely will never build in Militarized Subsystems into a non-civ ship ever again I swear to god if it does it again

  • Commerce
  • Fixed - Now buildable again (bit too much of a nerf there)
  • Military/Interstellar Relays
  • Fixed - Crash on hover
  • Derelict Industries
  • Fixed - No longer builds in Militarized Subsystems if the ship is not civilian (for real this time, I swear)

  • General
  • Fixed - Parts now properly drop from combat
  • Fixed - Parts now properly drop when salvaging a ship wreck
  • Fixed - "nullpointerException" when docking at abandoned stations
  • Commerce (can be disabled in settings, leave the QQ at the door)
  • Added - Can only have one in the system
  • Adjusted - Dealmaker Holosute from 50 to 25% income bonus
  • Adjusted - Story Point increase from 25 to 10% income bonus
  • Adjusted - Alpha core now reduces tariffs on the open market by 25%
  • Military Base/High Command
  • Added - Special item (Relay Hypertransmitter)
  • Variable Industries
  • Fixed - Capacity too low tooltip (Missing String: "outputRestriction")
  • Supercomputer
  • Added - Special item (Simulation Engine)
  • Added - Now displays the second AI core as sprite on the industry
  • Fixed - Now properly recognizes if a condition is active or not (Supressing Cold with the Lamp no longer works)
  • Fixed - No longer vanishes from selection if unavailable to build
  • Centralisation Bureau
  • Added - Special Item (Logistics AI core)
  • Added - Whitelisted Shadowyards Industries
  • Added - Whitelisted LOA Void Extraction
  • Military/Interstellar Relays
  • Added - Special item (Relay Hypertransmitter)
  • Adjusted - Now needs a military base or a high command in the system to be built (reverted to old system)
  • Adjusted - Build cost increased by 1.2x when no Patrol HQ is present
  • Restoration Docks
  • Adjusted - Can't restore in-built D-mods if they are specified in the hull variant (vanilla game limitation)
  • Adjusted - Tooltip now better communicates this
  • Fixed - Alpha Core upkeep modifier no longer displays as Gamma Core
  • Fixed - Tooltip now correctly displays ship names instead of planet faction
  • Salvage Yards
  • Added - Option to trade in ships for production budget
  • Added - Option for Story point usage to double production budget
  • Adjusted - Max bonus output is now colony size + 4 (that's still a lot!)
  • Fixed - No longer spam the raid message, don't report anything if not under player control
  • Senate
  • Added - Special item (Neuroconditioning Compounds)
  • Fixed - Forced Reloaction no longer enactable at max colony size
  • Fixed - Edicts no longer randomly cancel after being enacted
  • Privateer Base
  • Adjusted - Fleets are now actually called "Privateers" (It's the small things)
  • Engineering Hub
  • Fixed - Tooltip properly displays unavailability reason for printing defects
  • World Wonders
  • Adjusted - Stability bonus longer stacks
  • Derelict Infrastructure
  • Fixed - Infinite loop that only wasn't one because it always crashed due an unrelated bug before it got stuck
  • Fixed - World Wonders now properly award the SP when built via Infrastructure
  • Derelict Industries
  • Adjusted - "Deliver to closest X" setting now delivers to Industrial Storage
  • Fixed - No longer builds in Militarized Subsystems if the ship is not civilian

  • General
  • Fixed - Buildings in core worlds spawn again
  • Derelict Industries
  • Fixed - Ruins spawning in core worlds

  • Restoration Dock
  • Fixed - Crash when docking at planets with a Restoration Dock
  • Embassy
  • Fixed - Ambassador no longer drops to inventory when structure is removed
  • Derelict Industries
  • Fixed - Are now upgradeable again

  • Added - Ship Component drops to the general combat loot pool
  • Adjusted - Cleaned up the excess quotation marks in all dialogue
  • Variable Industries
  • Added - VPC Ship Components (uncommon)
  • Added - Manufactory with Ship Components VPC to Eochu Bres (the only real source, raid it for the VPC)
  • Fixed - Tooltip (output description String)
  • Salvage Yards
  • Added - Yards to Suddene and Donn
  • Added - Interaction - can now trade in components/rare components to build ships for you
  • Added - Interaction - can now move D-Mods between similar ships
  • Adjusted - Now exports Ship Components, imports hulls. The output can be increased the old way (battles in system, weapons in storage ect.)
  • Adjusted - Now applies bonus output to a local heavy industry (or equivalent) instead of having one. If no HI is present, it will export hulls with a quality penalty.
  • Adjusted - Beta core now switches the industry to "vanilla" behaviour, outputs scaling with colony size, while increasing the SU required for additional output to 90 (base 50
  • Fixed - Potential High-impact Save file bloating problem
  • Fixed - No longer accrues salvage units while not functional
  • Removed - Low Output reminder message
  • Removed - Base Ship Quality Penalty
  • Removed - Yards on Laicaille Habitat and Qaras (Over industry limit)
  • Academy
  • Fixed - Can no longer remove unremoveable officers from ships (Sorry JRG, no aggressive Sierra anymore)
  • Restoration Docks
  • Added - Ship Components import while repairing
  • Adjusted - Now recognizes and removes in-built D-Mods
  • Fixed - Tooltips
  • Fixed - Crash in build menu under specific circumstances
  • Senate
  • Added - Edict: Single-Child Policy (stops the colony from growing)
  • Shadowyards Modular Fabricators and Upgrades
  • Added - Ship Components imports/Exports. If not fulfilled, reduces output by up to 2 and reduces ship quality by up to -50.
  • Heavy Industry/Orbital Works
  • Added - Ship Components imports/Exports. If not fulfilled, reduces output by up to 2 and reduces ship quality by up to -50 (-40 with Corrupted, -30 with Pristine NF).
  • Added - Now produces components (caps at 2 without bonuses, not affected by nanoforge).
  • Added - Nanoforges now reduce ship component demand
  • World Wonders
  • Added - Now award a bonus story point when constructed (Only once per colony!)
  • Exploration
  • Added - "Ship Components" as after combat drop
  • Added - "Ancient Components" as after combat drop to exploration things
  • Derelict Industries
  • Added - "IndEvo_RuinsAlways" Planet Tag, needed for mod authors that want to have ruins on a planet - it'll clear them otherwise.
  • Added - Variation on the Industrial Ruins - Old Infrastructure
  •     Spawns on planets that have ruins
  •     Can be restored into a random structure/industry at half cost/time of the usual build cost
  •     Yes, this was Techpriests idea
  • Adjusted - Hull Deconstructor no longer takes an industry slot
  • Adjusted - Forge now less likely to build in IPDAI
  • Fixed - Preview after surveying works again
  • Fixed - Modular ships on Forge Templates no longer spawn without modules
  • Fixed - Ruins spawning in core worlds

  • Salvage Yards
  • Added - Now exports Ship Components: Ship parts and machines that can, for a number of reasons, no longer be reliably produced by the degraded infrastructure of the sector. They have to be recycled instead."
  • Added - There are now Yards on Qaras, Agreus, and Laicaille Habitat
  • Restoration Docks
  • Added - Ship Components import while repairing
  • Heavy Industry
  • Added - Ship Components imports. If not fulfilled, reduces output by up to 2 and reduces ship quality by up to -30.
  • Exploration
  • Fixed - Can no longer pick the same faction twice for rumors event
  • Derelict Industries
  • Fixed - Severe bug that caused saves to no longer load
  • Fixed - Can no longer install AI cores in the ruins

  • General
  • Fixed - Some tooltip adjustments
  • Military + Interstellar Relays
  • Adjusted - Now needs either a military base in the system, or a High Command on any player owned colony (can be outside of system).
  • Embassy
  • Adjusted - Negative Rep Change Penalty now trails into a new month (if you cause a -5 change, you will lose 2,5 the first month, then 1 the second, then 0)
  • Fixed - No longer applies the beta core penalty every day
  • Fixed - Crash when the planet changes faction, or becomes hostile, or is removed, or because it felt like crashing.
  • Supercomputer
  • Fixed - Bonus is no longer kept if there is no AI core or the SupCom is removed
  • Privateer Base
  • Fixed - No longer applies lawless subpopulation when just being looked at in the build menu
  • Engineering Hub
  • Adjusted - Removed Guardian from whitelist
  • World Wonders
  • Fixed - No longer allow for AI cores to be installed
  • Derelict Industries
  • Added - Indicator as to what type of ruins are on the planet without colonizing it. READ, PEOPLE, FOR LUDDS SAKE
  • Adjusted - Changed Forge template in-builts to S-Mods (do not count against the limit)
  • Fixed - FT in-built mods no longer vanish when clicking the "build in" button
  • Fixed - Rift Generator can no longer spawn on worlds with solar arrays
  • Fixed - Ruins no longer switch between upgrades when another building is removed
  • Exploration
  • Added - Setting to change the base chance of a special to be assigned to an entity
  • Adjusted - Changed the item choice special dialogue text to give you a better understanding of the explosion chance
  • Adjusted - Print Ship Special now only applies one free built-in
  • Fixed - Salvage specials no longer overwrite ship recovery specials (quests...)
  • Fixed - The impoverished merc will no longer try to charge you double for your sins (you are still a bad person)
  • Fixed - No longer spawns salvageable stations in the core worlds

  • Salvage Yards
  • Fixed - Now properly adds to production budget
  • Restoration Docks
  • Fixed - Crash during Nex Random Sector generation (getMemory())
  • Academy
  • Fixed - Nullpointer when accessing, now properly works
  • Exploration
  • Fixed - Non-Exitable Dialogue/Nullpointer for the secure room event
  • Fixed - Forge Templates no longer crash the secure room event
  • Fixed - Crash when not sacrificing enough ships to the Machine God
  • Fixed - Impoverished Merc now lets you exit the conversation if you don't want to pay him (you monster)

  • Variable Industries
  • Adjusted - VPC Drop Chances
  • Adjusted - Merged into single drop group as to not affect other item drop chances too much
  • Salvage Yards
  • Removed - Salvage Market. Now works via direct modification of budget (no longer makes a weird pseudo colony)
  • Senate
  • Added - Edict: Exact Clearances (Increases ship Quality, decreases hull output)
  • Removed - Edict: Growth Reinvestment
  • Academy
  • Added - Academy to Fikenhild (since the one in Galatia doesn't spawn hireable officers)
  • Adjusted - Spawned hireable officer max level reduced to match 0.95a
  • Adjusted - Hireable officer has a chance to have an elite skill
  • Adjusted - Now accessible at Galatia Academy Station instead of Ancyra
  • Engineering Hub
  • Adjusted - Updated Whitelists
  • Derelict Industries
  • Adjusted - Merged Forge Templates into single drop group as to not affect other item drop chances too much
  • Adjusted - Updated whitelists
  • Exploration
  • Added - Another event (secret)
  • Adjusted - D-Mod event no longer eats the Nanoforge, but was nerfed in turn
  • Adjusted - Chances (no, you still can't savescum it)
  • Removed - Marine Cryopod Event (is now Vanilla)
Spoiler: click to expand
Attribution / Acknowledgement
Anton Juntunen    Paid commission – Almost all the artwork for items, buildings and illustrations. Check out his stuff (and contact) here: https://www.artstation.com/antonjuntunen
Nia Tahl    A huge amount of fancy weapons for the research projects
President Matt Damon    Endless patience helping me with vector math, and script contributions.
MesoTroniK    Paid commission – Sound Effects.
Harmful Mechanic   Sound Effects for the artillery
Rikodu Studios    The Salvage Yards icon is an edited version of concept art owned by Rikodu, used with permission.
Alex    Repeatedly helped by answering stupid questions, and making this possible in the first place. 
Avanitia    Massive amounts of feedback, beta testing, and patience.
Baseplate    Multiple extremely in-depth bug reports and beta testing.
Discord Folk    Help and Feedback on multiple occasions – thank you!

Ask before using my code. Do not reuse or modify my images - see attribution!

I very much appreciate feedback or suggestions, for both current and future content.

Looks great. I love it.

Awesome to see a mod dedicated to colonies! Don't see that much around often!

Interesting concepts.  Every though about adding a straight-up Drug Lab?  Just produces drugs from organics, either for your own mining operations or for export when people turn on free port (naturally that would honk-off your neighbors and may invite raids)?

Interesting concepts.  Every though about adding a straight-up Drug Lab?  Just produces drugs from organics, either for your own mining operations or for export when people turn on free port (naturally that would honk-off your neighbors and may invite raids)?

finding the production chip for Recreational Drugs and installing it in a Variable Industry does that, in addition to giving you a monthly supply to trade with.


Drop rates seem fine, you can get a decent amount of VPCs of any rarity consistently, and having a way to get rid quick of some was a decent call, it does not seen to overlap your usual loot lists from the vanilla game.

The only problem would be a vanilla issue where we are limited to 12 buildings only in colonies, which is terrible limitation, hopefully one day we'll get something to fix this!

Your mod fixed bad colonies that doesn't have any possible production, however I ran into some balancing issues... your buildings invite pathers with a (7) industrial interest, your buildings are very precious, I do think some shouldn't be available from start, but something you can unlock by exploring, kinda like the planetary shield?

Thank you for your hard work! and keep coming to discord! always good to talk with Mod Authors

Thanks to everyone that provided feedback, especially Matsor Browncoat, SCC and RoquetheRogue.
Most everything that has been said is addressed in this update.

There has been no change to the cost or availability of these, since I consider gating industries behind drop tables not the best approach.

Without further ado - the most complicated industry I have made so far:

Spoiler: click to expand
Change Log
  • Variable Industries
  • Fixed AI cores randomly not working (All)
  • Slightly decreased pather interest in Manufactory
  • Removed pather interest in Commodity Forge (it destroys tech, they shouldn’t care)
  • Military Relays
  • Changed build requirement from High Command to Military Base in Star System
  • Reduced effect if no High command is present
  • Fixed not buildable if planet only has a military base
  • Fixed relays applying the bonus even if the colony had the highest fleet size
  • Increased beta core effect to 25% upkeep reduction
  • Is now unraidable
  • Centralization Bureau
  • Changed Industry blacklist to whitelist (No more issues with other modded industries)
  • Is now unraidable
  • Salvage Yards
  • Added – hunting fleets in your system now has proper rewards.

Salvage Yards?  This looks interesting.

You know... I've often envisioned the idea of a planet structure that refurbishes stores ships and slowly removes their D-Mods over time (like 1 per month, randomly selected from the pool of damaged ships in storage).  I think that the structure would be cheap to maintain (otherwise why bother?) but would cost ship hulls and processed metals to operate.

You had me at industrial sized illegal drug lab.

Great mod.
Thanks for the update!! ;D

VPCs for Luxury Goods are not showing up in Installation Lists, either in player storage or the colony storage..

is there any VPC for Organs? or maybe a Vatgrown Organ Facility in the future? Aquaculture VPC/Facility for Volturn Crabs?

By the way, have you seen that mod I've linked you? I'm sure you and mod author creature can accomplish a lot together if you ever collab! Nijigen Extend has some interesting criminal industries.

It looks very interesting, and the illustrations are also very good

VPCs for Luxury Goods are not showing up in Installation Lists, either in player storage or the colony storage..

is there any VPC for Organs? or maybe a Vatgrown Organ Facility in the future? Aquaculture VPC/Facility for Volturn Crabs?

By the way, have you seen that mod I've linked you? I'm sure you and mod author creature can accomplish a lot together if you ever collab! Nijigen Extend has some interesting criminal industries.

I fat fingered the ID of LuxGoods VPC, will be fixed in the next release. Thanks for letting me know!
There is no VPC for organs, as they can not be made in a production line.

I don't want to make industries that compete with vanilla, but rather add new effects.
CK industries has an organ production and some other industries to offer new ways to produce vanilla commodities. It is not something I would personally use, but check it out if you are after those!

I saw the industries Nijigen Extend adds. They have interesting concepts for sure, but collabs are too time intensive to do for me atm.

Updated OP with notice - There is absolutely no reason for the game to do that, but it does it anyway. Removing salvage Yards, then Heavy Industry is fine.

It shouldn't really affect a save, since industries are rarely removed, but please keep this in mind.

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