[Starsector Mods][0.95.1a] Immersion Friendly Portrait Pack [v1.0]

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Immersion Friendly Portraits

Spot the difference!


  • 28 Portraits
  • Quality
  • Diversity
  • Artistic consistency
  • Lore consistency
  • 3 “Themes” for you to choose, vanilla, red and white


  • Vanilla:
    Spoiler: click to expand
  • Red:
    Spoiler: click to expand
  • White:
    Spoiler: click to expand

Download Links


Download and unpack in your game “mods” directory.


There are at the moment 28 portraits added. I plan to add more eventually.

I can also make a more different “versions” if there’s a demand for it as long as it’s just recolors.

Also, let me know if the lighting colors/placement feels too similar since I can easily change it, if you feel that some portraits are out of place I can also remove them.

All images are property of their respective owners.

I will also try and find the original artists so I can give proper credits.

Drives are restricted. :'(

Nice set though, fits with the game.

Damn I knew I would break something, gimme a second.

Edit: Here you go, fixed the drives. Also, I’m probably going to release the v1.1 in a couple of hours.

Awesome! Much thanks. :)

Always nice to have more portraits to work with in my campaigns. Thanks for this!

Alright, v1.1 is up and I added 7 more males and females portraits. It needs a bit of polish I think but I’m tired and I’ll do it tomorrow.

It’d also be rad if you could propagate them out to the NPC factions or even mod factions.

That said, this is cool and good. Nice work on it!

It’d also be rad if you could propagate them out to the NPC factions or even mod factions.

That said, this is cool and good. Nice work on it!

Interestingly, the mod was originally a personal addon for the Diable Avionics mod and more specifically my skin line Arctic for it, which is why there’s a white and red version of it.

The reason I didn’t release it as such is because I wanted people to be able to use it outside of this very specific context and I also don’t want to involve Tartiflette and FlashFrozen in my mod since it’s just a bunch of technically stolen assets.

Mixing them in the factions of the game is a direction I want to take the mod in, I’m working on it but since there is so few portraits to integrate to begin with it’s going to amount to around 4 portrait per faction though, so don’t expect too much.

These are great portraits! Always happy to see more quality non-weeb stuff :)

Okay, so as a bit more advice: you don’t actually need to replicate the entire faction file when adding new portraits to the game.

.faction files in mods can, in fact, be additive; you can include only the data you want to append to the faction as it appears in, say, starsector_core, and it’ll be added with no fuss by Starsector’s executable. In fact, it’s generally better to do it this way, because people may have messed around with their .faction files on their end or in other mods.

So the “clean” way to do the player.faction file would look like this:


And that’s all you need! There’s no need to replicate the rest of the stuff in the base .faction file. What’s above will parse just fine, so long as it’s in the initial set of {} tags.

As a result, it’s also fairly easy to just copy-paste it for each faction you want to add portraits to. Giving indeps, scavengers and mercenaries access to these portraits (e.g. they usually have access to portraits the player does) is as easy as taking this player.faction file, copy-paste it in file explorer, and rename each file independent.faction, mercenary.faction, and scavengers.faction. It’s a similar process for other factions, albeit I’d imagine you want to curate the choice a little depending on context.

You can even add factions that aren’t actually enabled otherwise – if you put a diableavionics.faction with this listing in /data/world/faction, and a player doesn’t have DA installed, the game will just cleanly ignore it with no errors. And if it does get enabled later, the portraits will smoothly integrate with no need for further fiddling!

Anyway, this really is a well-put-together portrait pack, and .faction files aren’t quite as intimidating as they look. ;)

Hey, love your portrait pack! I was wondering though: is it still possible for me to ask for a yellow/golden version? Mixing it with the already existing red version would just be perfect.

was cool before (very well done)
now with red and white additions, it is very cool
maybe turn the red into pirate type portraits and leave white like it is for indies?
just an idea
thanks for the art

If by “diversity “you mean a single black person in space like Star Wars,” you’re right

If by “diversity “you mean a single black person in space like Star Wars,” you’re right

Variety is a synonym for diversity.

Before I read the thread I was going  to make a post asking if this mod was made for Diable Avionics :P

Color scheme suggestions:

blue-gold (a bunch of factions has thes,e also is my favourite color  combo :D)

black-orange (for the “ARC” faction… this faction is a discord only mod that is not done yet, but is intended to be enemies of Diable, featuring modified Diable ships, painted black, very cool that mod!)

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