[Starsector Mods][0.95.1a] Support Ships Pack 0.6.0

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Support Ships Pack

A collection of mostly kitbashed ships that fill vaguely supportive roles.
Currently contains 1 capital, 3 cruisers, 7 destroyers, and 8 frigates.
Balance may be a little off, so feedback is appreciated.

And I don’t just mean stuff that is OP, tell me about stuff that is too weak.

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Spoiler: click to expand

Revoker-Class Fast Battleship
A hard-hitting frontline capital with twin Ion Pulse Cannons.

Geoid-Class Voyage Ship
A modification of the Atlas perfect for long-haul exploration.


Spoiler: click to expand

A faster and smaller alternative to the Astral, perfect for giving wolfpacks fighter cover.

Rhea-Class Cruiser
Jack of all trades, master of none taken to the logical extreme.

Aspirant-Class Fire Support Cruiser
Long ranged fire on a budget.


Spoiler: click to expand

Lammergeier-Class Destroyer
A generalist destroyer with a special heavy-duty combat vent system.

Nebulae-Class Converted Transport
A gun platform masquerading as a cruise liner.

Gemini-Class Combat Freighter (Luddic Church)
MORE PERDITION BOMBERS, but less storage.

Apsis-Class Destroyer
The Apogee’s small friend.

Tercio-Class Destroyer
An unshielded brick with an ablative front armor plate.

Tercio-Class Destroyer (XIV)
An unshielded brick with an ablative front armor plate.
Now with even more armor.

Sidebar-Class Escort Destroyer
A durable High-tech escort craft with a powerful built-in fighter wing.


Spoiler: click to expand

Dram MK-II Class Modified Tanker
Hammer torpedoes, bolted on armor, Safety Overrides, and a dream.

Faraday-Class Support Frigate
A Heavy Ion Cannon with a ship built around it.

Maunder-Class Frigate
A common gunship perfect for adding firepower to any fleet.

Maunder-Class Frigate (Pirate)
But what if missiles instead of guns?

Maunder-Class Transport (Stock)
The original Maunder, a fairly useless luxury craft with no known surviving blueprints.

Carton-Class Wing Carrier
One fighter wing in a tiny box.

Carton-Class Missile Frigate (Pirate)
One giant missile launcher in a tiny box.

Carton(TT)-Class Electronic Warfare Frigate
One oversized EWAR package in a tiny box.

Gardener-Class Courier
A fast little cargo ship with a converted mass driver.

Future Plans:
1:An actual capital ship.
2:Lions Guard skins for the Rhea and Lammergeier.
3:? ? ? ? ?.

G-Man, for his amazing kitbash sheet.
Pyrophage, for his silhouette sheet.
Tomatopaste, for help making the Rhea’s new hangar unique.
YuiTheModder, for help in the coding hell that is basic hullmods that should not have taken nearly as long as they did to make.
And of course, the entire unofficial discord, for their overall help.

I like the look of this modpack, I’ll be trying it out if only to try out the meme of the Carton-Class ships.

I hate and love the apsis visual design at the same time. It’s like a derpy little lucrehulk from Star Wars.

I feel like it may look better visually having a little engine nacelle based near the rear turret mounts, but I like it in general regardless.

Update 0.1.1
The Rhea looks less terrible now, as it has a new sprite.

Update 0.2.0
-General balance tweaks, mostly DP changes.
-Updated ship and weapon descriptions
-Added the Tercio and Tercio (XIV) Destroyers.

Update 0.3.0
-Made the Gemini (LC) actually have less storage space as the description says it does.
-Renamed the Rhea to the Ossifrage.
-Added the Aspirant Cruiser

Update 0.4.0
-Added a Mask to the Aspirant
-Fixed the Heavy Ion Beam’s icon
-Added a handful of new variants
-Added a hullmod and HUD extension to better explain the Tercio’s ablative armor
-Changed some descriptions and stats
-Added the Geoid-Class Voyage Ship
-Added the Sidebar-Class Escort Destroyer
-Added the Slider-Class Interceptor


Update 0.4.1
-Fixed a crash when an incompatible hullmod was added to the Carton with Better Deserved S-mods installed
-Redid Carton variants so that they don’t try to use incompatible hullmods

Update 0.5.0
-Added the Gardener-Class Courier
-Resprited the Gemini(LC)
-Added new autofits and fixed broken ones

Update 0.5.1
Big balance patch 1

Ship Changes

Spoiler: click to expand
Carton & Carton (P):
– Flux capacity increased to 1500
– Shield to 0.8 from 1.0
– Removed the central flare launcher from the base model
– Removed logistics penalties from pirate model
– Reduced fuel to 30
– Reduced DP to 4
– Added new Miniscule Hangar sprite
– Miniscule Hangar no longer increases minimum crew by 20

Maunder (S)
– Reduced DP to 2
– Reduced dissipation to 100
– Reduced capacity to 1500

– Shield to 0.6 from 0.7
– Replaced High Energy Focus with Active Flares

Tercio & Tercio (XIV)
– Reduced base capacity to 2000

– Reduced DP to 7

– Increased DP to 12

– Increased fuel to 60
– Reduced DP to 10

– Reduced burn to 7

– Increased DP to 22
– Increased fuel to 120
– Increased burn to 9

– Increased dissipation to 10000
– Increased vents to 650
– Increased OP to 175
– Increased cargo to 150
– Increased fuel to 150

System Changes

Spoiler: click to expand
Combat Vent
– Now forces forward acceleration
– Changed sound

I’m going to try it out

Update 0.6.0
-Added Carton(TT)-Class Electronic Warfare Frigate
-Added Revoker-Class Fast Battleship
-Added Blinky lights to all Carton-Class ships
-Added new mission: The Backups
-Fixed broken autofits
-Updated Parabola-Class sprite

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