[Starsector Mods][0.95.1a] Gundam UC Mod v0.4.0 Thunderbolt Expansion!

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Not save game compatible & No pay wall



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Mod Preview

This mod features the One Year War from Gundam which happens during UC 0079. The Principality of Zeon declares war against the Earth Federation and launches surprise attacks on Sides 1, 2, and 4. During this first week of the war, the indiscriminate use of nuclear, biological, and chemical weapons claims the lives of 2.8 billion space colonists.

Features and Content
  • 2 New factions added to the game, Zeon & EFSF
  • Mech based mod featuring Mobile Suits from both factions
  • Mobile Armour from the anime also included
  • Different types of Mobile Suits to fit different roles
  • Strong Mobile Suits and regular warships

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Earth Federation Space Force (E.F.S.F.)
new units are marked with *
  • Carry Base
  • Space Transport Ship
  • Columbus
  • Columbus Beehive*
  • Pizarro
  • Lepanto
  • Salamis
  • Magellan
  • Pegasus
  • Spartan*
  • Blanc Rival
  • Gray Phantom

Mobile Suits
  • RGM-79[E] GM Early Type
  • RGM-79 GM
  • RGM-79 GM (Thunderbolt Sector)*
  • RGM-79C GM Type C
  • RGM-79GS GM Command Space Type
  • RGM-79/GH Gundam Head*
  • RGM-79 GM Sniper
  • RGM-79SP GM Sniper II
  • RGC-80 GM Cannon*
  • RX-75-4 Guntank
  • RX-77-2 Guncannon
  • RX-77D Guncannon Mass Production Type
  • RX-78-2 Gundam (Pilotable)
  • RX-78-3 Gundam “G3″(Pilotable)
  • RX-78NT-1 Gundam “Alex” (Pilotable)
  • FA-78 Full Armour Gundam (Pilotable)

  • FF-X7 Core Fighter
  • FF-X7-Bst Core Booster
  • FFB-7Bst Jet Core Booster II
  • Pablic-class Bomber
  • RB-79 Ball
  • RB-79K Ball Type K

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Principality of Zeon (ZEON)
new units are marked with *
ZEON Warships
  • Carry Base
  • Yapp
  • Jormungand
  • Chivvay
  • Chibe (Final Production Type)
  • Tivvay
  • Musai
  • Musai (Final Production Type)
  • Jotunheim
  • Papua
  • Zanzibar
  • Gwazine
  • Dolos

Mobile Armour
  • Apsaras II
  • Apsaras III
  • MA-05 Bigro
  • MA-05Ad Big-Rang
  • MA-05Ad MP-02A Oggo
  • MA-08 Big Zam
  • MAN-03 Braw Bro
  • MAN-08 Elmeth

Mobile Suits
  • MS-05B Zaku I
  • MS-05L Zaku I Sniper Type
  • MS-06 Zaku II
  • MS-06 Zaku II (Thunderbolt Sector)*
  • MS-06 Zaku II Rifle
  • MS-06 Zaku II Shield
  • MS-06R-1A Zaku II High Mobility Type
  • MS-06RD-4 Zaku High Mobility Test Type
  • MS-06FZ Zaku II Kai
  • MS-07B Gouf
  • MS-09R Rick Dom
  • MS-09R Rick Dom (Thunderbolt Sector)*
  • MS-09R-2 Rick Dom II
  • MS-14A Gelgoog
  • MS-14A Gelgoog (Thunderbolt Sector)*
  • MS-14Jg Gelgoog Jäger
  • MS-18E Kämpfer
  • YMS-15 Gyan
  • MSM-10 Zock
  • MS-06S Char’s Zaku II(Pilotable)
  • MS-06R Zaku II High Mobility Type (Pilotable)*
  • EMS-10 Zudah(Pilotable)
  • MSN-02 Zeong(Pilotable)
  • DFA-03 Dopp
  • DFA-03 Orange Dopp
  • Gattle Bomber

  • Laroutine – for scripting work rework and improvements
  • Dragonknight951 – for helping with descriptions and ideas
  • Tartiflette – for advicing with scripting
  • FlashFrozen & Tartiflette – for granting permission to use Diable Avionics sprites for kitbashing
  • Sozzer & Nia Tahl  & Kwenchin – for different Diable Avionics skins and sprites for kitbashing
  • shoi – for inspiring this mod via his mod Arma Armatura and for helping me with this mod
  • Astarat – for granting permission to use Volkov Industrial Conglomerate (VIC) weapon sprites for weapon kitbashing
  • MShadowy – for granting permission to use Shadowyard’s rotating engine flame system
  • scmp – for letting me use theSol System mod that creates our own solar system to fit the lore
  • Anexgohan – inspiration of missile weapon by Anex Weapons mod
  • Trylobot & Deathfly- creator of Ship Editor

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Changelog 0.4.0 Thunderbolt Expansion
Changelog 0.4.0
New Features
  • MS charge forward when using melee weapon
  • New missile weapons for warships for mid-tier damage dealer missile
  • New flare weapons for warships for anti-missile
  • Chain gun behaviour amended

Mobile Suit
  • Weapon buff for pilotable units
  • New exclusive weapon for RX-78-2
  • Added grenade for Zaku

  • Small turret weapon strength balancing
  • MS machine gun fire slower but more powerful and more accurate

  • New launcher guide added to most of the Warships
  • Thrusters adjustment for Warships MS and MA
  • Make all beam turret weapon graphic more unique
  • More rounded Side Station graphic, which looks more like sides in the lore
  • Mega Particle Cannon has different colours for EFSF and ZEON
  • Sabre sprite improved
  • Changed EFSF flag to the one we are familiar with
  • Existing Warships graphic improvements to fit the lore

  • Commission Crew fix
  • Magellan weapon slot adjustment
  • Launch bay fixes, now MS landed on their designated locations
  • Battle Station enable for Gaia & Lunar

P.S and many more changes

Spoiler: click to expand
Changelog v0.3.2 0080 Another QuickFixes
Changelog 0.3.2

  • Gundam Factories “MsResearch” issue, should be should be good to go now

Spoiler: click to expand
Changelog v0.3.1 0080 Fixes
Changelog 0.3.1

  • Gundam Factories “MsResearch” issue, should be good to go now

More changes
  • We’ve done quite a lot of new contents during the time being, not just the fixes above.
    But we’ve decided to release it for the next major update or another content expansion.

Spoiler: click to expand
Changelog 0.3.0 0080 Expansion
Changelog 0.3.0
  • Added Gundam theme music to market and battle screen
  • Battle scene music require Custom Battle Music mod to play (link above)

  • Colony Sides independent from planets
  • Complete Colony Sides from the lore with unique sprites and illustrations

  • Industry balance for EFSF & ZEON
  • Custom industry (MS factory) that generate BP & MS

Mobile Suit
  • Weapon swap hullmod for Char Zaku II
  • Added shield for shielded MS
  • Added battery system 3 minutes for MS that has unlimited ammo (force landing dummy weapon)
  • Remove Wing commander from some not captain type pilotable MS
  • Added new unique hullmods for MS

  • New sniper weapons added as turret
  • Twin particle cannons, and missile weapons reworked

  • Overclock system now have red and blue engine version

  • MS Ordinance Points revise
  • Replace Gundam RX 78-2 at white base with Core Fighter
  • Description amendments and grammar check
  • EFSF & ZEON are now hated each other

P.S and many more changes

Spoiler: click to expand
Changelog 0.2.1 G3 Balancing & Fixes
Changelog 0.2.1
  • Increase fleet size EFSF+2 ZEON+1

Mobile Suit
  • Zudah now pilotable
  • Reduced Hitpoints for elite MS
  • Nerf OP MS Hitpoints & Armour such as Gyan, Zock & Zeong
  • Added shield for MS with shield, now there’re able to evade and block
  • EFSF MS stick to formation, ZEON MS prefer to fight in swamp tactic

  • Renaming most weapons
  • One new PD weapon added for anti-MS
  • Weapons rebalance referencing vanilla’s dmg/sec, emp/sec, flux/sec, flux/shot, flux/dmg
  • MS weapons now has more rules, making MS more specific for certain tasks

  • Twin Mega Particle Cannon sprite update
  • Polished weapon firing smoke

  • Removed extra farmland and organics from sides and planet
  • Increased small fighters hitbox

Spoiler: click to expand
Changelog 0.2.0 G3 Expansion
Changelog 0.2.0
  • Successfully detach from Shadowyard mod

Campaign Changes
  • EFSF and ZEON are now start off as hostile relationship
  • Earth increased size to 8
  • Luna increased size to 6
  • All Side Colonies increased size to 6
  • All rural planets increased size to 5
  • Reduced number of Heavy Industries in the system

Warship Balance
  • Pegasus shield arc reduced to 270 degree
  • Buff Elemeth stats to increase its survivability, modified its drone system and add built-in wing drone to it
  • Lepando now a frigate
  • Columbus/Yapp slightly buffed their hitpoints and armour
  • Magellan slightly increased DP, Hull and Armour+150
  • Warship mass reduced to base game level

Mobile Suit Balance
  • Evasion move (phase cloak) nerf speed buff
  • Further Nerf MS evasion move system (phase cloak) burn more flux to operate and maintain
  • Slightly buff MS weapon strength
  • Rick Dom Bazooka increase damage to 300
  • Buff Char Zaku II speed a little
  • Zeong is now pilotable

Weapon Balance
  • Neft overall main weapons
  • Twin Anti-Aircraft Rapid Beam reduced range, damage, and do more spread
  • Twin Anti-Aircraft Gun do more spread
  • Twin Mega Particle Cannon has changed to a weapon with medium speed support beam use to suppress enemy shield (weaker beam version of Hypervelocity Driver)

Graphic Improvement
  • Sprite HD Remaster
  • MS thrust flame now have blue and red instead of cyan for all and thruster sprites improved
  • Weapon beam & bullet sprite visual improved(hopefully)
  • Weapon animation rework
  • MS head and gun now have larger range yet more flexible
  • Unique engine and shield for gundam mod

  • Remove a side cannon from market, that meant to be built-in weapon on the side of the warship
  • Swapped back Gouf and Gyan name
  • Pilotable MS now could change their squadron fighters

Spoiler: click to expand
Changelog 0.1.1
Changelog 0.1.1
  • Now require Arma Armatura mod to run!
  • Added Nexerelin new game starts up

  • Added Pilotable Gundam & Zaku II Char (prototype) with Arma Armatura Wingcom System (squadron pilots)
  • Added Zaku II shield buddy for Zaku II Bazooka squad and Fortresses drone
  • Player now learn manufacturing MS by finding blueprint for that specific ship
  • Extended MS melee weapon’s cooldown
  • Improved shield performance for MS with shield
  • Bigro and Zock now use front shield instead of damper
  • Nerf MS that has unlimited evasion move system (phase cloak)

  • Smaller thruster for all warships, fit to vanilla ships
  • Weapon sound volume adjusted to a more comfortable level
  • Added more female portraits for both factions
  • Added graphic package blueprints

  • Added 2 fortresses for Zeon (check it out)
  • Added faction hullmod for both factions (commissioned crew mod)
  • Added factions to prism free market now sell stuff from these two factions
  • Luna market size increased to 2

  • Warship speed increased for game balancing
  • Magellan changed to capital ship
  • Elemeth now a destroyer

Just downloaded for my new play through!

Why is shadowyards part of the requirements ?

Instantly adding to my next run :D looks good my guy

Why is shadowyards part of the requirements ?

Because I’m using shadowyards rotating thruster system, I try to import it into gundam mod it shows error. I seek help to creator to of shadowyard MShadowy, but the issue cannot be fix. I’ll try to resolve the issue in the future update.

Instantly adding to my next run :D looks good my guy

Just downloaded for my new play through!

Have fun and Enjoy your game

hey boss, im getting a fatal error for the following
any idea what might cause that?
i am running multiple mods if a list is needed

update: nvm im an idiot, somehow i must not have clicked shadow yards enough to enable it XD, and everything is fine

hey boss, im getting a fatal error for the following
any idea what might cause that?
i am running multiple mods if a list is needed

It requires shadowyard to run to resolve this error

So Im not seeing the factions in the new game start for whatever reason but at the start screen I’ve seen a few of the ships so Im confused lol

So Im not seeing the factions in the new game start for whatever reason but at the start screen I’ve seen a few of the ships so Im confused lol

But I do see them when I start a new game. Now just kinda realizing it might be due to not being currently Nex compatible.

Nexerelin startup has been added to the mod and will release in the next update

stoked to fly over to the system that has zeon and earth forces to pick up some suits

stoked to fly over to the system that has zeon and earth forces to pick up some suits

Wish you all the best on finding what you want, and I didn’t make it too difficult ::)

Neat idea and I would love to see the mobile suits to be more developed overtime. Right now they feel like paper doll cutouts. :(

The audio clips are fun and the new system is very nostalgic.  The new ships and the weapons I tried were fun to use.

Interesting got the EFSF and Zeon to be allied for now.

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