[Starsector Mods][0.95.1a] Gundam Iron-Blooded Orphan – Factions – 2.4.0

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Gundam Iron-Blooded Orphan – Factions

This mod plans to add every faction seen in the anime Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphan.
It also now adds


Spoiler: click to expand


Spoiler: click to expand
Halfbeak – Ship:

Biscoe – Ship;

Isarabi – Ship:

Graze – Mobile Suit:

Shiden – Mobile Suit:

Rodi – Mobile Suit:

Saisei – Station:

Faction Information:

Spoiler: click to expand
  • Teiwaz: They only have a single space station, they don’t have a black market but have a reduced tarif.
  • Gjallarhorn: They have a space stations almost everywhere. They have their own system but next to ennemy. They think you are suspisious. You can barely buy anything from them.

Latest Information:

Spoiler: click to expand
  • Biscoe is a small ship carrying 1 compliment of fighters
  • Nanolaminate Armor as now a drawback with Flux Increase for each weapon fired
  • Packages have been added to GJA and Tewaz
  • Packages have been added for each type of Mobile-Suits
  • Ryusei-Go is now a ship with more armor than the Custom Shiden
  • Balancing as been done on the Halfbeack
  • Nexelerin is now fully compatible

==Present Feature==
– Teiwaz Faction (Music/Portrait/Fleet Composition)
– Gjallarhorn Faction (Music/Portrait/Fleet Composition)
– 9 mobile suits added
– 2 ship added
– 4 hullmods added

==Future Feature==
– New ship Variant
– Tekkadan Faction
– Dawn Horizon Corps Faction
– New ships
– Always taking suggestion
Github Ideas

==Potential Feature==
(Those features are just ideas, I don’t know how to implement them and if they would fit this mod)
– Adding specific missions
– Adding Mobile Armor
– Adding Pluma

Thanks to

Got any screenshots or…?

Got any screenshots or…?

I looked through the archive and no ship graphics are preset, so they are planned for a future update. From what I can see the Teiwaz faction, the Saisei system, as well as portraits/station art are implemented. The ripped art looks pretty good so far:

nexerelin support?

nexerelin support?

Maybe, but i will first finish the content for 2.2.0

For those following this mod, I have not updated in a long time (Sorry I know), but next update will implement my new mod and redo a lot of the work done.
A few new asset and ships might also be present.
And the Halfbeak in it’s current state will be probably gone.

the icon for your mod gives me yu-gi-oh vibes i don’t know why.

So is this dead or whats going on with it?

So is this dead or whats going on with it?

It is not dead, There is a lot being worked on.
Rework on a lot of the ships.
New hullmods.
New mobile suits.

I would like to say first off, thank you for all your hard effort put into the mod, I really appreciate the details paid attention to from the show and translation into the Persian Sector, honestly IBO is my favorite Gundman Series hands down.

With that being said for some reason or another, Gjallahorn’s world can not be invaded and the bar is missing entirely. I have checked and this is the case everywhere. I am running the most recent version of StarSector as of this posting (0.95-1a-RC6) and few mods that should be causing this problem, in my honest opinion something either borked with Nexerlin or IBO and I want to make you aware.

So is this dead or whats going on with it?

It is not dead, There is a lot being worked on.
Rework on a lot of the ships.
New hullmods.
New mobile suits.

Good to know, liked the mod and was hoping it was still around so I could start using it.

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