[Starsector Mods][0.95.1a] Target Practice V1.41rc2 (2021/03/29)

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Disclaimer: I completely stole the basic idea from Foxer360 (sorry)…

This mod add four practice targets to your simulation opponents. Three passive punching bags, and one equipped with harpoon drones to test your PD.

They are mostly intended for modders to test their new weapons and ships against passive targets. Unlike the ones in Foxer’s

right at the needed moment! thx tartiflette  :D

Great idea :)  Can you add some that are also shield testers?

When I said stats equivalent to the Onslaught, Conquest and Paragon that include their shields (well, in the case of the onslaught I removed it)

Screenshots? :D

Done, but it’s not super interesting¬† :(

Updated for 0.7a.

Micro update to make it compatible with LazyWizard’s Simulator Overhaul.

Uh, I think I broke something:

Spoiler: click to expand

Uh, I think I broke something:

Spoiler: click to expand

The Boxslaught has arrived.

Can you add a weapon testing ship for this mod, which has 1 armor and 1 hull 0 max burn that come up with 3 universal turret slot of 3 sizes and unlimited (999?) OP?

Small Update that adds a fourth target that launches Harpoon equipped drones to test your PD. They also are no longer completely fixed in position and can be bumped around. This update shouldn’t break any save.

Updated to 0.8a

Updated for 0.9.0!

(Not so) Quick fix for the death bug.

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