[Starsector Mods][0.95.1a] Deluxe Player Flags 1.01a

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24 new original, clean, and color-coordinated player flags.

(Donation link removed – music is paid for)

Well, this goes on my mandatory mods list; I’ve always wanted more options for player flags, and these are all solid designs.

Well, time to start new game.

Been using this since the discord pre-release. They’re good flags, starfarer.

Well, time to start new game.

you change flags and stuff in the manage colony interface. Even rename your faction etc.

Yep, this mod is safe to add mid-save.

Seems like the bit bucket link is dead.

Works fine for me, and when I check the repo, the file is still there. Problem’s on your end.

You can also get the mod on Nexus, added a mirror link.

Fantastic mod. I wonder, what do you use to create the flags? And do you have any tutorials to actually implement user-made flags into the game? I’d like to try.

So, implementation is easy as pie; you just need a player.faction file in your own custom mod (or wherever you want to put the call, but throwing together one’s own graphic pack is pretty simple and I have a personal mod that I use to handle all my portrait/flag/etc customizations).

So all you need to do, once you’ve got a mod.info set up in the folder for your flags, is put your flags in a “graphics” sub-folder within this new mod, create a player.faction text file, and put the following in it:

"logo":"graphics/(additional subfolders if you want for organization, I use factions/custom/ to mirror vanilla folder layout)/mycustomflag.png",
                (And of course, repeat this as many times as you like for as many flags as you want to add. [b]Don't forget the commas![/b])

Codewise, what the game looks for is a “logo” and “crest” image; putting them in the player.faction file allows the game to “see” them and they’ll be added to the list of options when you go to change your flag. On the technical side for the graphics themselves, a logo (which is the full flag) should be a 410×256 rectangle, and a crest a 256×256 square. The game prefers PNGs, but it can use JPGs for static images like flags or portraits. But be kind to yourself; use PNGs to make sure nothing is lost to compression.

And that’s really all there is to it! All you need is a good-looking flag, and the implementation takes a couple minutes, tops. This same process can be used to implement custom portraits, and you can even change what music plays at your ports or when getting in touch with your own fleets! (Though that’s a touch trickier.)

(I see I’ve been beaten to the punch! All that should be correct for making flags show up in-game.)

Fantastic mod.

Thanks. Probably shouldn’t shock me that the mod I spent the least time on is the best received!

I wonder, what do you use to create the flags?

Adobe Illustrator – still my weapon of choice, and a pretty good one for this.

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