[Starsector Mods][0.95.1a] Bricky Construction 1.3.0 Bricky Shipments (30.09.22)

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Bricky Construction
(banner coming soon)

Are your ships simply not tanky enough? Do you wish for firepower to blot out the sun? Do you like getting engine flameouts?? The Bricky Construction has got you covered for all your bricky needs! Purchase only the highest quality space rocks at Bricky Construction Inc!!

if you downloaded before you saw this msg pls redownload I fixed the ACA description
Github Direct Download Link
Version 1.3.0
Compatible with all previous versions
Save compatible

– New bricky ships –
– New bricky fighter wings –
– New Hullmods –


Spoiler: click to expand

Lopsider Class Frigate
It’s all on the tin

Brigadier Class Carrier Destroyer
Converted Hangar Spam to the max

Militar Class Destroyer

Hawk Class Light Cruiser
Someone wasn’t happy with the Falcon

Varangian Class Light Heavy Cruiser
Brick for your Buck

Tanngrisnir Class Battleship
Zappy friend


Spoiler: click to expand

Taloness Interceptor
Big Talon

Shortsword Heavy Fighter
Broadsword that trades engines for brick


Spoiler: click to expand

Advanced Coordination Array
Do you like Support Doctrine and Derelict Operations? Well have some more!

Pyrophage and Toopok – for saving me from my own terrible spriting
Wisp – for his fantastic mod template and help with coding
Tomatopaste – for saving me from my own terrible coding
Luzaitis – for sharing kitbashing resources

Special Thanks To:
Evil Pineapple, SarenSoran, Demto, AxleMC131, Astarat, SCC, ruddygreat, Tim the Techpriest, SeanMirrsen, SOLDIER First, MrPilgrim, SafariJohn, banano of doom, Kirbo, BigBeans and many more

If you have any suggestions/complaints/bug reports/straight up hate, feel free to contact me on discord @Lortus#8905, or comment/DM me here! Any advice will be appreciated and taken into consideration.


Spoiler: click to expand
 – Edited the ACA description
 – Reduced the Hawk’s cost from 90,000 to 80,000
 – Added the Tanngrisnir class Battleship
 – Added the Varangian class Light Heavy Cruiser
 – Added the Super EMP Emitter system
 – Nerfed ACA (again) (lol) (i’ll do it again)

 – Changed the Militar’s name to the Militant
 – Revamped all descriptions
 – Made the hardpoint firing angles to 5 or 10 percent instead of the previous 0 percent
 – Messed with the Hawk’s firing angles (again)
 – Heavily nerfed ACA including increased OP cost and no more building in.

 – Added the Militar Class Destroyer
 – Added the Lopsider Class Frigate
 – Added the Advanced Coordination Array hullmod
 – Added some new variants
 – Probably messed with some ship stats

 – Bugfixed the Brigadier’s built in Taloness

 – Added the Hawk class Light Cruiser
 – Added the Shortsword class Heavy Fighter Wing
 – Changed the Brigadier shield and center of mass

 – First Release
 – Added the Brigadier class Carrier Destroyer
 – Added the Taloness class Heavy Interceptor Wing

Reserved comment cuz I saw some people doing that

Nice, can’t wait to see more of it!

Thanks a ton!

New Update: Bricky Construction 1.1.0!

Hawk class Light Cruiser
Shortsword class Heavy Fighter
Download Link

I’m having an issue with the Brigadier where it doesn’t let me install anything in the hangar bay

Does it not let you install anything?
It should have a built in bay of taloness interceptors. The reason I went with this route was because cheap bays tend to wreak havoc on balance. The talonesses are jack of all trades so they should be applicable to any situation.

I am planning on additional options for built in fighters in the next update so the player has more choices.

P.S. Thank you for the feedback! If you have any other suggestions/I misunderstood your current one feel free to tell me.

Oh that makes a lot of sense. Then the issue appears to be that the Taloness isn’t actually built-in (or at least it’s not displaying as such in the ship designer), and just shows a blank slot.

Could you send a screenshot?
I will look into this asap.

From what you are saying it sounds like the bay is blank but when you click on it nothing happens. Is this correct?
Also are you playing with any mods that change how converted hangars work?
Have you tried going into sim to see if it’s just visual or tried shift clicking to place a new wing there?

This is a bit bewildering to me as I don’t know how this could happen.

Here’s what it looks like for me. The box is blank and then when I try and click on it the game plays the “you can’t do that” audio que. I did test it in sim to see if it was just a visual bug and no fighters spawned there either. I have a lot of mods installed, but I don’t believe any of them impact how convert hangars actually work. I did include the list of all my installed mods though if that helps.

Hello. Sorry for the late reply.
I made a really stupid error but I am unable to fix it at the moment as I don’t have access to a computer that can fix this.
I can come up with a save compatible fix for this in a couple days.
Again really sorry but I can release a hotfix in a couple days.

1.1.1 Update

Fixed aforementioned bug.
If you have any other issues please do not hesitate to contact me.

Direct Download Link

1.2.0 Update

New Botes + New broken hullmods

FYI mod index link just leads back to the main forum page

Thanks a bunch

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