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Apex Design Collective

A tech-oriented collectivist faction that relies heavily on armor and remote support systems.
Save compatible– the faction and its systems will be automatically generated if added mid-save.

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Yes, I’d like to know more about [COMBAT]

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Generally, Apex ships follow a design philosophy that focuses on optimizing individual ship performance and working together with allies. They fight best as a solid battle line, using bombers, heavy fighters, or specialized pursuit ships to finish off retreating opponents.

– Excellent mount types and coverage
– Very flexible fitting options
– Extremely durable
– Remote support systems that can buff or repair allies
– High-end weapons and strikecraft
– Good flux dissipation

– Individual ships are relatively expensive and can thus be outnumbered and flanked
– Slow (except specialized pursuit ships)
– Fewer weapon slots than average
– Poor anti-fighter PD
– Mediocre shields, incompatible with Heavy Armor

Fighting the Collective’s fleets can be a daunting task for the unprepared. They lack any sort of “filler” weapons or ships- no Mules or Hounds to pad out their fleet sizes. Furthermore, they excel at attrition, since a ship you fail to kill will likely be repaired by its allies, while any damage your ships take will be permanent. The best way to beat them is flanking, kiting, and peeling off individual ships that you can kill until their fleet is small enough to destroy directly.

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The Apex Design Collective began life long before the Collapse as the Apex Design Corporation, a high-end military-industrial contractor that produced specialized ships for the Domain, or anyone else willing to pay. Like plenty of other factions, they set up a small (by the standards of the Domain, anyway) outpost in the Persean Sector, eager to exploit untouched resources and perhaps conduct their research further away from prying eyes.

This rapidly changed following the Collapse. With security forces focusing on the immediate threats of raiders, local radicals managed to pull off a general strike, demanding democratic government, better pay, and safer working conditions. The Corporation, of course, responded with violence, and the Vela Labor Wars began. A bloody, decades-long conflict, the labor wars resulted in most of the Corporation’s masters being exiled (or executed). By the time the 14th Battlegroup rolled into the Persean Sector, the brand-new Collective was well-armed and heavily experienced in guerilla war, making any attempted enforcement of the Diktat of Hegemony on the Vela system deeply unattractive.

Tri-Tachyon did not feel quite the same way as the Hegemony, particularly after Collective warships enforced a blockade in support of striking miners on Tibicena. While Tri-Tachyon lacked the stomach for a ground invasion, they were more than happy to raid convoys and outposts, and the resulting conflict has simmered for nearly a century and a half.

Today, with their revolutionary struggle quite a few generations behind them, the Collective is a bit less aggressive. Outside of their long-standing feud with Tri-Tachyon, they prefer to fund and arm like-minded groups rather than take direct military action, though they do not shy away from flexing their large and advanced fleet.

Yes, I’d like to know more about [CREDITS AND SOURCE CODE]

Spoiler: click to expand
Gwyvern: Sprites
Mesotronik: the better half of the SFX
Tomatopaste: dronelib code
Mayu: A few hullmod sprites
Harmful Mechanic: Assets used for blueprint packs
Farlarzia, Ruddygreat, Cjuicy, Silverlight, Avanitia: Loyal beta testers, may their names live on in glory

Available here.

Apex Design Collective by theDragn is licensed under a
Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.

;D Sounds good to me!  ;DI burble with anticipation…

This looks cool

Gotta say, with the bit I’ve seen on the Discord it’s going to be a pretty nifty mod.

Can’t wait to see it finished!

Watching this evolve on the Discord has been a treat.

thanks for the low key “hey there is an update on discord”
i only really look at the forum

Okay, release time! You can get it here or from the first post.

The Wobblies are coming to town, time to kick some Tri Tach ass.

it’s flat *** ftuesday let’s goooooooooooooooooooooooo

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   at com.fs.state.AppDriver.begin(Unknown Source)
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got this crash, which is a shame, i am still pretty exited to play with this mod though

is this gonna have missiles added or not ?

I just hate having missiles with no ammo regen, no matter how slow…

Play in this since first discord release and this is good mod.

is this gonna have missiles added or not ?

I just hate having missiles with no ammo regen, no matter how slow…

It has a ship with infinite missiles.

got this crash, which is a shame, i am still pretty exited to play with this mod though

I think this is because you either have a very old version of Dronelib installed, or because your settings file got corrupted somehow. Try redownloading this mod and/or updating or disabling dronelib.

This mod uses some dronelib code, but it’s a bit modified (and doesn’t require dronelib). As part of playing well if someone has dronelib installed, it’ll use dronelib’s keybinds if someone has it- I think this is because you have dronelib but are missing the keybind settings for some reason.

is this gonna have missiles added or not ?

I just hate having missiles with no ammo regen, no matter how slow…

It has three missile weapons in each size class. They don’t regen because regenerating missile weapons defeat the entire point of missile weapons- strong but limited burst damage.

If you want regenerating missiles, check out the Crocodile, which has support-oriented reloading missile tubes.

great effort champion, is a very cool mod
if my full code contribution could be credited and the mod source distributed that would be great too

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