[Starsector Mods][0.9.5] Va11 Hall-A Portrait Pack

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I made a va11 character portrait pack. it has 28 characters. it took me 3 hours to make, which is 2 1/2 hours more than it would have taken if photoshop could cooperate.
Install this mod, play as a va11 character, go wild, not too wild, you know what? go as wild as you want to, im not stopping you


all credit to sukeban games

Eh, maybe not the best portraits for a space themed game, but it has anime girls in it so… Installed forever.

oh no, how do you expect me to fight if I have to obliterate all of these beloved characters ? :(

Very cool! I played through this game a couple of times, but I forgot about it.

The potraits looks pretty alright. I suspect this will live in my mod folder forever.

Very immersive

Hello,could I put this mod on fossic.org(it’s a chinese Community of Starsecto)so more Chinese can use it?

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