[Starsector Mods][0.9.1a] Safety Override for capital ships v1.0.1

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A mod that enable the Safety Override hullmod for capital ships, obviously. Possible side effect of growing a manly beard. The installation is the same as another mod.


Spoiler: click to expand
* Compatibility with the Ship/Weapon pack mod.

* Initial release.

Special thanks to MesoTroniK to help me figure out how to make it works.

This could go horribly wrong… so, so wrong.

It’s delicious.

Does this work with SWP? I remember when I tested out my version of this mod, I had issues because SWP has its own SO hullmod, which it uses to block the install on specific ships

Eh, didn’t expected SWP to have its own version of SO, but yeah, it doesn’t appears to be compatible.

Pulling down the download link for now, i’ll try to fix that later.

Maybe make a completely different hullmod that does somewhat the same as SO but only applies to capitals?

There, this should works now.

My life is now complete, thank you HELMUT.

I get you are referencing the mod, but What exactly is happening here? (besides you shooting the onslaught in the rear). Looks interesting  ;D

I get you are referencing the mod, but What exactly is happening here? (besides you shooting the onslaught in the rear). Looks interesting  ;D

You can tell from those weapon circles, they are so small for a battleship esp for the main gun

thats one of the biggest ships in the game moving at 115 su, fast enough to easily flank an onslaught

…. Huh…  :);D:o WoW. I was a bit slow Really SLOW there but I got it. So all around more output of smaller mount which means more room for hullmods, giving reward for the costs!!! Being in a Boss ship outflanking wannabe Boss ships IS totally BOSS! Thankyou HELMUT!

this is atleast…. somewhat balanced right?

Hi, one question (excellent quality of life mod btw), I am trying to edit hullmod so as not to affect the peak performance time of the ships (I find it annoying), in the vanilla game file I easily achieved the goal by changing the value from 0.33 to 1, but in mod no matter what i do the value doesn’t seem to change (i even tried replacing vanilla modified file for your mod but nothing changed) can you brighten my mind please?

EDIT: Well, I didn’t figure out how to change the peak performance time in mod, but I managed to allow the use of SO in capitals in the vanilla file (which had my change working) by changing “(ship.getVariant (). GetHullSize () == HullSize .CAPITAL_SHIP) return false; ” to true

Considering that SO is now available for Civilian-Grade Hull ships that have Militerised subsystems can you add roughly these lines into the hullmod at line 103 and line 94 respectively

if (ship.getVariant().hasHullMod(HullMods.CIVGRADE) && !ship.getVariant().hasHullMod(HullMods.MILITARIZED_SUBSYSTEMS)) return false;

if (ship.getVariant().hasHullMod(HullMods.CIVGRADE) && !ship.getVariant().hasHullMod(HullMods.MILITARIZED_SUBSYSTEMS)) {
         return “Can not be installed on civilian ships”;

or just edit the newer safetyoverrides.java to allow capital ships instead

I’d like to second LightningJC’s post. Considering that the primary reason I think anyone would want this mod is to put it on the Prometheus MkII, I really think having this as default behavior is crucial. I’ve recommended this mod to people who want more out of Pirate/Pather playthroughs and having to say “oh yeah, but it won’t actually work on the ships you’d most want it to work on, also it breaks every other civilian ship’s ability to use SO with MS, unless you feel like fiddling around in the code” is a real mood-killer. Especially for a mod that both claims to be updated for 0.9.1a and is on the mod index. This mod is necessary for Prometheus and Atlas MkII imo and it’s wonderful that you made it; I just really want it to work.

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