[Starsector Mods][0.9.1a] Neutrino Corp. (v. 1.86-RC3)

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Greetings, fellow consumers, we are Neutrino Corp©™


The Tri-Tachyon faction wasn’t always the powerhouse it is now, for it wasn’t the only corporation out there. In what was to of been a joint venture, CEO Biggs Hoson shared the basics of what was to become beam weaponry with the Tri-tachs. The eventual split was brought upon the Corvus incident, where the Tri-Tachyon had believed they had finally outpaced the Neutrino Corporation. With this it was decided they were of no use and broke off of all agreements with Neutrino Corp. This incident has now become known as the instance where the first Paragon class battleship created, was promptly destroyed.

To get pretty lights, you need

Spoiler: click to expand
Spoiler: click to expand

All Following sprites are to scale.


Spoiler: click to expand
– Drohne –     – Schwarzgeist – – Drache – – Floh – – Aegis – – Schwarm – – Gepard –


Spoiler: click to expand
– Singularity – – Relativity – – Causality – – Polarity – – Criticality –


Spoiler: click to expand
– Hacksaw – – Vice – – Pile-Driver – – Sledgehammer


Spoiler: click to expand
– Grinder – – Nirvash – – Lathe – -TheEND – – Maul –


Spoiler: click to expand
– Jackhammer – – Jackhammer (2)- Banshee – – Nausicaä – – Nausicaä (2) – – Hildolfr – – Colossus –

These are strange designs by other faction’s standards, but this is the fruit of Neutrino corps engineering, trading flux capacity for more armor and dissipation rates. Ships from this corporation are infact heavier than many ships of larger size through the sheer amount of ultra-dense ablative armor. The two long extensions of the hull of the Lathe in fact conceal 2 monsterous neutrino beam lances, the spritual predecessor of the tachyon lance.
In an effort to further increase efficiency, the omni shield generated has been modified to provide ultimate protection in its narrow arc. Automation is used in almost every ship, as Neutrino ships are designed with efficiency in mind, relative crew sizes are very, very small.

General characteristics include a focus on high tech energy weapons and narrow but very sturdy shields, ship systems also tend to be fairly unique and defence oriented.  A preference to large and expensive capital ships is given for the fairly low number of employees in the corporation. ( Death benefits are expensive  :P )

Having left the system long ago to minimize the effect the Tri-Tachyon would inflict on the uneasy peace in the system the Neutrino Corporation has returned under the constant pleas of Independants across the Corvus sector for a way to get at least some independance from the Hegemony stranglehold, in turn we have returned and set up a 640 GW Solar powerplant in the orbit of Corvus I with an included warehouse containing goods to be purchased. Relations with the Hegemony are fairly neutral while TT is still fairly bitter about the the loss they have incurred from long since.

Specialty Ships

Spoiler: click to expand
– Blowtorch Construction Ship – – Falken – – Unsung – – Banshee Norn – – rm -r *-

Spoiler: click to expand
A ship not often seen, droves of these ships are usually seen abuzz shipyards welding huge plates of armor together in ongoing process of super-capital ship construction. Rarely do they ever leave the heavily defended shipyards but it's known that most of these ships are more durable than even your standard military destroyer. Mobile enough to move from worksite to worksite, these workhorses pave the way for ships that few will rarely think of fighting against.
Spoiler: click to expand
– Adventure Civilian Battleship –

Commissioned by the same independent traders that convinced the company to return to the Corvus system after the incident, this ship is a direct upgrade of the very venerable Ventures that dotted the system. The design was ordered to allow civilians to have some capital ship counterpart to the Hegemony and as a mobile base of operations for the many companies that funds the exorbitant cost of a capital ship. The design while simple was made as efficient as possible requiring only the raw material equivalent 2 Ventures. While it may not hold up to an Onslaught or Paragon, this sturdy ship is likely to last for generations to come.

Arsenal of the Corporation

- Small Missiles -
- Advanced torpedo launcher - - Light Photon Torpedo - - Sapper SRM -

- Medium Missiles -
- Dual Advanced Photon Torpedo Launcher - - Photon Torpedo Launcher -

- Large Missiles -
- Quad Advanced Photon Torpedo Launcher - - Javelin Torpedo launcher - - Graviton Inversion Device - - Goliath -

- Small Energy -
- Pulsar Beam - - Disruptor -

- Medium Energy -
- Pulsar Beam Repeater- - Anti-Proton Laser - - Darkmatter Beam cannon - - Pulsed Beam Cannon - - Derp Launcher- - Neutron Pulse Cannon - - Heavy Neutron Pulse Cannon - - Misery -

- Large Energy -
- Heavy Pulsar Beam- - Fusion Lance - - Dual Giga Pulse Laser- - Neutron Pulse Cannon Battery - - Particle Cannon Array - - Unstable Photon Cannon - - Tractor Beam - - Neutron Lance - - Silverlance - - Bane -

Photon-y things for everyboday!

And a special ship for all to enjoy! ( Drive responsibly )

Spoiler: click to expand
–  HammerClass –

You spin me right ’round, baby. Right ’round like a record, baby. Right ’round, ’round, ’round,

Genius right?  ;D

Now with all ze help of ze community, I'm proud to give you this official release of Neutrino Corp.  ;)

Works with vanilla, works with other mods, hopefully works linux/mac but have no idea how to test for that but it'll prob come down to capitals and case sensitive derpadur.

Comments and criticisms welcome, note, it has not been endlessly and utterly completely balanced against vanilla, but I think the weaknesses are easy enough to exploit considering it can't properly ai vs ai an elite paragon without exploding.

- Neutrino playthrough Courtesy of Tokshen -

Spoiler: click to expand

- TIPS For Adding ships to Exerelin -

Spoiler: click to expand
For exerelin I guess the easiest way would be to edit mods/Exerelin/data/world/factions/neutrinocorp.faction

Edit with notepad, wordpad, notepad++, anything that can change/add letters in.

Scroll down until you see the fleet listings, you’re going to change what ships are delivered to the station

            “displayName”:”Generic Fleet”,
            “daysWorthOfSupplies”:[30, 50],
            “lyWorthOfFuel”:[40, 60],
            “extraCrewPercent”:[80, 80],
            “marinesPercent”:[20, 20],
                “neutrino_colossus_standard”:[0, 1],
                “neutrino_hildolfr_standard”:[0, 1],
                “neutrino_banshee_standard”:[0, 1],
                “neutrino_bansheenorn_standard”:[0, 1],
                “neutrino_jackhammer_standard”:[0, 1],
                “neutrino_jackhammer2_standard”:[0, 1],

                “neutrino_grinder_standard”:[0, 1],
                “neutrino_lathe_standard”:[0, 1],
                “neutrino_maul_standard”:[0, 1],
                “neutrino_nirvash_standard”:[0, 1],
                “neutrino_theend_standard”:[0, 1],

                “neutrino_sledgehammer_assault”:[0, 2],
                “neutrino_vice_assault”:[0, 1],
                “neutrino_vice_standard”:[0, 1],
                “neutrino_hacksaw_standard”:[0, 1],
                “neutrino_hacksaw_assault”:[0, 1],
                “neutrino_piledriver_standard”:[0, 2],

                “neutrino_singularity_balanced”:[0, 2],
                “neutrino_relativity_standard”:[0, 2],
                “neutrino_causality_standard”:[0, 2],
                “neutrino_polarity_standard”:[0, 2],

                “neutrino_drohne_wing”:[0, 4],
                “neutrino_schwarzgeist_wing”:[0, 4],
                “neutrino_floh_wing”:[0, 4],
                “neutrino_drache_wing”:[0, 4],

add in this line:

"neutrino_unsung_standard":[0, 1],

near the bottom

            “displayName”:”Generic Fleet”,
            “daysWorthOfSupplies”:[30, 50],
            “lyWorthOfFuel”:[40, 60],
            “extraCrewPercent”:[80, 80],
            “marinesPercent”:[20, 20],
                “neutrino_colossus_standard”:[0, 1],
                “neutrino_hildolfr_standard”:[0, 1],
                “neutrino_banshee_standard”:[0, 1],
                “neutrino_bansheenorn_standard”:[0, 1],
                “neutrino_jackhammer_standard”:[0, 1],
                “neutrino_jackhammer2_standard”:[0, 1],

                “neutrino_grinder_standard”:[0, 1],
                “neutrino_lathe_standard”:[0, 1],
                “neutrino_maul_standard”:[0, 1],
                “neutrino_nirvash_standard”:[0, 1],
                “neutrino_theend_standard”:[0, 1],

                “neutrino_sledgehammer_assault”:[0, 2],
                “neutrino_vice_assault”:[0, 1],
                “neutrino_vice_standard”:[0, 1],
                “neutrino_hacksaw_standard”:[0, 1],
                “neutrino_hacksaw_assault”:[0, 1],
                “neutrino_piledriver_standard”:[0, 2],

                “neutrino_singularity_balanced”:[0, 2],
                “neutrino_relativity_standard”:[0, 2],
                “neutrino_causality_standard”:[0, 2],
                “neutrino_polarity_standard”:[0, 2],

                “neutrino_drohne_wing”:[0, 4],
                “neutrino_schwarzgeist_wing”:[0, 4],
                “neutrino_floh_wing”:[0, 4],
                “neutrino_drache_wing”:[0, 4],

               “neutrino_unsung_standard”:[0, 1],

AAanndd your done!, note this is only a chance for every ship on the list, so give it some time.

Version 1.82
-Severe changes to hull armor and healths in trade for a secondary armor layer.
-Added Silver Lance
-Weapon slots have been rearranged on some ships
-Cargo Version of Piledriver added
-Actual integrated campaign
-and assorted bunch of stuff

Version 1.81
-Updated for 0.65.2a
-Added Deathfly's Siege fix
-Removed some hullmod changes

Version 1.8
-Updated for 0.65.1a
-I may of balanced some things but it's been too long to remember.
-More flux levels lowered.

Version 1.75doubleD
-Added Shader support
-reworked the sprite of the Portable Phased Array Cannon
-reworked Drohne sprite
-increased OP cost of PAC to 75 OP
-Decreased Burn Speed of Some neutrinos ships down 1-2 units.
-Removed Photon Cannon
-Removed Heavy Photon Repeater

Version 1.75d
-Added Gepard Drei and Gepard Sechs
-Removed Integrated Targeting Units on some variants and replaced with a different hull mod
-Changed up some variants and stuffs
-Added Goliath SRM

-Adv. Photon Torp made even more susceptible to pd weapons
-Changed how Photon Torpedoes and Light Photon Torpedoes tracked
-Reworked Dual Pulse Beam Cannons into Dual Giga Pulse Lasers

Version 1.75c
-Added Criticality, a moderately high performance/drone-hound frigate
-Added Bane and Misery lasers

-Fixed sound effects for the Javelin Torpedo
-Minor increase in Adv. Photon Torp damage but made more susceptible to pd weapons.
-Changed how the Particle Cannon Array fired + stats
-Changed Sprite for Particle Cannon Arrays

Version 1.75
-Changed most shield flux upkeeps from 0.2 to 0.3-0.4 across various ships
-Added CR timers to the Maul, Causality, and theEND
-Reduced Neutron Pulse Cannon damage 375 => 325 

-Changed sound effect for the Phased Array Cannon
-Changed sound effect for Neutron Lances
-Fixed sound effects for the Graviton Inverter, Neutron Pulse cannons, and the Siege Fusor

-Changed Sprite for Darkmatter beam cannons
-Changed Sprite for Pulsed Beam Cannons
-Changed Sprite for Photon Torpedo launchers
-Changed Sprite for Light Photon Torpedo launchers

-Lowered shield efficiency of almost all ships from 0.2 => 0.4
-(Slightly under)Doubled Flux Capacity of most ships
-Increased day to day usage a tid bit, most ships increased repair cost.
-Added Corona Australis and Exelion
-Readjusted station stock.

Version 1.725
-Lowered hull, armor and speed of Maul Heavy Cruiser
-Fixed missions causing crashes

Version 1.7
-Added Falken OP frigate
-Added Banshee Norn Capital
-Added Jackhammer 2 Capital
-Added Nausicaä 2 Capital
-Added Maul Heavy Cruiser
-Added Polarity Drone
-Added Sapper SRM
-Added Quasar
-Improved Lathe, Nirvash, Grinder, Jackhammer maneuverability
-Changed Dual Pulsar to Pulsar Beam Repeater
-Changed Anti-Proton laser sprite
-Added values for Deployments points, Repair costs, total repair costs.

Version 1.6
-Added Sledgehammer Missile Destroyer
-Changed Neutron Pulse Cannon characteristics abit
-Added Neutron Pulse Cannon Battery
-Added Heavy Neutron Pulse Cannon
-Added Single Advanced torpedo launcher
-Removed Photon cannon and Heavy repeater from station
-Changed Vice Ship system from Fast Missile Racks to Scout Drohne

Version 1.55
-Added TheEND Phase carrier
-Added Neutron Pulse Cannons
-Lowered Drache repair cost from 15 to 12
-Lowered Schwarm repair cost from 20 to 15
-Changed Lathe to a Cruiser
-Lowered Lathe op from 220 to 200 (because capital hullmods costed more)
-Removed arcs from Lathe frontal Large slots
-Changed Piledriver to a Destroyer
-Lowered Pile Driver FP from 14 to 12
-Lowered Pile Driver HP from 4250 to 3000
-Lowered Pile Driver Armor from 1250 to 950
-Increased Speed of Pile Driver from 70 to 80
-Increased Nirvash broadside arc from 5 to 15
-Changed Damage type of derp launcher to high explosive ( prob op. )
-Increased Javelin torpedo per missile damage form 1250 to 1450
-Changed light photon to shoot 3 missile bursts of 3x150 vs 1x250
-Added Jackhammer to station
-Increased range of all Pulsars by 100
-Fixed blowtorch bare variant bug
-Updated Advanced torpedo launcher sprites.

Version 1.5
-Added Unsung Capital
-Added Schwarm drone fighters
-Increased Schwarzgeist bomber wing size to 3
-Lowered Schwarzgeist hp and flux dissip
-Increased Drohne scout wing size to 2
-Lowered Drohne hp
-Lowered some op costs for weapons, reworked Advanced Photons, changed Antiproton laser,
-Lowered FP cost of Nirvash to 16
-Slightly lowered armor of Nirvash from 1450 => 1400
-Added one more derp launcher to the Jackhammer
-Added some more variants

Version 1.4
-Added Causality frigate
-Readjusted some op costs for weapons,
-Lowered fleet FP values
-Added some more variants to Vice and Banshee,
-Added NC ships to simulator

Version 1.375
-Added Heavy Pulsar Beam
-Added Dual Pulsar Beam
-Added Pulsar Beam
-Added Relativity Frigate
-Gave fleets FP reductions,
-Added more variants for Banshee, Vice, Singularity
-Increased flux use for most weapons, slight damage reductions on neutron lance, particle cannon array.
-Decreased flux capacity for Banshee
-25 less op for Jackhammer, made PAC a built in weapon

Version 1.35
-Slightly increased initial amount of things being sold
-General weapons sprite update
-Phased Array Cannon now made built-in
-Added in Derp Charge CIWS
-Swapped Jackhammer's Maneuvering jets to Derp charges
-Swapped Hildolfr's Fortress Shield to Derp charges
-Updated Adventure class with two more small energy slots and larger sprite.
-Gave Adventure Fast missile racks to make it feel more rounded.
-Changed back Floh's Ai type to Support from Fighter
-Changed Floh's burndrive to Swarm-flare because of strange fighter + burndrive ai.
-Updated Singularity frigate variants
-Nausicaa 35000 hull => 32000 flux disp 450 => 400
-Colossus 24000 hull => 17500 flux cap 4000 => 3250
-Guardian shield/drone 5000 hull => 4250 flux disp 2500 => 2000
-Aegis drone 725 hull => 650 armor 250 => 225
-Slight reduction in Neutron Lance damage. 3573 Burst dmg => 3357
-Reduced Particle cannon array damage. 110x24 and 503 dps and 1800 ammo => 65x32 and 467 dps and 1200 ammo
-Reduced Pulsed beam cannon range 925 => 875

Version 1.3
-Added more stopping power to tractor beam
-Slight buff to darkmatter beam cannon
-Added Colossus capital support ship
-Increased acceleration of Banshee,slightly increased top speed, added 5 deg arc to broadsides, slight durability nerf, flux nerf, added Aegis drones system.
-Jackhammer gets Manoeuvring jets.
-Nausicca gets Fortress shield
-Hildolfr gets Fortress shield
-Lathe gets Phase Skimmer ( borderline op, but I can see to giving it nerfs, but I think the skimmer fits it very well. )
-Grinder gets high energy focus
-Nirvash gets Manoeuvring jets.
-Pile driver landing deck removed, Drohne-drone system added.
-Hacksaw gains swarm flare launcher
-Blowtorch gains burn drive
-Vice gets fast missile racks
-Singularity gets High energy focus
-Floh gets burn drive

Version 1.2
-Rebalance to Unstable photon cannon
-Changed how Pulsed beam cannons fire, no change in dps
-Added Banshee Assault Battleship
-Added XL Advanced Photon Torpedo launcher
-Added Advanced Photon Torpedo launcher

Version 1.15
-Fix'd Singularity to be more aggressive
-Added Particle Cannon Array
-Added Darkmatter Beam cannon
-Added Heavy photon Repeater

Version 1.1
-Version naming change for less headaches!
-Added Floh bomber/fighter
-Added Hildolfr Capital carrier/repair thing
-Added Vice destroyer

Version 1.06
-Added Grinder cruiser
-Added renamed fightercrafts, Added schwarzgeist, drache bombers
-Added Graviton Inverter
-Additional tweaks

Version 1.05
-Added a special mission
-Additional tweaks

Version 1.04
-Added Nirvash cruiser
-Added Pulsed beam cannon
-Additional tweaks to shield arcs, hull integrities.

Version 1.03
-Some balance fixes, general nerfings in terms of durability and you guys should really try out the tractor beam on missiles and fighters :D

Version 1.02
-Added Jackhammer battleship and Singularity frigate
-Added phased array cannon and javelin torpedo and TRACTOR BEAM ( well, it makes ships stop moving at least )

Version 1.01
-Added blowtorch construction ship
-Added Fusion lance

Version 1.00
-Slight Rebalances to photon cannon
-Added hacksaw destroyer
-Added Antiproton PD laser

Version 0.99c Rev3
-Minor fixes and stuffs to the station

Version 0.99c Rev2
-Added in a freighter, and a mission
-Campaign integration

Version 0.99b
Added in 2 more ships, haven't yet worked out how to efficiently make this a faction :D
But any ideas are welcome ^_^

-Added Pile-Driver Light cruiser
-Added Sentinel Scout drone

Version 0.99a

-Added Lathe

Standalone Download here - https://bitbucket.org/Deathfly/neutrino-corp/downloads/Neutrino_corp_1.86-RC3.zip
- Credits to Deathfly for updating all of the things

Now compatible with Dark.Revenant's ShaderLib -

Now compatible with Histidine's Nexerelin -

Credit to team

- Deathfly for taking up the task of updates and bug fixes
- Debido for exceptional patience in making my mod jar-ified
- Cycerin for some neat scripts and general good ideas
- Uomoz for some starsystem scripts
- LazyWizard code, scripts, and stuffs

I absolutely love your sprite as well as the lore and I hope that you continue making great content like this!

Wow this is looking great. Do make more!

Neutrino Corp©™ seem to make naval might in the form of awesome blueberry-flavored lollipops. How many licks does it take to get to the chewy sweet center of a Lathe battlecruiser? I bet that the Tri-Tachyon knows, but due to their ignominious betraW^W^W^uh, "well-timed corporate upsizing", they aren't sayin'.

I admire this new mod, and wish to subscribe to your hypothetical newsletter. God bless the Neutrino Corp©™. The orbittal bombardment will start in 15 minutes.

It's a kitbash.

A goddamn good kitbash.

Love it, keep em coming!

@FlashFrozen: Holy crap! I adore this.


Neutrino Corp... Biggs Hoson....

Have you been reading too many physics journals lately? (Higgs Boson)  ;D

DAMN!! Thats a nice bleepin ship.  ( Darth Vader Voice ) Impressive...  MOST IMPRESSIVE!!!

no complaints of OP ness yet? :D I'm surprised hehe, and ty all, your business fuels our progress.

no complaints of OP ness yet? :D I'm surprised hehe, and ty all, your business fuels our progress.

Having played it, I personally do not consider the Neutron Lance, or the Lathe hull itself, OP. Although that shockingly-narrow shield needs a buff to its width. I'd rather have a somewhat less efficient shield than one as very thin as the present shield is. 50-60 degrees of coverage is my preference for the Lathe. I was getting my armor belt sufficiently perforated such that the existing tiny shield was too strong of a balance mechanism.

More Ordnance Points are also needed. I know that this hull exists slightly behind "the present day," but 215 is a real straight-jacket.

Flux dissipation is awesome; keep it. The low flux cap (for a capital ship) is tolerable as long as venting stays as quick as it is now.

225 OP would be perfect :)

225 OP would be perfect :)

I definitely would not call that perfect; rather, a step in the right direction. I've tweaked that same value and from my own experiences, the 235-240 range seems a better solution to me. YMMV.

Hehe I made the ship with defence as a secondary, I'm pretty sure when you've driven it you've noticed you'll probably destroy anything in the forward arcs, but once your flanked you are hideously under protected, if your feeling frisky, you could always replace the tactical lasers with pd lasers so you could swap out the point defense ai for a targetting unit. The op usage may be a bit strict, it makes you choose a role and stick with it :P haven't tried using the extended shiled hull mod too much but it certainly makes the shield much more passe.

225 OP would be perfect :)

I definitely would not call that perfect; rather, a step in the right direction. I've tweaked that same value and from my own experiences, the 235-240 range seems a better solution to me. YMMV.

225 is with vanilla references. Over 225 is OP. Max value for that ship compared with vanilla is 225.

Looks great. This ship give me feeling of big flying interstellar siege gun 8)

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